Best Ironing Board and Covers Reviews | 2017/2018 Top UK Models

Best Ironing Boards and Covers Reviews: 2018 UK Buying Guide

The humble ironing board may seem inconsequential next to the high-tech gadgets of today, yet it still plays an essential part in homes around the world today. Still, the simple ironing board can cause some confusion when it comes to making a purchase.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose which is the best ironing boards available. After much review, this list showcases the best out there, to make choosing the right one a lot easier.

Best Selling Ironing Board Reviews

Key Features:

  • Prozone Cover: This Minky Ergo Ironing Board features a 100% cotton prozone cover, a heat reflective, metallic coating that speeds up the ironing process. Creases remove quicker and easier than before for much faster results.
  • ErgoRest: The end of the ironing board features an Ergo Rest, an iron holding area that has been specially designed to avoid unnecessary arm and shoulder strain. The rest follows the natural movement of the arm and is suitable for right and left-handed users.
  • Flex Guide: Don’t let your iron cord get all tangled up while ironing. Minky’s flex guide can clip the iron cord anywhere on the board to prevent snagging and tangling.
  • 5 Year Guarantee: In case of any damage, Minky Ergo Ironing Board comes with a 5-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Editor's Rating

Minky Ergo Ironing Board


  • The height of the ironing board can be easily adjusted from 0 to 92cm.
  • Minky offers two colour choices for their Ergo Ironing Board – blue or green.
  • The underlay of the cover is made from soft felt to give a smoother ironing experience.


  • The two colour options may not be enough for people who prefer more style variety but offer the most popular colour choices that look best with the design of the cover.
  • Very tall people may find the maximum height too low, but at 92cm, it is sure to work for the majority of people.

Key Features:

  • Foldable Rack: The Titan Oval Ironing board can be purchased with a foldable rack, convenient for stacking your clothes as you iron. It can easily be unfolded when you need it and put back when you’re done.
  • Parking Zone: The parking zone for an iron is heat-resistant so that it can survive prolonged contact with the high temperatures of the iron.
  • Safety Lock: Two safety locks on the Titan Oval provide peace of mind. An inbuilt child safety lock prevents the ironing board from collapsing, while the transport lock keeps the board folded in storage or during travel.
  • 10 Year Guarantee: An impressive 10-year guarantee provides all the assurance that’s needed that this ironing board will last for many years.

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Brabantia Ironing Board Titan Oval


  • The Titan Oval is very stable, thanks to the non-slip caps on the board’s feet.
  • This ironing board is extra large, perfect for those who need to iron a lot of clothes.The height can be adjusted between 61 and 106cm, perfect for very tall individuals.


  • While style options are limited, the choices between a pretty floral design and a more masculine oval design allow for distinct personal preferences.
  • The extra large build may not be necessary for those who live alone or have little ironing needs but is fantastic for families and large quantities of ironing.

Key Features:

  • Cord Binder: The useful cord binder keeps your iron's cord from tangling or snagging when in use. The cord can be easily clipped in place to prevent any damage.
  • Safety Locks: Like the previous listing, this Brabantia ironing board also features an inbuilt child safety lock that prevents the board from collapsing accidentally, while the transport lock keeps the board folded when in transport or storage.
  • Non-Slip Feet: This Brabantia ironing board features non-slip feet that keep the board stable and prevents it from moving around during ironing, which can lead to wear and tear.
  • 10 Year Guarantee: The 10-year guarantee provides assurance of the high-quality of this ironing board that is sure to last many years.

Editor's Rating

Brabantia Ironing Board Ice Water


  • The wide surface makes it very easy to iron larger clothes items without needing to move them around.
  • The height can be adjusted between 77 and 96cm, perfect for providing the optimal ironing height for most people.
  • The cover's stretch system keeps the surface very taut, so the ironing experience is very smooth and easy.


  • With the maximum height at 96cm, very tall individuals may have to bend to use this board, though it is ideal for the majority people.
  • The various colour designs available could make it difficult to choose just one but definitely provides great options.

Key Features:

  • Iron Rest: The robust iron rest can hold up to 7kg in weight and is suitable for both right and left-handed users.
  • Suitable For Steam Generator Irons: Many ironing boards cannot hold steam generator irons due to their weight, but this Brabantia ironing board is designed for just that.-
  • Safety Locks: Like the other Brabantia ironing boards, this board features a safety lock to prevent accidental collapsing and a transport lock to keep the board folded when carried or in storage.
  • 10 Year Guarantee: The 10-year guarantee is a mark that this durable ironing board will last many years without issue.

Editor's Rating

Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Unit Holder


  • The wide surface speeds up the ironing process as it eliminates the constant re-adjusting and shuffling of clothes.
  • The non-slip locks make this great for both hard and carpeted floors and to prevent movement while ironing.
  • The many colour options provide an excellent choice to suit a wide range of tastes.


  • Again, the 96cm maximum height could be too short for very tall individuals but is perfect for the majority of the population.
  • The robust iron rest may seem unnecessary if a steam generator iron isn't used but it is also a suitable holder for regular irons with the added option of holding a heavier iron.


These are some of the best ironing boards out there, and each would provide years of great service. The top recommendation goes to the Minky Ergo ironing board due to the smooth ironing experience, ergo rest and propane cover that makes ironing as easy as can be. For taller individuals, the Brabantia Titan Oval is an excellent choice that still provides great features, with the added bonus of a higher height level.

Best Ironing Board Covers: The Top 5 reviewed

Best ironing board coversAn ironing board is an essential household item, unless you choose to dry clean everything. A great ironing board will last years, maybe even decades. However, an ironing board cover won’t last that long. Typically, a cover will need to be replace every few years depending on how much you iron.

Choosing the right ironing board cover will help you be more efficient at ironing and will be durable to last a bit longer than most do. It also should be the best product for the money and still meet all of your needs.


What To Look For In An Ironing Board Cover

You may not think a lot goes into choosing an ironing board cover other than price and designs. However, there are several features that you should considered before purchasing a best selling iron cover.

Size: Most ironing boards come in a standard size. However, there are various sizes from small to extra large. If you don’t know the size of your measure board, measure the width and length of your board. Also keep in mind most drawstring covers will fit various widths, however, the length has to be accurate. Some of the Standard Sizes include:

  • Size A: 110cm x 30cm
  • Size B: 124cm x 38cm
  • Size C: 124cm x 45cm
  • Size D: 135cm x 45cm
  • Size E: 135cm x 49cm

ironing board cover materialEasy To Put on: The majority of ironing board covers are easy to put on. They either come with elastic or a drawstring, or a combination of elastic and drawstring. Keep in mind drawstrings will work with various widths but most be the right length for the board.

Foam Layer: A foam layer in an ironing board cover serves two purposes. First it helps you to iron smoothly. Secondly, it is to aid you in comfort while you are ironing. Any good ironing board will have a durable foam layer.

Felt Backing: The purpose of a felt backing on cover is to make sure the cover doesn’t move or slide around while you are ironing. A cover should hold firm in place while ironing, to prevent further wrinkles or other problems.

Thermal Resistance: Thermal resistance keeps heat where it’s suppose to be while aiding in a quick way to iron. The purpose of thermal resistance is to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. This makes perfect sense when you are ironing.

Reflective Surface: An ironing board cover that has a reflective surface is an easy and fast way to get your clothes ironed without losing your standards of ironing. A reflective surface transfers its heat back into the clothes that you are ironing, making the whole process much quicker.

Durability: Most covers are made with durable cotton as well as other materials. Be sure to buy the best, most durable cover for the best price. You will be happy if you choose a good quality ironing board cover.

Washability: For ease of use and to maintain your cover for years to come, be sure it says that it is washable. A washable cover will be easy to take cover and maintain.

Reviews of the 5 Best Selling Ironing Board Covers

Brabantia Metallised Silver Cover

Brabantia Metallised Silver CoverThis ironing board cover by Brabantia is great for both steam generator irons and normal irons. It has a heat reflective surface that aids in quick ironing. Also, this ironing board cord fastens with a stretch system and a cord really easily.

The Brabantia Silver ironing board cover comes in a Size B which will fit a board the size of 124cm x 38 cm.

If you are looking for where to buy this affordable and durable iron cover check out Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

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Minky Smart Fit Reflector

minky-smart-fit-reflectorThis Smart Fit Reflector Board Cover by Minky has a nice geometric design on it that doubles has heat reflective for faster ironing.

It has a standard one size fits all due to it’s super elastic fastening system and claims to fit up to 125cm x 45cm. However, it won’t fit the extra long sizes such as Size D or E which are 135cm long. It has a thick felt backing to prevent slippage and give you a smooth ironing service.

This ironing board cover is also quite durable and washable. This can be considered a best buy in ironing board covers due to its affordable price and great features.

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Brabantia Ironing Board Cover with Parking Zone

Brabantia Ironing Board Cover with Parking ZoneThis stylish ironing board cover by Brabantia is made from durable cotton and has a resilient foam layer for comfort and smooth ironing. It also includes a safe zone to park your iron temporarily while you iron.

This ironing board cover fits Size D boards, as well as some size E boards. The cover dimensions are 135cm x 45cm. It’s easy fastening cord and stretch system allows you to take the cover on or off with ease for washing.

Overall this is not a cheap quality ironing board cover. It’s quite affordable and does an amazing job.

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Saphare Flower Print Cover Enriched with Aluminium & Teflon

Saphare Flower Print CoverThis pretty floral pattern ironing board cover by Saphare is made with 100% cotton and enriched with Teflon and Aluminum for great quality and durability. It features an integrated foam pad for comfort and better ironing overall. It also is heat resistance.

This floral iron cover is adjustable and one size fits all due to its drawstring and toggle fastening system. It fits lengths from 115 cm to 134 cm and widths from 30cm to 49cm.

Overall this ironing board cover gives you flexibility in size and is great of great quality. If you are looking for an cover to meet your needs, this ironing board cover from Saphare is just that.

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Minky Super Extra Wide, Large Drawstring Cover

Minky Super Extra Wide Large Drawstring CoverThis adorable polka-dotted ironing board cover by Minky is not only fashionable but also quite durable. It features foam backing for a very smooth and comfortable ironing. It also has a durable felt backing to prevent slippage.

This is an extra wide and extra long ironing board cover that fits up to 135cm x 55 cm. This is adjustable for most Size D and E ironing boards.

We cannot think of a better board cover for those extra long ironing boards. This is truly a great ironing board cover for the price.

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