Best Rotary Washing Line and Airer Reviews - Top 2017/2018 UK models

Best Rotary Washing Lines and Airers: 2018 UK Buying Guide

Best rotary clothes lineIf you are like me, hang-drying your clothes not only protects some of your delicates, it is also a perfect memory of summer with your clothes on the line swishing in the wind. The crispness and comfort that comes from lined dried clothes is like no other.

So when you decide to buy a rotary outdoor oe indoor clothes airer for your clothes it’s a great idea to know what is on the market, which product is the best selling and what features you should be looking for. This guide covers both rotary driers and indoor airers (including heated models) – please use the Contents function below to find the particular section you are interested in.

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Top 5 Best Rotary Airers to Buy

ImageMake/ModelDrying area (metres)Retail PriceLatest Price
Addis 40m 4-Arm Rotary AirerAddis40m£39.99Check price
Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large Rotary AirerBrabantia Lift-O-Matic60m£93.00Check price
Home Laundry Company 40m Rotary AirerHome Laundry Company40m£39.99Check price
Marko Homewares 4 Arm 40m Rotary AirerMarko Homewares40m£24.99Check price
Express Trading 50m Rotary DryerExpress Trading50m£20.99Check price

What To Look For When Buying A Rotary Washing Line

Picking out the best buy for your money and for functionality is not as simple as just going to the store and grabbing the first rotary clothes airer you see. You should take time to consider each product and it’s features. Here are some of features you may find in a clothes lines:

Lowering a rotary airerAdjustable Height: Many rotary washing lines have an adjustable height. This way you can hang your clothes at you desired level for ease in reaching them.

Line Length: Having clothes lines that are long enough to put your clothes on is important. Also, you have to the correct amount of space for your washing line in your yard. I would say a good length is between 40-50m.

Load Level: This is the capacity weight that your rotary washing line can hold. If you are a single person you may not need a high weight limit. However, if you are washing clothes for you and your family, you may want to check out the weight limits before purchasing.

Ground Spike: Most rotary lines have a ground spike to help you fix into the ground. This spike helps to anchor your rotary line.

Cover (accessory): Some rotary lines will come with a cover that you can use when not in use. This protects the rotary line from damage caused by wind and other types of weather.

Weatherproof: Washing lines are typically meant for outside. With that being said, you want a washing airer that will withstand different types of weather and be treated sufficient to sustain wet, cold and even hot weather.

Durability: These clothes airers come with different metal poles that have different levels of durability. Typically a good rotary washing line will have durable aluminum poles, however poles can be made it other materials. Just check to make sure that the the poles and line seem to be durable, you can typically tell when you are buying cheap quality.


Best Selling Rotary Washing Lines Reviews

There are so many types of rotary washing lines on the market today. I reviewed some of the best rotary lines for the money to help you in your search for the right product for you.

Addis 40m 4-Arm Airer

addis-40m-4-arm-rotary-airerThis clothes airer by Addis has a grey frame and an adjustable height up to 1.75m. It has four arms and can offer changeable tension levels so you have the correct tension for whatever you are hang drying.

It also has a turning circle of 2.47m. It also has a load level of 25 kg. Do not exceed that weight limit or it may cause damage to your airer.

Overall this is a durable airer for a reasonable price.

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Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large 60m Airer

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large Rotary AirerBrabantia is a global design brand that produces high quality products and the same is true for their Lift-O-Matic rotary washing line. This washing umbrella shaped line lifts and opens much like an umbrella does.

It’s so easy and convenient to use. It has an adjustable height from 129cm to 187cm and 60m in line length.

The adjustable and wide length makes this an ideal rotary washing line for families or bigger wash loads.Click here for the latest price


Home Laundry Company 40m Airer

Home Laundry Company 40m Rotary AirerThis model is only sold by ‘Home Laundry Company.’ If you are looking where to buy it, check out Such a premium quality washing line at one of the best prices around. It’s solid and quite durable.

It’s compact in size and has a line length of 40m. This rotary dryer includes a free ground spike, weather resistant cover, frame, centre pole and the lines.

If you want a sturdy airer that doesn’t take up much space, this may be the way to go.

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Marko Homewares 4 Arm 40m Airer

Marko Homewares 4 Arm 40m Rotary AirerThis airer from Markos Homeware includes a free weather cover and spike. It sits approximately 1.75 meters high and has a line length of 40m.

The four arms gently fold in and are easy to open when ready to use. The whole frame of airer is made with aluminum construction and is coated to aid in preventing weather damage.

This is a perfect rotary dryer for any back garden.

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Express Trading 50m Dryer

Express Trading 50m Rotary DryerThis rotary clothes dryer by Express Trading is made with heavy duty metal construction. It is fully weatherproof and sturdy. It’s easy to assemble and store.

It has a line length of 50m and can hold a maximum weight of four laundry loads at once. That is quite impressive. This airer can also be concreted in if you wish to have a more permanent fixture in your yard.

Overall this is a really nice dryer with some excellent features.

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Best Clothes Airers: Top Selling Models Reviewed

Gone are the days of airing your dirty laundry outside for everyone to see. And gone are the days of your clothes shrinking up and wearing out after just a few washes. Clothes airers are a cheaper, greener option than standard dryers and easier too. So here are the best clothes airers, compiled into one list, for your consideration.


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Top 3 Clothes Airers to Buy

ImageMake/ModelHeatedDrying space (metres)Retail PriceLatest Price
Minky Trio Concertina PlusMinky Trio Concertina PlusNo21m£24.99Click here
Minky Automatic MultidryMinky Automatic MultidryNo25m£29.99Click here
Lakeland Dry-Soon Electric 3 Tier Heated Indoor Clothes AirerLakeland Dry-SoonYes21m£109.99Click here
Beldray LA023773TQ Deluxe 3-Tier AirerBeldray LA023773TQ DeluxeNo15m£39.99Click here
JML Dri Buddi 1200WJML Dri Buddi 1200WYes10kg£59.99Click here


Best Selling Clothes Airers Reviews

Minky Trio Concertina Plus Review

Minky Trio Concertina PlusFrom one of the top names in clothes airers, this airer has lots of space to hang your clothes, 21 meters to be exact. And it is made from a special tubular steel that allows you to load it up with wet clothes without it breaking. It also has a double-sided auto locking mechanism so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing.

It also conveniently folds up to save space and store easily. Finally, this awesome clothes airer has non-slip feet, so you can use it on hardwood floors without it slipping and collapsing.

If there were a downside of this airer, it would be that the non-slip grips occasionally fall off the feet, but they can easily be put back, and if it happens too much you can easily just glue them on, no big deal.

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Minky Automatic Multidry Review

Minky Automatic MultidryAnother great Minky product, this airer is super easy to use and can fold up and down in just seconds, making storing it a breeze. It has 25 meters of drying space, which is plenty of room for even large families. It is strong enough to put outside without having to worry about the elements wearing it out or it collapsing.

It also has wheels, which make it easy to move, even when it’s loaded up with two loads of laundry.

The only drawback of this product is that it is pretty wide when it is set up. Which is great for holding lots of laundries, but you’ll need to make sure you have somewhere you can set it up. Outside is always a good option as well since there is practically endless space.

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Beldray LA023773TQ Deluxe 3-Tier Airer

Beldray LA023773TQ Deluxe 3-Tier AirerThis airer from Beldray makes drying your clothes a walk in the park. It has three tiers and two wings, so there is plenty of room to space out your clothes. It is also made from super strong an long-lasting steel so you never have to worry about it snapping under the weight of your wet laundry.

Like others, it folds up and stores easily, but unlike most others, you can choose from two different colours. It comes in a radiant turquoise and a vibrant orange, just chooses whichever one you like more. This Beldray airer also has wheels, making it easy to wheel around from your laundry room on a rainy day, out to your backyard on a sunny one.

Unfortunately, this airer does not offer as much hanging space as others on this list. It only has 15 meters of drying space, but this is really still plenty of space, just maybe not for a large family. It can easily hold a large load of laundry though, so it would be great for small families or those who live by themselves.

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