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Best Mop for Laminate and Wooden Floors: 2018 UK Buying Guide

Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop

Looking for a new floor mopThis guide covers the best mops for hard floors including laminate and wooden floors. We have featured more traditional mops along with those with detachable pads.

Also reviewed are three of the best spray mop models. These are great on wooden and laminate floors as they have an integrated spray or water bottle built onto the mop; expect to pay a bit more for these versions though.

Whether is a dry or spray mop you are looking for then we hope that this guide, with our comparison chart and review of the top floor mops, will help make your search easier.

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Best Selling Floor Mops Compared

ImageMake / ModelSpray MopRetail PriceLatest price
Draper 48934Draper 48934No£28.00Click here
Leifheit Clean and Away Dry Dusting MopLeifheit Clean and AwayNo£16.95Click here
Lakeland Spray Mop for Hard FloorsLakeland Manual Hard Floor & Tile Spray MopYes£24.99Click here
Bona Professional Spray MopBona Professional Spray MopYes£36.99Click here
Vorfreude Floor Spray MopVorfreude Floor Spray MopYes£49.99Click here


Top 5 Floor Mops Reviewed

Draper 48934 600mm Flat Dust Mop Review

Draper 48934This dust mop from Draper is perfect for hardwood floors. It traps dirt and dust and other small particles perfectly. It also features an extendable handle, making cleaning a breeze. The handle extends from 0.85 meters to about 1.5 meters.

This is a very popular mop with lots of positive reviews. This one is definitely one of the best dry mops for wooden floors.

When you buy this mop however, keep in mind that it is only a dry dust mop, but with a 600mm wide cleaning head it does this job very well.

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Leifheit Clean and Away Dusting Mop Review

Leifheit Clean and Away Dry Dusting MopThis dust mop does not have the standard shaggy mop head. Instead it has static cloths, which are easily attached. The cloths pick up dirt and dust flawlessly and when you’re done they’re easy to unattach and discard. Usually when you buy it five disposable cloths are included with the mop but you will have to purchase refill packs.

This mop also has a swivel handle, which makes it easy to get in those hard to reach places, like under furniture. This mop can even be used with micro fibre cloths or sanitising cloths that you can find at most supermarkets. It is also incredibly sturdy and won’t break easily.

The only drawback on this mop from Leifheit, is that it is really only best for quick dustings between full cleanings rather than heavy duty moping.

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Lakeland Manual Hard Floor & Tile Spray Mop Cleaner Review

Lakeland Spray Mop for Hard FloorsLakeland also took their own approach to moping, and it’s a consumer favourite. This mop has a flat base and a swivel handle so that you can reach all the places in your house. What’s great about this mop however, is that it can be a wet or dry mop. It has a built-in water canister that you can push a button and water will squirt out in front of the mop. Or you can just use it for a simple dusting.

The water canister is super easy to refill, and by adding just a dash of your favourite cleaner, you can get sparkly clean floors in just minutes. No more dragging around big dirty buckets of water to mop with.

The handle is plastic instead of steel, however, most people find this much more comfortable and don’t have any problems with it.

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Bona Professional Spray Mop Review

Bona Professional Spray MopThe Bona Professional Spray Mop seems to have an endless number of features, but here’s a quick summary of the best. First, it is a spray mop like the Lakeland, so you don’t have to drag around a bucket of water with you. It is also super easy to use. The microfibre pad that comes with it is washable, so you don’t have to throw it away and replace it after every time you mop, saving you lots of money in the long run.

The pad can be washed up to 300 times, so unless you mop every single day, enough to get it really dirty, this single pad will last you over a year. It is also ergonomically designed so that you can keep a firm grip on it while it gets in all those hard to reach places. It doesn’t leave any residue or streaks behind, just squeaky clean floors, truly one of the best spray mops available.

Some people have complained about having to wash the pad; they like disposable ones better. But this is really just a matter of opinion, and it still works great.

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Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop Review

Vorfreude Floor Spray MopLastly is the Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop. Another great spray mop that is easy to use and makes cleaning a breeze. This one is 100% reusable and never needs to be replaced. You can also choose whatever is best for your floors and spills. Hot or cold water, bleach, or a few essential oils, this mop can handle it all.

The sturdy metal handle is not only sleek, but made to last. The best thing however, is the lifetime guarantee that is included. If anything ever breaks they will ship you free replacements.

The only drawback of this mop is that the handle is not extendable. This hasn’t really proved to be a problem for most people though.

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5 Best Selling Carpet Sweepers


bissell-2402e-sturdy-sweep-floor-cleanerMany consumers these days are opting to purchase a carpet sweeper as a quick alternative to clean the carpet, instead of dragging out their bulky vacuum cleaners. For in between cleans or quick tidy ups, these gadgets are not only light weight, they are easy to use and versatile.

Gone are the days of the clunky old carpet sweepers which only brushed away minute amounts of dirt from the surface of the carpet – that’s if they even worked at all! These days, carpet sweepers are designed with the user in mind and have the power to pick up larger particles as well as ground in dirt.

What to look for when choosing a carpet sweeper

carpet-sweeper-hard-floorWith so many options on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the carpet sweeper that is best suited to your needs. There are however, a few key points to consider when making your choice.


The whole purpose of a carpet sweeper is to be used quickly and easily, and it’s for this reason that the size of the sweeper is important. If you have larger areas to be cleaned, a larger head and brushes will make for a faster and more convenient clean. For smaller spaces, a more compact model may be an option. Height adjustment is also crucial, not only for ease of use for the whole family, but also to make the cleaning process more comfortable and prevent unnecessary back strain.


Different homes have different needs when it comes to cleaning. For example, a large family with pets who spend a lot of time at home may need a more heavy duty sweeper. The number and size of the brushes, and also their functionality varies between brands and models, making this one of the most important aspects of your purchase.

Manual or Electric Carpet Sweeper?

These days carpet cleaners come in both manual and electric varieties, with some having a rechargeable battery for cordless convenience. Both options have their perks and it comes down to personal preference as to which one suits your household. If you don’t fancy having to worry about running out of battery power, the manual options are quite impressive and often work just as well as the powered varieties.

Commercial or Residential Use

The way in which your carpet sweeper will be used is another key factor in choosing which type is suitable. Sweepers specifically designed for commercial purposes tend to be more durable as they are intended to be used more often, and generally for harder to clean areas.


One of the biggest defining factors in any purchase is the price, and a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Prices can often differ greatly between different brands and models, so it pays to do your research and determine what each sweeper has to offer.

5 best selling carpet sweepers reviewed

BISSELL 2402E Sturdy Sweep Floor Cleaner

best selling carpet sweeperThe Bissell Sturdy Sweep is ideal for quick clean ups and in between vacuums. It offers a 5 brush system – a main brush for the bulk of the clean up, and 4 edge cleaning brushes for all the hard to reach areas, such as corners and edges.

Being a manual sweeper there are no annoying cords which makes it super convenient to use.

This sweeper can be used on all floor surfaces and automatically adjusts to suit. The large capacity means it doesn’t have to be emptied as often, and with a heavy-duty steel construction, this little gem will last for the long haul.


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Ewbank Speed Sweep Carpet Sweeper

ewbank speed sweep carpet sweeperThe Ewbank Speed Sweep Carpet Sweeper is lightweight and offers a wide 8 inch sweeping capability, to make any job a breeze. The fold down handle allows an easy clean under furniture, and the smooth glide ensures easy pickup.
The sweeper is also manual, making it ideal to freshen up your carpets before the guests arrive or to effectively tidy up unexpected mess. Unlike some other sweepers, pet hair isn’t a problem for this model which is an added bonus for those with furry friends.

Black in color, the Ewbank Speed Sweep Carpet Sweeper will suit any home decor, with an extremely affordable price to suit any budget.

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Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet Sweeper

bissell natural sweep carpet sweeperThis sweeper delivers the quality that Bissell is renowned for, without the price tag.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this light-weight option is also PVC free, which makes it a great environmentally friendly choice.

There are 2 brush rolls; one for picking up larger debris and the other for picking up finer particles. The 4 corner brushes are perfect for getting into corners with ease. It can be used on any floor surface and with twin dirt tanks, emptying couldn’t be easier.

As far as convenience goes, it doesn’t get much better than the BISSELL Natural Carpet Sweeper.

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Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper

dustcare lightweight carpet hard floor sweeperAs the name suggests, this sweeper is great for both carpeted and hard floors – making it ideal for any room of the house. With 3 rows of sturdy brushes, pet hair, fluff and dirt are effortlessly picked up. The metal handle and metal bottom plates make this a durable option for either residential or commercial use.

The head opens on both sides for easy cleaning and the additional clean out comb makes it even easier. In the world of carpet sweepers, the Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper is a worthy contender, both in terms of price and in quality.

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Ewbank Evo 3 Carpet Sweeper

ewbank evo 3 carpet sweeperAs with other Ewbank models, this sweeper is light-weight while still offering an effective clean on both hard floors and carpets. The transition between floor types couldn’t be simpler, with the adjustable height setting making the Ewbank Evo 3 Carpet Sweeper incredibly versatile.

The larger capacity dustpan reduces the time between emptying and is made even more hygienic with the waste emptying control being at the top. This manual sweeper does away with messy cords and delivers an effective, silent clean.

The tough synthetic brushes and sturdy metal handle ensures that this sweeper will provide many years of use.

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