Gtech vs Dyson: Which one is the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner?

Gtech AirRam Mk2 vs Dyson V8: A Comparison of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Gtech Air Ram vs Dyson V8Vacuum cleaners have made cleaning more easier. Innovative suction and cordless technology removes dust fast and easily. The vacuum cleaning revolution has availed a variety of vacuum cleaners in the market. These have different features and price. However, the selection process among consumers can be overwhelming especially for top models.

Currently, there are two leading vacuum cleaners namely; Gtech AirRam Mk2 and Dyson v8. These excel in different aspects. Gtech AirRam Mk2 is an upgrade with new features like headlights, an effective suction system, and improved battery power. On the other hand, Dyson v8 comes with a handheld mode and a multi-surface cleaning system. In this discussion, we shall compare the two models. This will help you make the right choice.

 Gtech AirRam MK2Dyson V8 Absolute
ImageGTech Air Ram Mk2Dyson V8 Absolute
Price (RRP)£199.99£520.00
Runtime40 minutes40 minutes
Capacity0.8 litres0.54 litres
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Design and Construction
The AirRam comes with a collapsible handle which makes storage much easier. However, the handle is not detachable as with Dyson V8. AirRam weighs 3.5 kg whereas Dyson V8 weighs 2.61. The former is a bit heavier for a cordless air vacuum.AirRam MK2 controls and steering system are easy to use. Its low profile makes it maneuverable.

Stability in Mk2 has been enhanced by the placement of the motor on the floor head. This vacuum cleaner is more horizontally oriented thus allowing you to get under furniture much easier. In Dyson, motor and body of the vacuum are built around the trigger. This makes it more balanced and easy to hold. The trigger must be held when cleaning. This helps in preserving battery power. Its cleaner heads are made of bristles to the edge which makes it easier to clean walls and skirting boards. V8 is a winner in terms of innovative design. However, AirRam excels in cleaning floors.

GTech Air Ram Mk2 Front

Suction Power and Cleaning Performance
Dyson excels when it comes to suction power. It uses a new V8 motor which provides more power than the predecessor and its counterpart. It provides an excellent suction for a cordless vacuum even when in standard mode. The suction power for MK2 is great on hard floors but less effective on carpets. It also has difficulty in removing carpet fibers and pet hair. Direct cleaning head incorporated in Dyson V8 improves the dust picking experience. It has deeper fibers which make the cleaning head more powerful. This comes in handy while cleaning carpets.

AirRam MK2 also features a powerful brush-bar which can brush forward by itself. This is a makes it easier to clean floors. V8 also includes a soft roller head which helps in cleaning hard floors. The bristles are made of soft nylon and carbon fibers a combination which creates a seal when vacuuming. This makes it excellent at picking up dust. However, it has a maximum power mode which limits run-time for extended cleaning sessions.

AirRam excels in edge cleaning due to the inclusion of a side-suction feature. This saves time, especially when cleaning corners. With V8, missed areas can be cleaned by converting the unit to a handheld unit. Dyson excels in above-floor cleaning applications. Its counterpart lacks an extension hose and a handheld conversion feature. Dyson v8 is a lightweight unit with a detachable handle. This enables you to clean above furniture. Its power and cleaning versatility make it a winner in this category.

Battery Power
AirRam Mk2 uses a 22V lithium-ion battery. It provides consistent power for a convenient cleaning. Both models have a 40-minute run-time. However, with Dyson V8, the run-time reduces when you use a motorized floor tool. Cleaning with the direct-drive cleaner head reduces run-time. This makes AirRam superior when it comes to battery power. Mk2 also takes few hours to charge compared to v8. AirRam requires only 4 hours to charge whereas V8 which takes nearly 5.5 hours. Mk2 uses a simple charger pack to recharge the battery.

Disposal System
AirRam MK2 collection system is designed with a capacity of 0.8 liters which is higher for a cordless vacuum. Both MK2 and V8 are equipped with seamless emptying systems. V8 uses a lever instead of gravity to empty the bin. Its counterpart has almost a similar feature where a slider forces dirt out of the collector. These two models tie when it comes to dust collection.

GTech Air Ram Mk2 Emptying

Tools and Accessories
AirRam does not come with any attachments or tools. However, you can purchase a multi-tool as a separate handheld device. This adds cost to the machine. On the other hand, Dyson V8 comes with an array of tools. They include a soft roller and a direct-drive cleaner. These are useful for cleaning hard floors and carpets accordingly. This model also comes with a mini-motorized tool which removes pet hair upstairs and from your upholstery. A combination tool and a separate crevice toll are also included for cleaning areas which are hard to reach.

Dyson V8 Absolute motorised tool

Both models have decent vacuuming systems. V8 includes a whole machine filtration where a dual radial cyclone force dirt and dust out until is trapped by the filter. This model can filter out micro-particles. On the other hand, Mk2 which is a bagless model with a dustbin placed inside the floor head. This prevents the dust from escaping thus directing all dust to the filter.

AirRam Mk2 is more affordable than Dyson V8. The recommended retail price for Mk2 is £200 the RRP for V8 is £520. Dyson V8 is considered one of the most expensive cordless vacuum cleaner models.


Dyson V8 Absolute docking station

In terms of design, V8 is more attractive. Also, it weighs less and comes with a detachable handle. This makes it more versatile. Both have a stronger cleaning head. But, AirRam’s cleaning system is more suited for cleaning floors. V8 has a strong suction power and can clean multiple surfaces. V8 has a better cleaning performance. Mk2 excels in edge cleaning and battery power. Both of them have a quality dust collection system and decent filtration systems. V8 comes with many accessories compared to Mk2 which comes with none. The comparison shows that V8 is the superior vacuum but more expensive.



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