Karcher K2 Compact review: Is the Home version any good?

Karcher K2 Compact Review: Is the Home version any good?

Karcher K2 Compact HomeWe like: Great price (when discounted) and good performance for a budget machine. Lightweight with neat storage. Patio cleaning attachment.

Not so good: It’s not as portable as other machines as this one has no wheels. For larger areas or more tougher cleaning jobs, you may need a more powerful machine.

Our verdict: A very good budget machine for everyday cleaning jobs. No frills but great price.


The Karcher K2 Compact Home is the best selling pressure washer on Amazon right now, so what makes it so great? Read our review to see if this model really is worthy of the “best seller” title.

The yellow cleaning machines from Karcher are very well known now in the UK and the K2 Compact Home is one of the cheapest of Karcher’s extensive UK range with a retail price (RRP) of £116 (the standard K2 Compact model retails for £84). What makes it more attractive though is that we have seen the price discounted by as much as 35%.


Karcher K2 Compact Home LanceWe describe on this page the differences between the K2, K4, K5 and K7 Karcher models. The K2 is the budget end of Karcher’s range and features a 1400w power output motor (the same as in the rest of the K2 range) and while this isn’t the most powerful of pressure washer motors we have reviewed, it will certainly be enough for light to mid cleaning duties such as patio/driveway cleaning or car washing.

The Karcher K2 Compact power washer delivers 110bar water pressure and again, while this is the lowest of the Karcher models (all K2 have 110bar pressure by the way) it will still be enough to shift most dirt and grime. It’s only when you go to the more expensive K4 range (RRP £158) that pressure increases by 18% to 130bar.

Water flow rate on this (and all K2 models) is 360 litres per hour, or equivalent to 6 litres a minute which, while not the highest, is a reasonable amount of water flow for light duties.

Compact & lightweight

Possibly one of the most attractive features of the K2 Compact is it’s light weight, weighing in at 4kg. To put this into perspective, the K4 models weigh around 10-11kg. The K2 does need to be light though as you will need to carry it into position as the K2 Compact models do not have wheels (you will have move up to the K2 Premium for wheels). The K2 Compact Home does have a neat carrying handle built in so portability should not be a problem. As with other K2 models the water hose length is 4 metres long, so you should not actually need to move the machine around too much anyway when in use.

Karcher K2 Compact accessories

Karcher K2 Compact Home Patio cleanerAs a budget machine, the K2 Compact Home does not come with loads of accessories but you do get the essentials. This model comes with a basic lance with high-pressure jet and also a “Dirtblaster” attachment that has a rotary end nozzle that gives a narrow and powerful water jet which is useful for shifting that stubborn moss on the patio! Both these attachments and the electric cable can be stored neatly on the unit itself. What sets the “Home” version apart from the standard K2 Compact version is the inclusion of a special patio cleaner brush attachment. If you do a lot of patio cleaning work, then this is certainly a great addition.

For more product info Karcher K2 Compact Home pressure washer: Karcher website


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