Karcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review: Is it better than the Compact?

Karcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review: Is it better than the Compact?

Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washerPros: Price (often £100 when on sale). Lightweight and portable. Handy on-board lance storage. Vario lance is useful.

Cons:  Suction detergent delivery and short hose not ideal for heavy detergent usage.

Summary: A great budget pressure washer that offers more than the basic K2 Compact (although that model is very easy to store). Worth checking if the better-equipped Home version is around the same price first.

Where does the K2 Full Control sit in the Karcher range?

This model is a good selling Karcher pressure washer, mainly due to its competitive pricing. The Karcher K2 Full Control can often be found on sale for under £100. This version sits above the base Karcher pressure washer, the K2 Compact and under the K2 Full Control Home version (that version includes a patio cleaner). There’s not a great deal in it price wise between these 3 different models. Although the Full Control is better equipped than the Compact, the Compact is good where storage space is tight.

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Motor and Performance

The K2 is the entry-level pressure washer and has a 1.4 kW motor (step up to the K4 models to get a more powerful 1.8kw version). The motor on the K2 is also air-cooled rather than water-cooled on the K4 upwards. This won’t make a massive difference as the K2 is more intended for lighter use but the more expensive models will be more reliable over time. The pump is protected with a water inlet filter to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Water pressure has a maximum rating of 100 bar which should be enough for general patio or decking cleaning and car washing. Stubborn dirt will require more effort and this is where you will notice the lower power compared to the higher spec models. The water flow rate on this model is 360 litres per hour with an area coverage of around 20 square meters per hour. Again, this will be more than suitable for typical cleaning duties in an average sized garden.

You can feed hot water into the K2 but the temperature is restricted to 40 degC (as it is on most of the Karcher range).

Full Control Click Vario Power lance

Full Control Vario Power spray lance

The K2 Full Control features an adjustable power spray lance for different washing applications. The K2 does not have the same LCD trigger display as is found on the K4 and upward Full Control models but the spray lance can be simply adjusted (with a click turn) between soft, medium, hard and detergent mix settings. The soft setting is a good option for cleaning surfaces where you don’t want to remove the paint or varnish, such as painted walls or outdoor furniture.

Detergent system

Suction detergent addition

As with all K2 models (except the K2 Premium Full Control Home), this model features a suction tube for adding detergents. This can be a bit messy as you have to stand an open detergent bottle next to the pressure washer so the tube can reach. Its okay if you don’t need to move the pressure washer around too much when cleaning, as you also have to move the detergent bottle as well.

The K4 Premium Full Control Home features a tank at the base of the pressure washer for adding detergent, so this is an easier option. Best though is the “Plug and Clean” system but this is only available on K4 models and upwards.


Hose and other features

The K2 models (except Premium Full Control Home) have a fairly short hose at 4 metres in length. Its suitable for most general applications but you will find that you have to move the pressure washer around a bit to reach.

K2 Full Control On board storage

The good thing about all K2 models is that they are very light. This particular version weighs 4.3kg (without accessories). Moving up from the K2 Compact to this model gives you wheels and a telescopic handle, so (along with its light weight) its very easy to move around. The spray lance and trigger gun can also be stored at the back and side of the unit.

Although it doesn’t quite match the K4’s 3-year guarantee, the 2-years offered on the K2 is more than adequate at this price point.

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