Karcher Window Vac reviews: which one is the best?

Karcher window vac rangeIf you are looking for a window vac, you can’t go far wrong with the Karcher range. Karcher have three models/kits to choose from; the entry (and cheapest) WV2, mid-range WV2 Premium and range-topping WV5 Premium. These models replace the previous WV50, WV60 and WV70 window vacs, with retail prices ranging from £60 to £100 (although it’s worth shopping around for the best prices).

The 3 models basically consist of the same window vacuum but include different levels of accessories (see table below).

Best selling Karcher window vac


ImageModelBattery running timeRetail PriceLatest price
Karcher WV2Karcher Window Vac WV225 mins.£71.99Click here
Karcher WV2 PremiumKarcher Window Vac WV2 Premium25 mins.£79.99Click here
Karcher Window Vac WV5 Premium35 mins.£79.99Click here



Karcher window vac window cleaningThe Karcher window vacuum is a cordless, hand held cleaner. It is lightweight (700g) so very easy for anyone to use. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and when fully charged it covers approximately a 75m2 (105m2 on the WV5) of window area. It doesn’t drip any water onto the cleaned surface and leaves a streak free finish.  The on/off button is in an easy accessible place but this is also one of its negatives as it can be easily turned off whilst using the unit. This is all backed up by Karcher’s  2 year guarantee.


What’s it like to use?

The vac is incredibly simple to use. Start by spraying the cleaning fluid on the area you need to clean, wipe down with a soft cloth then vacuum the excess liquid off with either the narrow or wide heads. The WV2 only has the wide head attachment and in our opinion the narrow suction head is a necessity for those trickier corners to reach, especially on smaller windows styles such as Georgian.

Once finished the vac is easily emptied by pulling out the rubber lug and tipping the water out of the unit.


The pros and cons

Karcher window vac cleaning spillsIf you read most Karcher Window Vac reviews you will see that the Window Vac is a great little piece of kit that can clean almost any smooth surface. Heavy condensation can be removed quickly from windows. Spillages on carpets and hard floors can be sucked up easily avoiding the usual mopping. Bathroom tiles and shower screens can be cleaned with ease leaving a streak free finish. Conservatories can be cleaned inside and out saving a fortune on commercial window cleaners.


If mobility is an issue the Karcher Vac is relatively easy to use because of its lightness (700g); this is not a big and heavy cleaner.  There is a battery indicator which shows when the unit is going to run out, this is useful as the window vac  can sometimes require recharging during longer cleaning sessions. However, if you ensure thd e battery is fully charged before starting to clean then most jobs can be done on a single charge. You also have to consider that there is a trade-off between battery life and weight; a larger battery would only make the unit heavier.!


So what are the differences between the 3 models?

Karcher have a strategy of offering “basic” products and then “premium” versions with extra (admittedly useful) accessories; this is common on their pressure washer range as well as their window vac range.

All window vac models pretty much have the same base unit, the only difference being that the WV5 Premium has a removable rechargeable battery with extra running time. The difference is mainly in the accessories. We would honestly avoid the base WV2 model as it only comes with as standard wide nozzle. The best bet is the WV2 Premium as this includes the cleaning trigger bottle & pad plus the additional narrow nozzle for cleaning jobs where space is tighter.

The WV5 Premium does have its longer running time a “distance spacer” nozzle but in everyday situations these are features you can easily leave without.

Our recommendation: Go for the WV2 Premium as often this will only cost slightly more than the base WV2 model but has those useful extra accessories.

Karcher WV2 Premium latest prices


Karcher Window Vac Accessories

Karcher Window Vac extension poleThere are several accessories available for the Karcher window vac including replacement pads, belt holders, cleaning liquid and extra battery chargers.

However, perhaps the most useful accessory is the extension pole set for cleaning windows.

The set consist of 2 extending poles; one for the window vac and a separate one that has a washable cleaning head attachment. Each pole is 1.2 metres in length but can be extended to 1.9 metres. Your Karcher window vac can be securely mounted on the base plate and attached with the rubber strap.

These high quality extension poles allow you to clean taller or hard to reach ground floor windows and are ideal for cleaning conservatory glass. If you are looking to use on 1st floor windows then you will definitely need a step ladder to gain better access. The Karcher window cleaning pole set has an RRP of around £35 so makes a great purchase if you plan to regularly clean windows.

Click here for latest Karcher extension pole prices

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