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Best Recycling Bins for Home Kitchen Use: 2021 UK Buying Guide

simplehuman Rectangular Recycler

Recycling bins are usually made of steel and plastic and having the right bin helps in keeping your kitchen tidy. A large capacity recycle bin allows you to store large amounts of waste therefore eliminating frequent emptying of your bin. There are many types of bins out there which vary with capacity, technology, durability and price. […]

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How to get rid of limescale in a kettle

how to remove limescale from a kettle

All of us like to start our day with a cup of tea to get rid of the sleep that thwarts our attempts to get on with our chores. Thus, a kettle is one of those utensils that are used regularly. Kettles are also used for the purpose for heating various items. All in all, […]

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How to Clean Kitchen Worktops


A kitchen worktop is a most worthwhile investment to your home – indeed, it would be hard to get by without one. They make the entire kitchen look more refined and elegant, and they fulfil the very important function of creating a workspace on which you can prepare meals. Plus, they will be used daily, […]

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Tips and Tricks for Decluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the centre of daily life in a house. Whilst this means that wonderful things happen there, it also means that it is a complete clutter magnet.   If you’ve found yourself surrounded by more and more clutter in your kitchen recently, never fear! Here is a step-by-step guide to banishing clutter. […]

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Checklist

Kitchen cleaning

It is said that the heart of the home is the kitchen.  Not only do you spend time cooking and sometimes eating there, but many families gather in the kitchen just in general.  It is not only easier to cook in your kitchen when it is clean but it is healthier for your family too.  […]

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Cooker Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning a double oven

Everyone loves a home cooked meal but cooking that meal has a side effect that nobody enjoys – a dirty cooker! Here are some tips on not only how to clean your cooker but some preventative ways to keep it from getting too dirty to start with. [adinserter block=”1″]   Cleaning the top of your […]

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