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Nilfisk Pressure Washer Review: C110, C120, C130, C140 & D140 Xtra Compared

Nilfisk pressure washer review

Are you in the market for a new pressure washer? If so, you may be wondering which one to buy. In this article, we will compare the Nilfisk C110, C120, C130, C140 and D140 Xtra pressure washers. We will evaluate their features and discuss the pros and cons of each model. By the end of […]

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How to Clean Shower Head: Descale Quickly and Easily

Cleaning a shower head

Taking a hot shower or bath at the end of a tiring day is an ultimate source of relaxation for many of us. But, how many times has the thought of cleaning a shower head passed our mind? Rarely. Unlike the idea of regularly cleaning the bathroom tiles, floor, shower glass and curtains, cleaning the […]

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How to Clean Bathroom Tiles: A Complete Guide

Cleaning ceramic bathroom tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post we will outline the best ways to clean your bathroom tiles with a combination of professional and household cleaning methods, safe remedies and pro-tips to keep them looking new for years […]

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The Major Causes Of Condensation And Mould And How To Properly Deal With Them

Cleaning mould and condensation

Condensation and mould can be a major irritation to deal with in your home, especially if you are renting your home. Your landlord may not be sympathetic to the fact that the problem is their fault and their responsibility. They are still likely to demand that you pay for the expenses of removing the mould […]

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Holiday Let Cleaning: Tips for Efficient Cleans Between Bookings

Clean holiday home kitchen

Holiday lets are a great way to earn extra cash during the holidays when you need it most. But if you’re not careful with cleaning, your property could be in danger of being left in poor condition and become less desirable for future bookings. This article is going to cover everything from what sort of […]

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How to Clean Extractor Fan and Filters Quickly and Easily

Clean extractor fan filters

Extractor fans are a must-have in any home. Not only do they help keep your home clean by removing harmful smoke and fumes, but they also help to keep your kitchen and bathrooms ventilated. Over time, the filters in your extractor fan will become clogged with dirt, dust, and grease, which will impact its performance. […]

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6 Amazing Items To Add To Your Outdoor Area To Make It Outstanding

Outdoor area with pool

The outdoor area of your house is something that can ruin or beautify the look of your house. It is also a place where people gather and relax in the summer days and nights with their friends and relatives. Here are some items that will bring many positives to your front yard and backyard.  1. […]

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Best Small Tumble Dryer for Flats: 6 Mini, Compact and Tabletop Compared

Best Small Tumble Dryer

Are you living in a flat or somewhere that requires you to limit the size or number of appliances you have? Are you looking for the most efficient tumble dryer for a smaller space? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this comparison guide we’ve reviewed the best small tumble dryers and […]

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How to Get Biro Out of Clothes: In 5 Easy Steps

Biro stain on shirt - how to remove

Forgot a pen was open in your front pocket or accidentally scribbled on your trousers? Did the ballpoint leak in the dress shirt or did your creative toddler perform their art on your top thinking it was a canvas? Fret not, we have all been through these situations at least a gazillion times! Whether a […]

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Top Tips For Cleaning All Types Of Spaces

Top Tips For Cleaning All Types Of Spaces

Keeping your house clean is a top priority, but what about all of the other spaces you occupy? Whether it’s your car, office space, or camping gear, if there are areas that are occupied frequently, they need to be kept clean. Here are some tips for how to keep these areas tidy. Keep good cleaning […]

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How to Clean Shower Glass: Quickly and Effectively

How to clean shower glass

Our showers are something we use everyday and while they keep us clean, we’re not always the best at keeping them clean. One part of the shower that can often get neglected is the glass in the doors or side of the shower. No matter the glass type, if you have a glass shower door […]

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How to Clean a Kettle and Descale it Quickly and Easily

How to clean and descale a kettle

Modern conveniences have brought simple but pleasurable things to make life easier for people today. Kettles, toasters, and sandwich makers are small household appliances that play a huge role in bringing convenience to our time-crunched schedule. From making a cup of tea before an exam day to making instant soups on a cold winter night, […]

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How To Clean Decking And Keep Clean For Longer

How to clean decking

From organizing an open-air movie night with friends to having everyday evening tea with family, we fancy our go-to place – the deck. Deck gives our house the needed modish look and becomes the polestar of our patio, ready to host all the events we desire. Being the outside platform, your deck is continuously exposed […]

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How to Clean An Iron: The Ultimate Guide

How to clean an iron

An iron is a household essential you can’t live without. After all, it’s the single most important appliance that can make your clothes look neat and fresh. However, it’s important for the iron to be clean too! A dirty iron, on the other hand, can cause more harm than good. An unkempt iron can ruin […]

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How To Thread a Sewing Machine: An Easy Beginner’s Guide

How to thread a sewing machine

Learning how to thread a sewing machine might seem like a daunting task, differentiating the spool from the bobbin, and manoeuvring the twists and turns a thread takes. If you’re a beginner and you’re trying to learn how to operate a sewing machine, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll learn how […]

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