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10 Best Tips for Storing Children’s and Baby Clothes

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Sorting out storage isn’t the best job in the world, but it’s a job many of us have to do. Storing children’s clothes is one of the hardest tasks because there is so much of it. They’re constantly growing and getting new clothes, their wardrobes seem to be ever expanding. Despite having more t-shirts and jeans than the average adult, we still need to store these clothes somehow – and there is only a small amount of space in an average wardrobe. Not everyone can afford walk-in wardrobes with tons of storage space, most of us have to deal with one wardrobe and a few boxes.

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That’s exactly why we’ve decided to put together a few tips from personal experience. We thought it was only fitting to write up a list of the best storage tips, so you can rest easy that your children’s clothes are stored neatly and tidily.

Whilst you may have a few favourite hints and tips of your own, there are many you’ve got to learn. Becoming a pro expert in the storage field will prove very handy when your house is a lot tidier than all your friends. Get ready for a lot of compliments on how neat everything in your house looks, as once you’ve started you won’t stop until your house is perfectly organised.

The best way to keep on top of all the clothes your children own is to keep them in a space which you can locate whenever you need them. Sometimes having one wardrobe with everything in it isn’t possible and we understand that, however, you still want to know where everything is!

Keep Winter and Summer Clothes Separate – this is possibly the most important tip out of the whole list, it might seem obvious to some but for most people, having a winter and summer wardrobe is a new concept. Packing away the summer clothes during the colder months ensures you have plenty of storage room in the wardrobe for all those furry coats and hats. It also means you avoid the countless conversations with your 5-year-old about how they’re not allowed to wear shorts when it’s -3 degrees outside.

Doing the seasonal wardrobe switch is a necessary thing if you want to stay organised and have storage for all the new clothes your children may get year after year. The best thing to do is to have a box in which you put all the clothes in from either summer or winter (whichever season it has just been) and then put all the current season’s clothes into the wardrobe!

Don’t Hoard Unnecessary Items – Clothing items that are damaged or unfixable shouldn’t hold a place in any wardrobe, so don’t hoard items in your child’s wardrobe because you think they’ll use them one day. The same goes for dresses, pants, tops, and even shoes!

Hoarding is a very popular habit (haven’t we all done it?) but it’s something that can cause a lot of problems when it comes to sticking to a small storage space. It’s best to have a rigorous sort through of your child’s wardrobe and be ruthless in what clothes you throw out or not, after all, you’ll have a lot more space afterwards.

Roll up Underwear and Socks for More Space – It’s a good old trick that many people have been doing for years, a lot of people use this tip when they’re packing their suitcase to go away on holiday but it’s actually handy for children’s underwear and sock draws too. We all know the sheer amount of underwear and socks children go through, they end up everywhere! However, sorting out all you need to and rolling them up into a draw will ensure an organised storage space for all the bits you need.

Children will also learn that they have to keep these draws tidy and therefore you won’t have to constantly be tidying it up after them, they’ll keep it organised themselves. You can also buy which will keep all the underwear in its place, which also means your little toddler is less likely to mess it up!

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Have Baby Closet Dividers (according to age) – For all the baby parents out there, it’s more than likely that your baby is going to grow up a lot faster than you hope which means their wardrobe is going to be huge and may be hard to navigate your way around.

You can either buy or make them yourself, whatever you decide to do, having baby closet dividers will save you a lot of time and effort. It allows you to easily look into the baby’s wardrobe and get the clothes you need for the day.

We would suggest starting with newborn clothes right up until 24 months! Obviously, you don’t have to initially have 24-month clothes in the wardrobe (that would be extremely organised!) but it’s all about putting the clothes in an organised manner so it’s less stress when you want to get your baby ready in the morning. Take a look at some of these .

Make the Most of a Shoe Hanger Behind the Door – Shoe hangers for the back of doors are a cheap and chirpy alternative to the typical storage boxes and they take up no floor space! They’re perfect for children’s clothes as they’re small but each compartment can hold a few tops or pairs of pants. It’s great for those bedrooms which don’t have much space to store items (especially clothing), and the prices start from as little as £5. sell a small one, or you could try a slightly bigger one by – bear in mind it will take up a little more space behind the door than the smaller ones.

Use Plastic Bins with Labels – By bins we don’t mean rubbish bins, we mean plastic boxes! Buy a few small plastic boxes that will stack on top of each other and then some labels, label each one with what’s in it (such as tops, underwear, or shorts). You will also find that your local supermarket or DIY store will have offers at times of the year on large plastic storage boxes. Doing this will save you a lot of time and effort especially when you’re in a rush. It doesn’t have to be clothing either, you can organise toys and dressing up outfits like this too!

As well as plastic boxes, we also use vacuum storage bags which are great for clothes. It’s worth making a note of what’s inside though, as when they are vacuum sealed it can be difficult to see what’s in each bag. Also, be prepared to do a lot of ironing when the clothes come out!

Don’t Keep Clothes that Don’t Fit Anymore! – Children grow all the time which means they grow out of their clothes easily, we are guilty of keeping clothes that don’t fit anymore but with children, it is a waste of time! If you’re wanting to store clothes and want to be organised, we would suggest getting rid of any clothes that don’t fit and ensuring everything in your child’s wardrobe is something they can wear.

eBay childrens clothes bundles

Giving the clothes to charity is also an option is selling on eBay. We have sold a lot of our children’s clothes on eBay, especially well-known brands and bundles.

When You’re Changing the Seasonal Wardrobe Take a Photo Before You Switch it – If you love being organised and everything looking neat and tidy before you do your seasonal wardrobe switch, take a photo of what it looks like! That way, when you go to organise everything again when the season comes around, you will know how you like it. Although this isn’t directly a tip on how to store children’s clothes, it can really help in terms of having the wardrobe perfectly in shape.

Make Use of a Wardrobe – Instead of using a wardrobe the traditional way by simply just hanging clothing items in it, you can get storage hangers to store smaller bits of clothing. They’re so cheap and allow you to utilize your space more easily, whilst also looking organised!

Wardrobes are also great for storing lots of children’s shoes because they’re so small, you can get quite a few pairs in there which is ideal if you haven’t got a lot of space to be putting pairs of shoes everywhere.

Try Under Bed Storage – If it’s space you’re worried about then trying to find a children’s bed with under bed storage may be the miracle you’ve been waiting for. For those of you who don’t have enough room for a children’s wardrobe or even if you need more space to put various clothing items, you can simply put all the clothing in the storage provided under the bed.

There are so many different, fun types of beds with under bed storage too, they’re not boring and ugly! You can choose a classic style, a pretty heart design (such as this one from Argos), or a dark navy-blue design (like this one from Very).

We recently bought an Ikea Malm bed with underneath storage drawers for our older son. This provides us with loads of extra clothes storage.

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