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12 Kitchen Organisation Ideas: These are the best ones

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The heart of your home is the kitchen. It is just about the most important room in the house because this is where your family gathers from day to day or where guests are usually entertained. It is not only important for eating, but for spending quality time with those you love.

When gathering in the kitchen, the last thing you want is to feel a sense of chaos due to disorganisation. With so many different kitchen utensils, cooking pots and pans, and dishes, things can become cluttered rather quickly.

Taking the time to consolidate what you have and establish a better routine of organisation will be worth it to make your kitchen more Zen and peaceful. Here are some of the very best organisation ideas for your kitchen.

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File Away Pots and Pans

Keeping pots and pans neatly organised can be the most difficult task when it comes to keeping a kitchen orderly. Pots, pans, and baking dishes come in so many shapes and sizes, so there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to store them. Get a few of the metal file racks and get creative. For lids, you can install the racks on the sides of the cabinets. You’ll never have to go noisily searching for the right lid again.  These are also perfect for saucepans, frying pans, and even baking dishes.

Use Dowels for Tupperware

Organising Tupperware is just as frustrating as pots and pans, if not more so. The perfect way to solve this problem is to place pegboard and dowels on the bottom of a pull-out drawer. By placing the dowels sticking up out of the pegboard, you can neatly store all types of Tupperware and their lids. If you’ve ever opened a cabinet and had Tupperware fall out or been unable to find the right lid, then you know how much of a relief this can be.

The dowels can also be periodically rearranged to accommodate different sizes of Tupperware. This method can save you cabinet space to neatly store other things in your kitchen. Condense your Tupperware and improve the quality of life in the kitchen.

Organise Dishes

If you’ve ever broken a dish trying to get what you needed underneath a stack of plates, then this idea is for you. The most common way to store plates and bowls is to stack them on top of one another. This can cause problems when you are looking for what you need or when putting them away. This is how most dishes get broken or cracked.

One way to fix this problem is to get a wooden dishrack and store it in a cabinet. Use it to keep your dishes from being stacked on top of one another. You can also file them away by using a metal filing rack or get more out of your cabinet space by using stacking shelves. Even though your dishes will still be stacked, you will be able to have more space and opportunity to keep the same size and style dishes together.

Hang Your Mugs

Mugs take up a lot of space in the cabinets. Most usually don’t stack well, so that means even more cabinet space is used up. There are different ways mugs can be hung around the kitchen. Try using a towel rack on an empty wall space. If you have a coffee machine, you can even make your own coffee corner by using the towel racks to hold your coffee supplies as well.

Another method is to put up hooks to hang your mugs on. You can do it on a wall space or underneath a higher cabinet. Either way, when you give your mugs some breathing room, you can open up cabinet space for other organisation ideas.

Organise Those Spices

Have you ever spent so much time searching for a spice in a cabinet that you forgot which one you were looking for? It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some neat ways to organise spices, which are very important to the culture of a kitchen. Spices are used in baking and in cooking. Therefore, it is so important to make sure the labels are easily accessible.

There are a few ways you can neatly store spices. Spices can be stored on the inside of cabinet doors by installing narrow shelving. The problem with spices is that they are normally all a similar size. This is why they are difficult to find. If you have a few shelves where spices can only go one or two deep, then they will be much easier to find. By placing shelves within the cabinets, it can also make it easier to find the right spice. There are some narrow shelves that can be layered or levelled to store spices more neatly.

Other options include getting a spice drawer, so they can be all laid out in one layer. These usually can fit inside a cabinet or even placed on the worktop for easier accessibility. There are also narrow spice racks that can be placed vertically into your cabinet and pulled out. It has spots for jars of spice on either side and easily slides out. Depending on how many spices you keep in your cabinets, you can get multiple sleeves. If you prefer your spices out on the worktop to access easily when cooking, there are also worktop racks that can hold spices. These usually spin so you can find the one you want.

Make Your Measuring Tools Easily Accessible

There is nothing worse than looking for measuring tools, sifting through drawers and in the end needing to convert to whichever one you can find first. If you cook or bake a lot, then you most likely often use different measuring cups or spoons to help with the recipes. Finding the right one when you need it can be an utter nightmare. It can also take time away from cooking, which makes the process much longer and more frustrating.

The solution for making measuring cups and spoons easily accessible is simple. By screwing a thin board on the inside of your cabinets, you can make a perfect hanging spot for measuring utensils. The inside of cabinets is often unused space. It makes a great storage space that stays hidden and keeps your utensils organised. Once you have screwed the board in, use either nails or hooks to hang the tools on the inside of the cabinet door.

To make it even more organised and appealing, you can also label the hooks with which measuring item goes where. It can also make unloading the dishwasher an easier job when there are multiple people chipping in. You won’t need to search through drawers anymore to find what you are looking for.

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Use All Cabinet and Pantry Spaces

Speaking of wasted space, there is usually a lot of space inside cabinets and pantries that often go unused. Some shelves within the pantry or cabinet are often taller than the items put there. By getting a couple of baskets that hang undershelves, you can use all the vertical space in your storage areas.

In addition, you can also use the inside of the pantry or cabinet door to store more items. Install or hang racks that can hold additional food or even cleaning items. In pantries, the wall space closest to the door often goes unused. To make the most of this space, you can install hooks to hold snack bags or other food items that are not too heavy. This will free up some shelf space and make it really easy for kids to get their own snacks without accidentally knocking things over or needing to climb too high. When you maximize the space you have, you can maximize your kitchen experience.

Use Clear Containers for Storage

Clear containers are useful for a couple of important reasons. Have you ever gone to have some cereal, only to find out that the box is empty? Using clear containers can ensure that doesn’t happen. You’ll be able to tell when each item needs to be refilled long before the food in it runs out. This can be super helpful for keeping things in your kitchen stocked as well as organised. This will also save you money because you will not overbuy items only to throw them out once they have gone bad. You will know when you really need to refill food in your pantry.

Using clear containers can be great for many different items throughout the kitchen like flour, sugar and even other dried goods such as pasta, beans, and oats. They can also be useful for storing snacks and other items, which will make it easier for children to find them. Having the clear containers stacked can save space and help your pantry shelves look neat and tidy. They will also be easy to find, unlike when you have things shoved into cabinets or on shelved within the pantry. You’ll save time, money, and space when using clear containers to store items throughout your kitchen.

Label Containers

Clear containers are helpful for most items but labelling all containers in your pantry is another useful way to stay organised. If you use baskets or other types of storage, clearly labelling these will make snacks and other food easier to find. It can also make putting away groceries a simple task for children because they will know where everything goes.

You can get some cheap labels from the dollar store. Just remember that keeping all labels the same size and font will make everything look uniform. You can label baskets and bins of food in the pantry, baking items in the cabinets, and even where to find the snacks. To make it less overwhelming, consider grouping items that go together. Labelling saves time in looking for items and can also help make sure your pantry is not overstocked and no food is wasted.

Towel Racks for Utensils and Other Items in the Kitchen

You might think that towel racks are only for use in the bathroom, but you’re mistaken. Towel racks also have many uses in the kitchen. Do you have a wall or side of the counter that is bare? Then this is the perfect spot to use a towel rack.

For utensils, get some hooks and hang them on the towel rack for easy access. When storing utensils in a canister, it can often be difficult to find the one you want for whatever you are cooking. By having them hung up on a towel rack, it can be easier to find the exact one you need. Spreading them out will also make the area seem less cluttered. Make sure each cooking utensil has a hook. You might also want to include a couple of extra just in case you acquire some new ones or if any of the hooks go missing.

Utensils are not the only thing that can be stored on towel racks. Mugs can also be secured with hooks. When using a towel rack with hooks to store your coffee mugs, it will leave more space within cabinets for dishes and other unique organisation tricks.

A towel rack in the kitchen can also be used on the inside of cabinets or even the pantry to store cleaning supplies. This can leave more space under cabinets for other items. The racks can either be installed by a screw, or there are also racks that hang over the top of a cabinet door. Either way, these racks will keep your mugs, utensils and cleaning supplies orderly.

Bins for the Freezer and Fridge

Organising the food in your refrigerator and freezer can be difficult as well. In most fruit, vegetable, and meat drawers, the food often gets stacked on top of each other. Too many times, food must be thrown away because it does not get eaten before expiring. This is unfortunate and wasteful. It also might mean that you anticipate eating something, only to find out that it is bad.

Just by getting some plastic bins, can be helpful to staying organised. Bins can help you to see what food you have and what you might run out of soon. These bins can be labelled, or if they are clear, labels may not be necessary. There are even bins that can be stacked on top of one another if you’d like to get more out of the space in your fridge.

Stack and Organise Your Canned Goods

Canned goods can often hide out in the back of the pantry. Finding what you need means picking up can after can to clearly read the label. Get a can rack to neatly stack your cans, so that the next time you are looking for one, you can find it without wasting any more time. This can also help you to be aware of what you have in the pantry so that you don’t buy an excess of canned goods. It saves you time and money when you can easily find the canned good you need.


Organising your kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of these ideas are cheap, easy, and you can do them yourself, no matter what your experience is. The key to getting a more organised kitchen is to take your time, do it right from the beginning, and be sure to put things away where they belong.

It can be difficult if you live with others to make sure everyone does their part but making it a household expectation can help everyone by keeping things neat. Children will be able to help put dishes and groceries away and find snack and items more easily. You will feel at peace that the heart of your home is neat and organised, and it will make your cooking experience even better and less stressful!

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