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The advantages and disadvantages of carpet flooring

How do you choose a new carpet? Do you look for quality in a soft floor covering, so it lasts? Or you are immediately mesmerised by the patterns and colours, once in the store, and pick the one that matches best your walls? Whatever it is you are after, one thing is for sure, you are a carpet lover.

But what if you are a homeowner who is sitting on the fence and cannot quite make up his mind? In that case, this guide is just for you. And, since no one knows more about carpets than a carpet cleaning company, we asked the pros from Go Cleaners London to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of our precious textile floor coverings.

Carpet flooring

The pros and cons of carpets, based on your individual needs

The list of pros and cons contains some carpet characteristics, which can be advantages and disadvantages at the same time, depending on what you are looking for in a carpet. Carpeting can be also good and bad in relation to different environmental aspects, due to some of the specific properties it has. Hopefully, you will be much better informed about the benefits and the drawbacks of soft floor coverings at the end of this list.

The benefits of carpet flooring

#1. Carpets are quiet

Carpets can actually reduce noise by adding up to the sound insulation of a property. This is an important aspect for people who work from home, large families and residents of apartment blocks. So if you are a noisy person, your trusty carpet might save you a tedious confrontation with a grumpy neighbour.

#2. The softer the floor the softer the fall

Do you live with little legs that are constantly tumbling over when running around? Toddlers simply can’t help themselves but fall more often than you would like. Hence, carpets are a smart choice, especially for stairwells, if you have small children. Still, Go Cleaners share that cleaning carpeted stairs requires some extra efforts and can be tricky sometimes.

#3. Carpeting keeps you warm

The wintry wind is fiercely blowing outside but you feel nice and cosy by the fire, sitting comfortably on the soft carpet. Homeowners who have opted exclusively for carpeting as their floor covering solution enjoy a much better-insulated home during the cold months of the year.

#4. They don’t last forever

Hang on, there must be a mistake here! Why is this an advantage for some? Well, who would want to live with the same old décor for years and years? And what better chance to refresh and transform your home interior once the life of your carpeting has run its course? With the vast choice of patterns, designs and colours, carpets are an instant changer of the overall appearance of your house and an impressive medium in any home improvement project. Still, there are ways you can extend the life of your piece and regular maintenance is essential for that.

#5. Carpets keep you on your feet

Carpets have a high coefficient of friction, which virtually means that you cannot slip and fall while walking on your carpeted floor. Hence, elderly persons and children are better off with soft floorings at home. Carpeting effectively minimises the risk of accidental injuries.

#6. Dust snuggles into the fibre inconspicuously

“And how is this an advantage?” – you would ask. Well, there a couple of important benefits that derive from your carpet’s filtering properties. Firstly, it improves the indoor air quality by trapping airborne contaminants until it is time for them to be removed. And secondly, if your daily schedule is on the busy side, you have a more flexible scope for planning when this time would be. In contrast, shiny hardwood timber flooring shows very much dust, so it requires vacuuming more often than carpets do.

#7. Relatively cheap to buy

Surely this is a pro that you keep in mind when you feel that your home needs refurbishing. Carpets are an inexpensive option when it comes to renovating your house or apartment interior. They will not break the bank and are hardly difficult to install. Carpet tiles, especially, may “tickle” even a DIY newbie to have a go at installing the floor covering themselves.

#8. Carpets may help the environment

Carpets improve the heat insulation of your house. Hence, they maintain your utility bills low and in the process, contribute to the sustaining of our environment. The less energy you consume, the more eco-friendly your home is.

#9. Keep allergens at bay

If you are an allergy sufferer, carpets may alleviate your condition. As long as you ensure that common allergens, like pet dander and dust mite, which carpeting traps and prevents from circulating freely in the air, are regularly removed, that’s it!

Vacuum cleaning carpet

The disadvantages of carpet flooring

#1. Carpets stain easily

Carpets are classed as high maintenance because accidental spills may be more difficult to clean in comparison to tiled floors and hardwood surfaces. Sometimes, using a vacuum cleaner won’t be sufficient to clean your piece. A carpet sweeper may be helpful in some situations, but sometimes, even a professional steam cleaning of your carpeting may not remedy the problem. Hence, soft floor coverings are recommended for low-traffic rooms, like your bedrooms at home. Finally, there is no universal way to clean your piece as different fibres require a different treatment.

#2. The pet dilemma

Pets simply do not mix well with carpets. Your furry best friend shed hairs, which, to your despair, are a pain to clean. Moreover, cats and dogs of all ages may have some issues with going to the toilet in the right place at some point in their lives. And even if you manage to put the habitual removal of pet stains under control and get the hang of it, the elimination of the pungent odour may prove a less easy task for you.

#3. They don’t last long

Carpets of mediocre quality look tattered within a few years. They can get completely ruined overnight (during that long-planned party for your 30th birthday). If not maintained properly, the resale value of your carpeting will plummet. If your carpet is in poor condition, this may decrease the price of your property or restrict your rental options.

#4. Carpets are not so easy to recycle

Unfortunately, 65% of discarded carpeting still ends up in a landfill in the UK, according to the statistics for 2016. So if you are a fierce advocate for a green living, bare this in mind when you are about to part with your old carpet. Soft floorings, which are made from, both, natural and synthetic materials can be reused or recycled in a specialist carpet recycling centre.

#5. If wet, they take time to dry

Unlike hard floorings, carpeting holds onto moisture for longer, especially if it is made from a natural material or certain types of synthetics. So, large spills, high-humidity environments and even cleaning procedures like steam cleaning, if not performed with a professional equipment, may promote mould development in the carpet underlay and the floor covering itself.

#6. Carpeting is too warm

People who live in hot climates do not rate carpets that much. They go for quality hard flooring solutions, which keep the house cool in the scorching heat. There is nothing more enjoyable than walking barefoot on a polished tiled floor when outside is approaching 100 °F.

#7. It’s a breeding ground for allergens

If you are an asthma sufferer and not great at keeping on top of the cleaning chores at home, you are more likely to ignore the invisible army of allergens, which finds refuge in your carpeting. If it looks clean, why bother vacuuming your flooring? But just because you can’t spot the microscopic allergy-trigger mongers, this does not mean that it is safe to leave your carpet unmaintained for weeks.

#8. Carpets are quiet

Carpets do not provide great acoustics in a room, hence, they are not the best option for step dance classes. Or at home, you will not hear very well the muffled footsteps of a burglar if your home has been carpeted throughout.

Conclusion: Should you get carpet flooring?

You can only go for the right flooring solution for your home, based on what you find to be beneficial to your family. Your personal understanding of comfort, your sense of aesthetics and your perception of what inconvenient means to you are the main factors, which will inevitably guide you in making a decision on whether carpets are really for you.

If you do decide to go forward with carpets, then we’d definitely recommending getting a good carpet cleaner like the ones in this buying guide.