Best Mini Oven UK: Top 2023 Models Reviewed

Best mini oven buying guide

Your decision to buy a mini oven could be for many reasons. Maybe you don’t’ have space in your kitchen for a full-size oven or you are looking for to cook away from home in your caravan, holiday home or student dorm. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of models to choose from, all at different price points and offering different functions and features.

In this buying guide, we take a look at the top 5 selling, highly rated mini ovens and see how they compare before giving our final recommendation. Plus, at the end of this article, we also provide some essential tips on what to look for when researching and buying your perfect mini oven model.

Best Selling Mini Ovens Compared and Reviewed

Tower T14013 Mini Oven
  • Cooking Capacity: 28 L
  • Dual Hotplates: Yes
  • 3-year guarantee
Netta 45L Electric Mini Oven
  • Cooking Capacity: 45 L
  • Dual Hotplates: Yes
  • Good value for money
VonShef 35L Mini Oven Cooker and Grill
  • Cooking Capacity: 35 L
  • Dual Hotplates: No
  • 2-year guarantee
Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Kitchen Multi-Cooker
  • Cooking Capacity: 38 L
  • Dual Hotplates: Yes
  • Longer timer duration
Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro
  • Cooking Capacity: 21 L
  • Dual Hotplates: No
  • 1-year guarantee


Tower T14013 Mini Oven Review

Tower is a well-known kitchen brand with its range of pans and cookware. They also have a good choice of mini ovens and the T14013 is one of their bestselling models. It’s easy to see why this model is so popular as it’s one of the lowest priced models reviewed here but is also one of the most feature packed.

Hot plates

Not all mini ovens have hot plates mounted on top (so you can fry or use saucepans) but the Tower T1403 includes two and these can be used individually or both at the same time. The oven temperate can be adjusted between 90 and 230 degrees plus there are three different oven setting to choose from. A nice touch is this addition of a 60 minute timer so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your favourite meal.

28 litre capacity

The oven has a decent capacity of 28 litres (so you should be able to fit a small whole chicken in with ease) and comes complete with a wire rack that can be set at different heights to give you flexibility with cooking space usage.

Overall assessment

The Tefal T14013 is a great priced mini oven with all the features you’ll ever need. You also get peace of mind as a 3 year guarantee is standard. Definitely, a recommended buy and it justifies its best-seller status.

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Netta 45L Electric Mini Oven Review

Netta might not be a brand name that you are too familiar with, but the company does have a reasonable range of well-rated home and garden appliances. This mini oven clearly shows that the brand is aiming to provide value for money as, although it’s not the cheapest here, you certainly get a lot for your cash.

Double hotplate

This is another mini oven model that features double hotplates. The ones on the Netta are more than large enough to accommodate saucepans and small frying pans. The hot plates have two different power ratings (600w and 1000w) and both can be used at the same time. The temperate range of the main oven is between 100 and 230 degrees.

Large capacity

Behind the stylish silver finish is a large capacity 45 litre oven. This is one of the largest here and provides ample room for cooking most family meals. There is also a handy 120 minute timer so you can leave you cooking unattended for longer. A baking tray and wire rack are also provided and the wire rack can be placed in different height position within the oven.

Overall assessment

Although this is not one of the cheapest mini ovens here, it does provide very good value for money with its extra large cooking capacity and dual hotplates. The Netta mini oven should be on the shopping list for anyone looking to cook larger family meals.

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VonShef 35L Mini Oven Cooker and Grill Review

The VonShef brand is becoming more and more popular and although their products aren’t always the cheapest they are usually well received and liked by consumers. Although this mini oven doesn’t offer any hot hotplates it still has many of the features you will be looking for.

Oven capacity

With a 35 litre capacity, the VonShef mini oven sits in the middle of the ovens reviewed here when it comes to cooking space. Although not the largest you should be able to fit in a roasting tray or baking tray; just not both at the same time. Smaller capacity 20 litre and 28 litre versions of this mini oven are also available.

Cooking power

With a powerful 1600 watts on offer, the VonShef mini oven can multitask when it comes to cooking, baking and grilling. The temperature range goes from a low 70 degrees to the usual max of 230 degrees. This model includes a 100 minute cooking timer for ease of use. Again, a baking tray and wire rack are provided and the rack can be positioned at 3 different heights in the oven.

Overall assessment

Although not the cheapest here, this is a good sized mini oven that is well-liked by consumers. Backed up by a 2 year guarantee this would suit those looking for a reasonable amount of cooking space but can live without top hotplates.

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Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Kitchen Multi-Cooker Review

Russell Hobbs has a great range of kitchen appliances as well as offering a range of mini ovens to suit all budgets. This is one of the more expensive mini ovens reviewed here, so how does it compare?

Dual hot plates

At this price point, you would expect to have hotplates and the 22780 has two that can be used independently or both together. They are large enough for most saucepans and frying pans and have different power ratings, the smaller plate is 750w and the larger one is 1000w. It’s nice to see two different sized hotplates as this increases your options when it comes to cooking.


At 38 litres this is not a particularly large capacity mini oven but is still suitable for most family cooking needs. This oven is fan assisted which helps with cooking times and heat distribution. The temperature can also be set at a low 60 degrees (for keeping food warm) through to full 230 degrees maximum temperature. A 120 minutes timer is including that will also turn off the oven when the cooking duration is complete. As is the norm, a wire rack and baking tray are also provided.

Overall assessment

The Russel Hobbs 22780 is a good selling mini oven but with the capacity available and the high price, it’s hard to recommend it above the Tower model. It does come with a longer timer duration but no other stand out features in our opinion.

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Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro Review

We’ve saved this mini oven to last as it’s by far the most expensive oven here (you can get three of the cheaper ovens for the price of the Sage). This is a very modern looking oven with a brushed stainless steel finish and digital cooking display.

Cooking functions and LCD display

This Sage mini oven features 10 different cooking settings including roasting, grilling, pizza cooking and baking. The Sage can also toast up to 6 slices of bread. All of these cooking settings are shown on the large and clear LCD display along with the cooking temperature and timer countdown. To cook, simply choose one of the cooking functions from the LCD display or use the temperature and timer rotary dials.


Even though it the most expensive mini oven here, it’s also one of the smallest with a 21 litre cooking capacity. Also, if you need hotplates, then you need to look at other models. The Sage’s trump card though is Element IQ. The mini oven has 5 quartz heating elements which ensure that it can cook a wide range of foods effectively as the heat output maintains a stable temperature and is precisely targeted for the cooking function selected.

Overall assessment

There is no denying that this is a very expensive mini oven. It does get excellent reviews though as its ability to handle different cooking tasks is excellent. It’s surprising to only see a 1 year guarantee at this price but if you value how your meal is cooked over anything else, then the Sage is the mini oven for you.

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Conclusion and recommendations

If you are looking for a mini oven that also features dual hotplates, then the Tower or Netta models would be our choice. The Netta is slightly more expensive but also has a larger cooking capacity than the Tower model. The Russel Hobbs is another hot plate model but is expensive when compared to the Tower and Netta.

The Sage mini oven is a well-respected model due to its cooking abilities, neat design and ease-of-use, however, the high price will be off-putting for many.

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What to look for when buying a mini oven

When it comes to buying a mini oven, you are likely to be looking at spending between £70 and £100 (or £200 in the case of the Sage), so it’s important to look for the right features and specification for your particular requirements. Here are some important points to consider.


Do you also want to cook using saucepans or frying pans? If so, then you’ll need a mini oven with top-mounted cooking plates. These can usually be controlled independently or both together and often have different heat settings.

Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of the models reviewed here varies from 21 litres to a massive 45 litres. The larger sizes are great when cooking a full meal for a family but remember that the increased cooking capacity also means that the oven itself will be much bigger in size and will take or more space in your kitchen area.


A timer is a handy feature, especially when combined with an auto shut off function. All the mini oven models reviewed have a timer function but these vary in duration from 60 minutes up to 2 hours.


Like most kitchen appliances, things can go wrong with mini ovens so look out for models with a decent guarantee. Models offering 2 years and above are well worth adding to your research list.