Best Mop for Laminate and Wooden Floors: 2023 UK Buying Guide

Looking for a new floor mop

This guide will detail the best mops for cleaning floors including laminate, ceramic and hard wooden floors. We have featured a wide range of products including a traditional mop, innovative steam mops and to make things interesting, we have an automated robotic mop in our list.

Read on to check out all the products that are contending to be the best mop for laminate and wooden flooring.

We have reviewed three of the best spray mop models. These are great on wooden and laminate floors as they have an integrated spray or water bottle built onto the mop; expect to pay a bit more for these versions though.

Hard floors shouldn’t be hard to lean and whether it is a dry or spray mop you are looking for then we hope that this guide, with our comparison chart and review of the best floor mops, will help make your life easier.

Best Selling Floor Mops Compared and Reviewed

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo
  • Type: Microfibre mop and bucket set
  • Easy carry handle for ideal balance
  • Machine washable
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Premium reusable and washable microfiber pad
  • Durable trigger mechanism
Vileda Spray Mop
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria with just water
  • Ideal for larger floors
Lakeland Hard Floor & Tile
  • Type: Spray mop
  • Easily refillable canister
  • For hard floors
iRobot Braava Jet 240
  • Type: Robot mop
  • Cleans kitchens and bathrooms up to 25 m²
  • Avoids stairs and riding up on rugs


Best Mop and Bucket

Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set Review


If you are a fan of using the traditional tools for cleaning your wooden floors, then Vileda products are typically the obvious choice for many. The above product name might have you in a bit of a muddle, but the Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo kit is one of the best mops from a leading brand and we highly recommend it.

It’s not the cheapest option out there but this Vileda set does feature several innovative features in an attempt to justify the higher price tag. The main feature has to be the unique “turbo” spin mop mechanism that is operated by a foot pedal on the bucket. You simply place the wet mop head into the bucket basket, then push the pedal which spins the inside of the bucket basket and the centrifugal force drains the water from the mop. It’s a cool feature and we were pleasantly surprised at how effective it was.

However, we think Vileda have missed a trick here. Maybe an electric motor could spin the mop making the task even more hassle-free.

The bucket is also quite large and features a helpful maximum water level indicator that is clearly visible and a spout for easy pouring out of the water. The mop itself is also well designed. It has a telescopic handle that extends to 130cm in length. The head conveniently pivots to enable you to reach under furniture easily and the plastic head attachment is triangle-shaped (like some models of steam cleaner) which makes it easier getting into corners.

The “2 in 1” mop head features microfibre cloth and “Red Vileda Yarns” for better cleaning. The mop head is machine washable and they are also available as separate refill packs.

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Best Spray Mop

Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop Review


The Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop is yet another great mop with spray functionality. It is nimble and easy to use and makes cleaning those hard to reach places a complete breeze. This Vorfreude Spray Mop is 129.5cm tall and provides a cleaning surface area of 41cm long 15cm wide. Conveniently the assembly instructions are printed on the outside of the box which makes putting the mop together straightforward. The box contains a mop handle, mop shaft, spray and water bottle fixture, a 700ml tank, a mop head and one microfibre pad. Everything you need to get started.

The manufacturers state that the mop is best used on all floor types, including hardwood, tile, laminate and even carpet. Although we haven’t tested it on a carpet we would recommend that a small amount of fluid or spray is used to just gloss over the surface of the carpet. We believe it would be ineffective at deep cleaning a carpet but might be used best to capture dust and hair.

The water tank can be filled with a cleaning solution like bleach or essential oils but be careful not to use boiling water as it may damage the tank. For best results always use warm water.

The sturdy metal handle is not only sleek but made to last. The best thing, however, is the lifetime guarantee that is included. If anything ever breaks they will ship you free replacements.

The only drawback of this mop is that the handle is not extendable. This hasn’t really proved to be a problem for most people though.

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Lakeland Manual Hard Floor & Tile Spray Mop Cleaner Review


The Lakeland might be another good reason to abandon your sloppy old bucket. This mop has a flat base and a swivel handle so that you can reach all the places in your house. What’s great about this mop, however, is that it can be a wet or dry mop. It has a built-in water canister that you can push a button and water will squirt out in front of the mop. Or you can just use it for a simple dusting.

Like most modern mops the Lakeland Spray Mop comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth, so you just need water to remove dirt and bacteria. People fail to realise that this is a much more eco-friendly way of cleaning, as you don’t have to waste money on harsh cleaning chemicals that might actually damage the floor anyway. However, you can add your own cleaning solution to the canister if you wish.

The mop glides smoothly on all types of hard floors. The microfibre cloth is simple to remove and it’s machine-washable too. Low maintenance and low cost. Brilliant!

The handle is plastic instead of steel, however, most people find this much more comfortable and don’t have any problems with it. It isn’t flimsy and would stand up to heavy-duty cleaning.

All said and done the floors dry quickly and its compact design makes it easy to store. We think its up there amongst some the best spray mops and we were happy with it.

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Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop Kit Review


Bona is a Swedish company that is renowned for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors. They have expanded their product offering to include cleaning solutions and steam mops. They obviously specialise in high-end hardwood floors but we found the mop to be great for laminate flooring too. The appliance comes with a machine-washable pad and a pH-neutral, non-streaking, 850ml cartridge of Bona wood floor cleaning solution. The Mop has been thoughtfully designed with an extra-wide, 360° swivel head to help cover a larger surface area whilst remaining nimble enough to get into the corners.

The product arrives unassembled but it all slots together convincingly, although we would like to mention that it took us some time to figure out how to make the wash canister fit correctly, but once it did it worked fine. The microfibre pads work great and leave the floor in pristine condition, very quickly. The spray-head emits a fine mist, so the floor is never swamped which is great for cleaning applications around the home.

Much like the manufacturer, the Bona is a premium mop and we think it is one of the best spray mops on the market. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to have high-quality hardwood floors in your home then this mop along with its branded cleaning solution will work wonders.

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Best Steam Mops

Shark S6001UK Klick ‘N’ Flip Mop Review


The Shark Klik n’ Flip steam mop promises high-power heavy-duty cleaning, a double-sided pad for economical usage, and a robust steam blast mode. The 1200W steam generator is certainly powerful and spews out plenty of steam to target those stubborn stains. A great feature of the shark is that it does not continually steam. The blast mode can be called upon when it is needed giving the user more control and of course it wastes less water.

The mop features a quick-release mop head which is intuitive and makes changing the cleaning pad straightforward. Additionally, they are reversible for convenient cleaning on both sides.

One area often overlooked by steam mop manufacturers is the length of the cord but the Shark has a decent amount which means you can take this steam mop to every corner of your home. It’s extremely light and easy to operate and manoeuvring is no more difficult than using a standard hoover.

The mop has a sizable water tank which can be filled with a cleaning solution and the mop itself is easy to clean after use. One point we would like to mention is that the replacement pads can be quite expensive.

The Klik n’ Flip impressed with its ease of use and its ability to clean a large surface area quickly, it tackles hardwood floors really well and makes light work of ceramic tiles leaving them completely streak-free. We think its one of the best mops and we highly recommend it.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Review


The Braava Jet 240 is not really mop but a miniature robot that carries out light mopping and sweeping tasks on your behalf. When compared to some of its competitors it is one of the cheapest and smallest automated mop robots out there.

It’s designed to tackle small areas like the bathroom and kitchen, and it uses a water spray and several different cleaning pads to clean thoroughly and silently. Unlike the iRobot’s big brother the Braava 380t, which can clean a larger surface area, the 240 Jet has an onboard navigation system, and an extra cleaning mode called damp mopping. Therefore, we believe that this smaller machine will get the job done, there is no need to spend hundreds on the larger models. Having said that, the 240 might struggle to clear extremely stubborn stains so we wouldn’t say it’s a complete replacement for your traditional handheld steam mop but if you want to simply keep on top of things, then this robot is a great tool for daily in-between cleaning.

The Jets start/stop button is located on the top and the same button is used to set its virtual barriers. It has a fold-down carry handle to allow you to move it from room to room and located underneath is the cap for the water tank and the ejector switch for the cleaning pads.

The Jet is surprisingly versatile with three cleaning modes.

Wet mopping: Similar to traditional wet mopping, this mode uses a lot of water and battery life.

Damp sweeping: The robot will make a double pass over your floor, using less water it moves in a back and forth pattern.

Dry sweeping: Similar to a straight sweep the robot uses no water and makes a straight pass over the floor to sweep up debris. It can clean up to 250 square feet in this mode.

For the tech-savvy, the robot can be used in conjunction with an app. However, it absolutely can be operated without it. The app can be set up to control the robot automatically so you do not even have to remember to turn it on. The app will do it for you.

The bottom line is the Jet isn’t the best mop but it can carry out some important tasks to give your floors that little extra attention that you aren’t willing to give them yourself. You can set it up, leave it to perform its task and forget about it really. Plus it’s fun.

Other Top Rated Mops

Leifheit Clean and Away Dusting Mop Review


The Leifheit Clean and Away Dry Dusting Mop is one of the best companions for a steam mop user. However, we wouldn’t recommend this m for standalone cleaning but for that in-between clean you so often find yourself needing.

Leifheit is a famous German brand who has been producing excellent products for over 50 years. Their best mops are durable and thoughtfully designed and the Clean and Away is no exception.

This dust mop does not have the standard shaggy mop head. Instead, it has static cloths, which are easily attached and removed. The cloths pick up dirt and dust flawlessly and when you’re done you simply discard the dirty cloth and replace it with a new one. Usually, when you buy the mo, five disposable cloths are included with it but you will have to purchase refill packs eventually. It’s difficult to know the exact usage of each cloth as a good scrub might use up the cloth quicker. Replacements are inexpensive so it would be best to stock up.

As we mentioned earlier this mop is brilliant when used for a light dusting and clean but not for deep, thorough cleaning. It would involve too much manual labour and pressure on your arms, neck and back. All the things we are trying to avoid in the first place!

The mop has a swivel handle, which makes it easy to get into those hard to reach places, like under furniture. This mop can even be used with microfibre cloths or specialised sanitising clothes that are machine washable. True to its heritage, its one of the sturdier mops on the market and won’t break easily.

The only drawback to this mop is its ability to perform heavy-duty cleaning. Really, it is best used for quick dustings and lighter cleanings but this mop is would make a great addition to your other cleaning products.

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