Best Quiet Kettle Reviews: 2023 UK Top Models

Best Quiet Kettle Reviews

Do you want to have your favourite brew but also a bit of peace and quiet at the same time? If this is you, then a quiet kettle could just be the answer. Kettles can be quite noisy (ranging from 79 to 95 decibels) (source) and can easily go head to head with lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners when it comes to noise. So, if you don’t want your conversation, favourite music or peace disturbed then a quite kettle is for you.

In this buying guide, we take a look at some of the bestselling quite kettles plus also provide a useful guide on what to look for when making your purchase.

Best Selling Quiet Kettles Compared and Reviewed

Russell Hobbs 23211 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle
  • Rapid boil zone technology
  • Saves up to 66 percent energy
  • Washable filter
Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle
  • Quiet boil technology
  • Removable and washable filter
  • 360 degree base
Sensio Home Electric Cordless Glass Kettle
  • Rapid boil technology
  • 1.7L cordless clear jug
  • Safe, quiet and BPA free
Breville Strata Kettle Review
  • Distinctive matt stainless steel finish
  • Rear illuminated water window
  • 360 degree rotational base
Andrew James Apollo Kettle
  • Cordless electric kettle
  • Swivel base design
  • Removable filter & flip top lid


Russell Hobbs 23211 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle Review

If you are in the market for a quiet kettle, then Russell Hobbs could be just the brand for you. They have a complete range of stylish silent kettles and one of the best-rated ones is the Luna model. As well as being quiet this kettle has a number of very useful features that are listed below.

Rapid Boil Zone Technology

A great feature about this kettle is that it has a very quick boil time and it takes just 45 seconds to boil a 235ml cup of water. Even though it has a maximum water fill capacity of 1.7 litres, it’s great to know that you can also boil smaller amounts of water quickly. This also saves energy, up to a claimed 66% reduction versus boiling 1 litre of water.

Boil Dry Protection

Have you ever made that mistake of pressing the kettle ‘on’ switch then realising you have not filled it with water? This can cause a lot of damage to the kettle heating elements so it’s good to know that the Russell Hobbs Luna has Boil Dry Protection which is a safety feature that prevents you from boiling the kettle when empty.


Like most household items it’s always good to have a solid guarantee backup when it comes to electrical appliances. This Russell Hobbs kettle has a 2-year guarantee, but this can be extended to 3 years if you register your details online. This is a pretty impressive guarantee period for a small kitchen appliance.

Overall assessment

This is a reasonably-priced mid-range quiet kettle from a well-known brand. The Russell Hobbs Luna has some of the basic features, such as removable and washable water filter, you would expect at this price, but also comes with useful innovations such as the Rapid Boil and Boil Dry Protection technology. The fact that it can be backed up with a 3 year guarantee makes it an even better buy.

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Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle Review

Russel Hobbs is well known for its kitchen appliances and has a wide range of kettles. This is the second kettle form the brand we are reviewing in this test. This kettle is a different design from the Luna above and has a more traditional kettle style compared to the modern Luna. This retro styling does not mean that it has old fashioned technology though, as the Russell Hobbs Legacy features a raft of cool and innovative features.

Quiet boil technology

Do you find normal kettles too noisy when they are boiling? The Legacy could be the kettle you are looking for. It has Russell Hobbs’s Quiet Boil technology which means you can have your hot drink without suffering the loud noise of boiling water. Russell Hobbs have tested this kettle against other kettles from their range without the Quiet Boil Technology and found it to be up to 70% quieter. Great for those who love their peace and quiet and a great brew!

Rapid boil zones

This kettle from Russel Hobbs features internal Rapid Boil zones which means that you can boil a single (235ml) cup of water in around 45 seconds. This is great if you don’t want to waste time boiling more water than you need plus your drink will be ready even quicker.


The Russell Hobbs Legacy kettle is available in four stylish retro colours: cream, red, silver and black so it will easily fit in with your existing kitchen appliances or colour scheme. The subtle cream colour version is one of the best-selling models.

Overall assessment

When looking at prices versus features then this kettle offers excellent value for money with its quiet operation and Rapid Boil technology. We also like the 360-degree swivel base and washable removable water filter. This kettle will be an ideal choice for those looking for a retro design with up-to-date tech.

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Sensio Home Electric Cordless Glass Kettle Review

Sensio Home might not be such a familiar sounding name as Russel Hobbs; however, the brand does have a reasonable range of well-priced small kitchen and household appliances. This is another 1.7 litre capacity, 3kw kettle but differs in design from the two Russel Hobbs kettles with is fashionable glass and chrome finish. This is a cheaper priced kettle than the Russell Hobbs models but still manages to pack in a number of useful features.

Rapid boil

Need a hot drink in a hurry? The Sensio can boil water in around 3 minutes. While this is not as impressive as the 45 seconds (for a 235ml cup) you get with the Russell Hobbs models, this is still very quick and means that you don’t have to wait long for your favourite brew.

Quiet Operation

You’ll be pleased to hear that this kettle from Sensio Home is claimed to be 20% quieter when compared to normal kettles. This claim is also backed up by customers. Having a quiet kettle is great if you don’t want to be disturbed too much during those early morning starts.


When it comes to peace of mind, the Sensio Home kettle offers a 2-year guarantee which is fairly decent for a small electrical appliance (some only have 12 months). This should give you reassurance about the product quality even if you have not heard of the brand before.

Overall assessment

This is a very well-priced kettle that is quiet and also has useful features such as quick boil, boil protection (so you don’t turn it on with no water), washable removable filter and 360-degree swivel base. Definitely a good value and stylish budget buy.

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Breville Strata Kettle Review

Along with Russell Hobbs, Breville is also a familiar household brand name when it comes to small kitchen appliances. The Strata kettle from Breville mixes fresh design with some modern design features. The Strata is also not short when it comes to specification as you would expect at this mid-price point.


The Strata is available in 3 colours (green, white and grey) and the main kettle body is a stylish matt finish. What makes the kettle design unique though are the crystal design elements that can be found on the lever and lid. This certainly makes this kettle stand out from some of the more plainer models. The Strata is also available with a matching toaster with the same modern design features.

Quick Boil

Although no boil time is specified by Breville, this kettle has a 3kw fast boil element which is found in the other models reviewed here. You also get the industry standard 1.7 litre fill capacity plus the easy-to-view water level window is illuminated.

Overall assessment

What makes the Breville Strata stand out are the design features and the quiet operation as it doesn’t offer anything over and above the feature-packed Russell Hobbs models. Certainly, a good mid-price choice for the style conscious.

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Andrew James Apollo Kettle Review

Andrew James is another popular brand and this Apollo kettle has both design, features and price on its side. Although not directly advertised as a quiet, consumers do comment that its a quieter than normal models.


The Apollo has a unique design that mixes modern chrome and black elements. Although this kettle has the usual 1.7 litre fill capacity, it has a relatively small footprint of 16cm. This will be great for people with a smaller kitchen or for those who don’t want to take up all of their worktop space with kitchen appliances. The kettle can also be swivelled 360 degrees on its base making it perfect for right or left-handed use. Another neat feature is the lid that pops up a full 90 degrees making filling even easier.

Keep warm insulation

Not only does this kettle look good but it also features Keep Warm insulation, meaning that the kettle is manufactured with a double wall to help keep the heat inside the kettle for a quicker and more efficient boil. This also makes the outside of the kettle cool to touch.

Overall assessment

Another mid-price kettle from a well-known brand. This kettle definitely mixes style with many great features (including boil dry protection and removable washable filter). It’s a serious competitor to the more pricier Russell Hobbs models.

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Your choice of kettle will likely be down to price, features and design. If you are wanting a more modern looking quiet kettle then the Russell Hobbs and Andrew James models are the ones to go for. It’s also worth giving the cheaper Sensio Home kettle a look.

The only real retro style kettle here is the Russell Hobbs Legacy but this still has many modern features. If it’s just design that’s your priority, then the Breville kettle with its crystal accents is definitely worth putting on your wish list.

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What to look for when buying a quiet electric kettle

Even though a kettle is a relatively lower-priced household appliance, it’s still worth being aware of what to look for when choosing the perfect model. Here is a breakdown of some of the more important points to consider:

Quiet operation

Does the manufacturer state that this is a quiet model and is this backed up with consumer reviews?

Quick boil

Can the kettle not only operate quietly but also boil your favourite brew quickly? Some models can boil a single cup in a under a minute so this will be a useful feature if you need to boil smaller quantities of water on a regular basis.

Boil protection and guarantee

It is well worth looking for kettles with boil protection. This basically means that the kettle will not operate if you inadvertently press the ‘on’ switch when the kettle is still empty. A useful safety feature that will help protect the kettle elements. For peace of mind, it’s also worth checking how long the guarantee lasts. Two years is pretty come but models (such as Russell Hobbs) are also available with 3-year guarantees.

Other features

Many of the kettles reviewed here have a number of useful and innovative features. Additional features that you should look for are a removable and washable filter that help keep your kettle clean with drinkable water, along with 360-degree bases (making it easier to use right or left handed).