Best Kitchen Recycling Bins: 2023 UK Buying Guide

Recycling bins make it easier, quicker and simpler to filter out what material should go where, making it easier for us to do our bit for the environmental. A large capacity recycle bin allows us to store large amounts of waste therefore eliminating frequent trips to empty them.

Recycling bins

There are many types of bins out there which vary with capacity, technology, durability and price. This guide will help you make the right choice when purchasing one.

Best Kitchen Recycling Bins – Top Sellers Compared

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Bin
  • Capacity: 60 L
  • Sections: 2 drawers
  • Removable waste caddy
simplehuman Rectangular Recycler
  • Capacity: 46 L
  • Sections: 2 inner buckets
  • Made of stainless steel
VonHaus Recycling Bin
  • Capacity: 45 L
  • Sections: 3 inner buckets
  • Compact design
Songmics Recycling Bin
  • Capacity: 48 L
  • Sections: 2 inner buckets
  • Innovative design
WhatMore Recycling Bins (3 pack)
  • Capacity: 75 L (25 L each)
  • Sections: 1 bin
  • Easy to use

Best Selling Recycling Bin Reviews

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Bin Review

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Bin

Top Features

Bin Liners: This intelligent waste bin allows you to recycle your waste more effectively. The bin liners provided help store your waste in separate compartments. An inner liner has retaining features which secure liners inside vents making their removal much easier.

Drawer: The Joseph Joseph features a drawer which offers more flexibility. This is combined with a divider used to separate different recycling, general and food waste. Around the drawer are hooks which are used to secure carrier bags and customised bin liners can fit into this compartment.

Capacity: This unit offers numerous functions without taking up more space. The Joseph Joseph is available in 36 and 24 litres and these are large enough to accommodate waste from an individual or two person household very comfortably. It could also work for a small family, but you make need to empty this kitchen bin slightly more regularly.

Removable Waste Caddy: This removable inner bucket fits both the drawer and the normal waste compartment. Inside, is a bag retaining ring which keeps the liner in place preventing overhangs and untidiness. The removable inner bucket can be pretty beneficial in situations where some food waste may have spilled and you want to clean and wash the inside at the sink.

Odour Filter: Provision of an odour filter means you don’t have to empty your bin before it’s full. This carbon filter placed on the underside is very easy to replace.


The Joseph Joseph Totem bin allows you fill your bin easily. Durable and well-finished materials ensure easy maintenance and a long waste disposal service. An odour filter prevents frequent emptying of the bin and waste separation makes the recycling process much easier.

We also like how this has been designed for ease of use with the different draws and sections. Out of the multi compartment bins on the market, this has to be our top pick with overall functionality and a relatively small footprint for a kitchen bin.


The hinge is not that durable and the main coating wears off quickly. It’s also a bit expensive for a bin!

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Simplehuman Rectangular Recycler Review

simplehuman Rectangular Recycler

Top Features

Construction: The Simplehuman is made of stainless steel and is capable of lasting in tough environments. It’s also a pedal bin made of stainless steel, meaning a longer overall bin life. The whole unit is sleek and the liners are very clean.

Spacious Compartments: This rectangular recycle bin features a space saving design and two inner buckets. These ensure that waste is stored separately for an easy recycling process. This 46 litre recycling bin is large enough to eliminate frequent emptying and multiple rubbish bags in your home. If you’re looking for two bins in one, this could be a great option.


This bin is simple to use and lasts longer. It makes the recycling process easier and more effective. It also comes with a 10 year warranty and the capacity is very large. It does not leave fingerprints and is very easy to clean.


Reports of faulty buttons especially the one used to hold the bin open. The handle is placed at the back which is a bit inconvenient.

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VonHaus Recycling Pedal Bin Review

VonHaus 45L Recycling Bin

Top Features

Capacity: This is a 45 litre stainless steel recycling bin, a capacity which makes cleaning more tidy and easier. It comes with three separate buckets each with a capacity of 15 litres, which make recycling plastic, cardboard, metal or other waste types very easy. At a total size of 45 litres, it will fit into most kitchens and overall be a good size for individuals, couples and families.

Colour coded bins like this VonHaus are also a good pick for those of us that can sometimes forget which recycling foes where, or are wanting to get our little ones involved in the recycling process, as we can easily track which material goes where through the different colour schemes.

Compact Design: The VonHaus recycling bin is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. This makes it both functional and attractive. The lids are made of high quality plastic material. The whole unit is easy to clean and the base is non-slip.


This bin is very neat and easy to use with smooth pedals and easy-to-open lids. A sturdy plastic interior eliminates the need for a plastic bin liner. It has a large capacity and well-divided apartments which aid the recycling process and make it a good multipurpose recycling bin for the entire kitchen.


Labels included are not that durable. The long shape makes it hard to find the right bags.

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Songmics Large Recycling Pedal Bin Review

Songmics Large Recycling Bin

Top Features

Quality Material: The outer body is made of stainless steel with a sleek finishing. Its interior is made of quality plastic material resistant to chemicals and scratching. This bin is durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Innovative Design: Plastic lids are simply operated using a pedal mechanism. The base of this bin is non-slip, eliminating scratches on certain kitchen floors.

Large storage capacity: The Songmics bin has a 48 litre capacity which is provided in equally divided compartments. This makes the process of segregating waste much easier. This is complemented by metal handles which allow you to make easy disposals.

Versatility: A handle attached at the back enhances mobility. The bottom is hollow so as to make the cleaning process much easier. It’s also easy to clean using water and regular detergent.


A large capacity eliminates frequent emptying and the compartments improve segregation of waste for recycling purposes. Being a pedal bin also improves the opening and closing process while eliminating odour. The Songmics is easy to use and clean.


You probably need a weekly cleaning to maintain its original finish. There are reports that it also has a tendency to develop rust marks when scratched.

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Whatmore 3-pack Recycling Bins Review

Whatmore Recycling Bins

Top Features

Packs: Whatmore is a 3 in 1 recycling bin, each with a capacity of 25 litres. This allows you to place different types of recycling and waste separately meaning it can easily double as a food waste bin as well a recycling one.

With a total capacity of 75 litres, the Whatmore is the largest capacity bin we’ve reviewed and therefore a great kitchen bin for big families and households of four or people.

Construction and Design: It’s a light set of bins made of materials which are easy to use. The inserts are easy to remove and clean. Handles are placed on the inserts to secure bin liners and the bottom is easily removed when emptying your bin.

Price: This unit is much cheaper compared to most stainless steel counterparts. An affordable price provides you with a neat and spacious bin.


A 3-pack bin promotes tidiness and promotes recycling. Use and maintenance are very simple.


There is a lot of difficulty in handling the lids. There are also reports that its hinges can stop functioning after a few months.

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Things To Consider When Buying a Kitchen Recycling Bin


Look for a recycling bin with the correct size. One that is too large might waste space whereas smaller one may force you to empty your bin more frequently. The latter also cause waste to spill over which is very untidy. Regarding capacity, kitchen bins come with multiple compartments or in multiple units. Wheeled bins with a considerable capacity help in mobility.

Construction Material:

Quality bins are made of sturdy material like stainless steel and these should provide you with many long service years. Choose steel which keeps away rust in case of scratches and prints when handled. Other bins are made from quality plastics which are resistant to corrosion. Plastic bins are also cheap but are affected by temperature variations. Choose a kitchen bin which is easy to clean.


Bins with well-placed handles help to improve mobility and promote handling safety. There are few bins with hooks which help in securing liners to the interior. Choose a bin designed to save space in terms of height and that will fit in with your kitchen units and kitchen decor.

Bins with non-slip base linings provide protection to your bin. Lids should also be easy to open and close so a touch bin might be worth looking at. It’s also worth thinking about whether you want a pedal bin or one with a flip up lid that you lift up manually as it will affect how you use it.

Provision of an odour filter, especially one made of carbon keeps your house fresh at all times.


Success in recycling depends on how easy you can handle your bin. Compartments with the right size improve compatibility with plastic bags. Consider buying bins with visual cues like a red button for emptying. A well labelled bin makes the process of emptying and sorting waste much easier. There are new models which open automatically when they detect motion.

When looking at kitchen bins also think about what waste you want to use it for. Do you need something that doubles as a recycling and rubbish bin in the same bin as to save one floor space?


The price of a kitchen bin for recycling should match its design quality and performance. Prices vary due to material quality, size and branding.


What size bin should I get for my kitchen?

On average it usually takes 35 litre container space to cater for small families or couples. The typical household with three or four people is around 35-100 litres, with households with multiple people requiring a kitchen bin on the higher end of that.

Where should I put my rubbish bin in my kitchen?

A great kitchen has two separate cooking and cleaning sections with different areas. The best places to put a kitchen bin are in the clean zones of the site; close enough to food but near an exit that allows storing and removing it quickly. Compost bins would also ideally be closer to a door as you’ll want to be emptying this bin more frequently.

Should put food waste be in a single bin?

It’s not necessary to have a separate bin solely for food waste, although if you would like to use it for compost purposes it might be beneficial to have one with at least a separate compartment that doesn’t require a bin liner.

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