Best Rotary Washing Lines Compared: 2023 UK Buying Guide

If you are like me, hang-drying your clothes not only protects some of your delicates, it is also a perfect memory of summer with your clothes on the line swishing in the wind. The crispness and comfort that comes from lined dried clothes are like no other.

Rotary Washing Line

So when you decide to buy a rotary outdoor or indoor clothes airer for your clothes it’s a great idea to know what is on the market, which product is the best selling and what features you should be looking for. This guide covers both rotary dryers and indoor airers (including heated models) – please use the Contents function below to find the particular section you are interested in.

At A Glance: Our Top 4 Picks for Rotary Washing Lines

Best Selling Rotary Airers Compared and Reviewed

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic
  • Drying line length (metres): 50m
  • 45 mm metal soil spear
  • Protective cover
  • Drying line length (metres): 45m
  • Ground spike
  • Waterproof cover
Brabantia Topspinner
  • Drying line length (metres): 40m
  • 45 mm metal ground spike
  • Adjustable umbrella system
  • Drying line length (metres): 40m
  • Easy to open and close
  • Nifty little touches to make life easier

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large 60m Airer Review

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large Rotary Airer

Brabantia is a global brand that produces high-quality products and the same is true for their Lift-O-Matic rotary washing line. This washing line lifts and opens in a similar way to an umbrella.

It’s straightforward to operate and has an adjustable height from 129cm to 187cm and has 60cm in line length. It could easily handle a family of four, as it is four-sided with four lines on each side. One important feature to be aware of is that the washing line doesn’t spin on its pole, the collapsable arms are designed to rotate. So, once the ground spike is in place it should stay there.

This Brabantia rotary washing includes a ground socket and instructions are supplied to show you how to concrete it into place. However, this product is collapsable and can be stored away conveniently.


  • This rotary washing line is extremely hardwearing and durable. We can imagine this will be in continuous service for years to come.
  • The product comes with a ground socket.
  • There is a 5-year guarantee.


  • It can sometimes be heavy and difficult to erect.
  • As with most rotary washing lines, it requires some strength to insert the ground spike deep into the ground.

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LIVIVO Outdoor Garden 4 Arm 45m Folding Rotary Washing

LIVIVO Outdoor Garden

The LIVIVO is one of the most stylish lines on our list. It comes powder-coated to protect it from the elements and the build quality is good. The total length of the PVC washing line is 45m, more than enough for a large family. Each side has 11 lines and the inner lines are spaced further apart to accommodate bulkier items.

The LIVIVO rotary washing line is simple to operate. The soft-grip handle is designed to provide a means to switch between four height settings. Also, this line comes with a simple cover which can be fitted when not in use to protect it from bad weather. We recommend the Livivo highly and we think it is one of the best rotary washing lines on the market.


  • The footprint of the line is 2m, even when extended.
  • Best looking rotary washing line in its class.


  • The cover seems to be a bit of an afterthought and is quite low quality there are reports of the zip breaking on the cover almost immediately.

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Parkland Heavy Duty 4 Arm Rotary Clothes Airer

Parkland Heavy Duty

This high quality 50m washing line has one of the largest capacities of all the rotary washing lines on our list. It can hold up to four loads.

This heavy-duty rotary washing line is really well made, with a powder-coated steel frame design and it looks great too. It comes with a cover and a ground spike that can be concreted in.


  • Large capacity washing line
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • There are reports of the pole being a little loose in the ground.

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Addis 40m 4-Arm Airer Review


This rotary clothes line from Addis is the perfect budget option. It has a grey frame and an adjustable height up to 1.75m. It has four arms and can offer changeable tension levels so you have the correct tension for whatever you are hang drying. It affords 40m of drying space and is very robust. It is thoughtfully designed with clever touches like hooks on the end of each arm to help it fold up neatly for storage.

The frame is fully painted in grey and is fabricated from steel which makes it weatherproof and resistant to rust.

It also has a turning circle of 2.47m with a load level of 25 kg. Do not exceed that weight limit or it may cause damage to your airer.

Overall this is a durable washing line at a reasonable price.


  • This heavy-duty rotary washing line is easy to open and close and adjusts to a range of heights.
  • Nifty little touches to make life easier


  • Can be quite difficult to erect initially as the lines are often twisted

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Home Laundry Company 40m Airer Review

Home Laundry Company 40m Rotary Airer

It’s a premium quality washing line at an extremely good price. It’s solid and very durable.

The frame is constructed of steel and will not deform over time, even in stronger winds. It has a convenient locking system that can adjust the tension in the lines to suit your washing load.

It’s also compact in size and has a line length of 40m. This rotary dryer includes a free ground spike and protective cover.

If you want a sturdy airer that doesn’t take up much space, this may be the washing line for you.


  • Easy to operate locking system to adjust line tension
  • Sturdy construction


  • The seller can’t ship this product to some places. Check the Amazon listing for further details.

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Marko Homewares 4 Arm 40m Airer Review

Marko Homewares 4 Arm 40m Rotary Airer

This rotary washing line from Markos Homeware sits approximately 1.75 meters high and has a line length of 40m.

The four arms gently fold in and are easy to open when ready to use. The whole frame of the airer is made from aluminium and is powder-coated preventing weather damage.

This product does exactly what it says on the packaging with minimal fuss and doesn’t cost a fortune. It comes with some free features like a cover and a ground spike.

All things considered, this is a great budget option and has all the features you should expect from a decent rotary washing line. There aren’t any real drawbacks.


  • The one pole central design is very easy to open, all you need to do is simply slide the handle outwards.


  • Sometimes the arms can be stiff especially after a period of little use. Always fit the protective cover when not in use.

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Express Trading 50m Dryer Review

Express Trading 50m Rotary Dryer

This rotary clothes dryer by Express Trading is made with heavy-duty metal construction. It is fully weatherproof and sturdy. It’s easy to assemble and store.

It has a line length of 50m and can hold a maximum weight of four laundry loads at once. That is quite impressive. This airer can also be concreted in if you wish to have a more permanent fixture in your yard.

Overall this is a really nice dryer with some excellent features.

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Vileda 45m 4 Arm Rotary Dryer

Vileda 45m 4 Arm Rotary Dryer

The Vileda Viva Air 4 Arm Rotary Airer has an overall line length of 45 meters and the width from arm to arm is 1.65m. Span is 2.32m. Constructed from steel with a split pole design this rotary is easy to transport home and straightforward to assemble. It’s quite heavy duty and fully painted for long-lasting protection. The box contains a plastic ground socket but does not include a ground spike or protective cover like most rotary washing lines on the market.


  • Steel outdoor rotary dryer
  • Fully painted for durability
  • Easy to use 3 position height adjustment


  • Doesn’t come with a cover like most products on the market

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Leifheit 82001 Rotary Dryer Linomatic 500 Deluxe

Leifheit 82001 Rotary Dryer Linomatic 500 Deluxe

The Linomatic 500 Deluxe is the best rotary for a large family. This product comes with a proprietary line retraction system with an area of 50m. The operation of the arms is effortless and straightforward. The opening and closing is controlled by an eye-level button which makes for safer operation. Perhaps the best feature of this product is the way the lines retract into the arms when it collapses. This ensures the lines stay free from dirt which can transfer onto your washing. There are convenient hooks on each carrying arm and the Leifheit can take up to 6 loads of washing at one time. The maximum line length is 2,03 m so there is plenty of space for bulkier laundry, like bed linen and tablecloths.

It is constructed from materials that are weatherproof and UV resistant and comes with a ground socket and a 3-year warranty.


  • Retractable arms at the push of a button
  • Self-folding lines that retract into the body to stay clean
  • This product is UV resistant


  • This is probably the best quality item on our list however it is a little more expensive than the rest

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Are Rotary Washing Lines Any Good?

We would certainly recommend using them. They save on energy bills and they do make your linens and clothes smell and feel fresher and softer. We would always recommend you purchase a model from a recognised brand with good reviews. People tend to complain about buying the cheaper versions and regret not spending that little extra on a more robust model that has the necessary features to make it last much longer. Due to the good old British weather, it is likely you will need to replace your rotary clothesline at some point. However, if you look after them and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines they should last quite a long time.

What to Look for When Buying a Heavy Duty Rotary Washing Line

Lowering a rotary airer

There are plenty of rotary washing lines available on Amazon but we believe that the best rotary washing line will incorporate all of the features listed below.


First and foremost when looking at rotary washing lines you must choose an option that is built from sturdy materials. After all, it is going to spend most of its days out in the garden. Although none of the products on our list are designed the withstand gale-force winds it shouldn’t fall down in a stiff breeze nor should it sag when under load. Painted or powder-coated designs will help to protect your clothesline from rain and stop it from rusting.

Adjustable Height

Most rotary lines will have a specific height so its always worth checking the size before you purchase it. Especially if you’re particularly short or tall. You may need assistance to set the thing up initially but usually, once you have the airer setup and in place, it will be easy to handle for most people. A rotary washing line with adjustable height settings should be a priority for anyone as it affords greater flexibility and convenient use.

Quality Lines

Having a clothesline that is long enough is very important. Also, the airer needs to be thoughtfully designed to take up as little space in your garden as possible. I would say a good length is between 40-50m. Lines with a PVC coating will ensure they stay strong in hot and cold weather. Eventually, through years of use, your line may become worn and naturally sag. This is to be expected and the design of your airer should make it easy to replace the line. You can purchase a PVC washing line from most hardware stores and replace it yourself.

Load Level

This is the maximum weight that your rotary washing line can hold. If you are single and living on your own you may not need a high weight limit. However, if you are washing clothes for a large family, you may want to check out the weight limits before purchasing.


Although rotary washing lines aren’t incredibly complicated pieces of kit, the one you buy should be easy to set up and straightforward to operate. Look for a rotary washing line that spins effortlessly as this will undoubtedly help your clothes to dry quicker. Adjustable lines are very useful to stop your heavy towels and bed linens from dragging on the floor. Overall it shouldn’t be too much of a burden otherwise you may be persuaded to revert back to your energy thirsty tumble drier.

Easy Setup

The best rotary line will be simple to erect and collapse, however, it is inevitable that some will be heavier and more cumbersome than others. Most airers will come with a ground spike that should hold your clothesline sufficiently. However, we’ve discovered that some need to be concreted in. Obviously, we can’t predict the condition of the ground where you are but we would recommend that the pole of your airer is concreted into the ground.

Most rotary airers are made of either aluminium or steel which is painted or powder-coated. Either option is good and makes the line resistant to the weather. It is sensible to close and cover the dryer when not in use to keep it clean and dry. Ideally, you should put the whole thing away in very bad weather to protect it from strong winds.


Some rotary lines will come with a cover that you can use when not in use. This protects the rotary line from the damage caused by wind and other types of weather. Also, they should come with a ground spike and ground socket to help you erect it in your garden properly. Some people try to fit their new washing lines into the old socket, which is fine, but just ensure you get the correct diameter of the new washing line pole first to make sure it fits.

Maintaining Rotary Clothes Lines

Rotary clothes lines should last for a long time however there are things you can do to prolong its lifespan and to ensure it works as intended.

  • Always observe the manual and make yourself familiar with the correct operation of the product.
  • If you are struggling to set it up by yourself always seek help from a professional. Please don’t struggle to do it yourself or you may cause yourself an injury.
  • Where possible try to clean your rotary washing line especially after heavy rain. If you can keep exposure to moisture to a minimum it will prolong the life of your product considerably. You do not want your airer to rust because it may transfer to your washing and stain it.
  • Do not overload your rotary clothing line as it might collapse and damage the product, need restringing or injure someone. There is a recommended weight in the manual. Helpful tip: Try to figure out the weight of your washing by referring to the manual of your washing machine. There you will find the typical load capacity which should give you a good idea of how many loads can be put onto your rotary washing line
  • If your rotary washing line comes with a cover, use it whenever possible. It is designed to keep your product dry and free from dirt.
  • Try to collapse and store your washing line in bad weather. Pay close attention to the weather forecast and if high winds or storms are predicted then remove your line and store it away.
  • Last but not least please do not let children play with the rotary washing line. Children find them fascinating and you will often find them spinning it vigorously in the back garden. However, this is a sure-fire way to damage it and there is a risk of the children getting injured.

The Verdict

The best rotary washing line is the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large 60m Airer. We believe it has the right balance between features and value. It will not break easily and it is straightforward to use. In closing, we were really impressed with the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic rotary washing line. Without a doubt, it is thoughtfully designed with ample space for a larger family. In our eyes a worthy replacement for the old tumble drier

More Information

We often get asked about how exactly a rotary washing line is fixed into the ground. Luckily, the method is more or less the same no matter which rotary clothesline you go for so here is a helpful Youtube video showing you exactly how to do it.

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