Best Top Loading Washing Machines UK [2023]

When it comes time to buy a new washing machine, there are many factors to consider. Some people might prioritize performance, others might be looking for energy efficiency. But if you’re looking for a machine that’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much space, then you may want to consider a top loading washing machine. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best top loading washing machines on the market right now. So read on to learn more!

best top loading washing machine uk

Cater Wash 8 KGs Slim Top Loading Washing Machine CK – 85 80

This top-loading washing machine from Cater Wash makes laundry a pleasure. The drum spins at 1200 RPM thanks to the new cutting-edge technology. This offers energy efficiency as well.

Another useful feature is the “My Cycle” function, which allows you to develop and store your own custom washing cycle by selecting the temperature, soil level, and spin speed.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic machine to use for medium-sized washing loads, especially if you don’t have much space in your home. Additionally, if you’re looking for a freestanding washing machine, this would be our top pick.

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Hot Point Top Loading Washing Machine 7 KGs WM TF 722-U UK

The Hot Point Aquarius WM TF 722-U is one of the most popular top-loading washers available in the United Kingdom.

It’s just 40cm wide. So, this top-loading washing machine is ideal for tiny places. You can also easily fill and empty the machine without having to bend down, making it a good option if you have back problems.

The Hotpoint Aquarius WM TF 722-U is one of the finest top-loading washing machines available in the United Kingdom.

It’s great if you need something small that you can use without bending over. It has some effective short cycles that clean clothes effectively.

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One Concept Eco Wash Pico – Top Loading Washing Machine

This is the first time that top load washing machines have been available in such confined spaces. Such portable- top-loading washing machines are perfect for tiny bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else where you only used to be able to wash by hand. Lightweight and compact design made of long-lasting plastic that may be taken with you while camping or travelling.

The Optima is a modern and compact washing machine for the home, with just one large drum. This feature makes it even more energy-efficient. In fact, its electrical consumption and water consumption are restricted. The built-in spin function allows for washing clothes of up to 3.5 kg at a time. Finally, the timing is adjustable: from 0 to 10 minutes for washing and up to 3 minutes for spinning. This model is quite energy-efficient as well.

The EU to UK converter plug is included on these top-loading washing machines. As a result, you can unpack the item and pre-install it for yourself ahead of time before sending it.

These are available in the top-loading washing machines category, in the UK. You can opt for any of these. However, take into account all the important features of top-loading washing machines.

Do you know about these features? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

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Features To Consider In Top Loading Washing Machines

Let us walk you through the important features of top-loading washing machines.

Dimensions Of Top Loading Washing Machines

Top-loading machines are significantly narrower, and just a little taller, than standard loading machines. Front-loading machines are generally 60 cm wide by 80 cm tall. Top-loading machines are generally 40 cm wide by 90 cm tall.

Because front-loading machines can get into smaller gaps but not beneath a counter, they may fit in narrower spaces, but not necessarily.

To clear the top open, you’ll also need some room to spare for the loading washing machine.

Spin Speed

Spin speed is one of the most important factors to look for in top loaders. The spin speed is generally slower than that of front loaders. Some are still available at 1200 rpm, which compares favourably to a number of “ordinary” washers.

A slower spin speed doesn’t necessarily affect washing performance, but it does mean clothes will be wetter after the cycle is complete.

This means that they must spend more time and effort drying them.

Washing Performance

The wash performance will be nearly identical to other types of comparable washing machines. The fact that top-loading machines spin the clothes or other items like pillows faster is something to consider.


As a rule of thumb, a top loader washing machine is generally somewhat noisier during regular spinning – but not much!

The washing machines that wash the best have a noise level of fewer than 80 decibels during high spin and around 50 during regular washing cycles.

Energy Efficiency

Due to their construction, these refrigerators are less energy-efficient than front-loading machines. That means a top loader lags a lot in terms of energy efficiency.


Because the market in the United Kingdom is so underutilized, production usually stays at about 7kg per batch.

Why Is The Popularity Of Front-Loading Washing Machines Greater In The United Kingdom?

The exception is in the United Kingdom, where manufacturers produce machines with a front-facing door, which appears to make sense given that so many people have their washing machines on a bench.

This is due to the fact that we all have a scarcity of space in our kitchens, and not everyone has a place they can devote entirely to laundry.

Top-loading washing machines are becoming a little more popular, especially in new properties, since many new constructions now include a smaller room with the objective of housing a washer and tumble dryer.