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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner Review

The BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner comes with a HeatWave technology, and it is a powerful 4.5 liter, that offers outstanding results.  The low profile foot and lightweight cleaner include a 12 DirtlifterPower Brushes, which cleans the deep-down dirt within the carpet fibers. Also, this 2X revolution carpet cleaner allows you to clean under the furniture effortlessly. The HeatWave technology helps to control the water temperature at a constant level all through the cleaning process.

The package includes one Revolution Carpet Cleaner, Sample Size BISSELL carpet shampoo, one user guide, and 1×3 inch Tough Stain Tool.

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  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around and easy to clean under furniture.
  • Deep Clean Mode offers strong and powerful cleaning that performs better than the leading rental machine.
  • Dual DirtLifter Power tools remove and lift deep-down dirt from rungs and carpets.
  • Express Clean feature offers quick and effortless cleaning and dries the carpet in less than an hour so you can walk on the carpet happily.
  • Heated cleaning offers ultimate cleaning performance at every use.
  • HeatWave Technology maintains the water temperature at a steady level all through the cleaning process.
  • Rotating Dirt lifter brush contains 2×6 bristle rows that offer deeper cleaning.
  • PSSS (Powerful Surround Suction) offers a one hour drying period.
  • Custom Cleaning option allows you to select the right mode for the carpet cleaning job.
  • Large capacity water tank separates clean and dirty water, so you are sure to clean the carpet only with clean water.
  • The carpet cleaner comes with tools and hose for all carpet and floor cleaning.


  • Tricky to clear out.
  • Very noisy.

Features and Benefits of the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

The 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner is a lightweight, low-profile foot, and powerful cleaners designed by BISSELL. Also, it is easy to handle and, move around, and the best part is, it gives much better cleaning results than the rental cleaner. The DDP (Dual DirtLifter Power) Burhses, along with HeatWave technology, can help you remove stubborn stains and deep-down dirt from your carpet. The DCM (Deep Clean Mode) provides ultimate cleaning and the ECM (Express Clean Mode) provides effortless and quick cleaning and dries the carpet in just about an hour or less.

Dries in about an Hour
If you are cleaning the carpet for guests or your kids coming home at any moment, then use EC Mode for fast cleaning and dry the carpet in just an hour or less than an hour.  However, the results may differ on the new carpet when you Express Clean feature.

Dual DirtLifter Power Brushes
These power brushes go deep into the fibers of the carpet and lift the dirt and remove it completely.

7 feet Hose and Spot Cleaning Tools
The seven feet house and tools allow you to clean upholstery, stairs, pet beds, etc, easily. The three-inch tough stain tool is designed to remove stubborn stains that required a deep clean.

Low Profile Foot
This carpet cleaner comes with a low profile foot that allows you to clean under the furniture easily. The appearance of the BISSELL resembles the transformer body with a combination of sharp black, grey, and red colors. In spite of its tough look, it is easy to assemble, and it includes a detailed manual in the package.

The 12 cleaning row floorhead of DirtLifter Power Brushes delivers deep and thorough cleaning and the heated cleaning mixture is sprinkled on the surface, and this cleaning mixture disconcerted into the pile. The ProHeat heating feature keeps the cleaning solution warm, and it helps you improve the carpet drying time with the residual heat.

The 2X Revolution carpet cleaner comes with two cleaning options Express Clean and Deep Clean. You can select the modes by pressing the red button placed on the left side of the carpet cleaner.  BISSELL suggests the users use the Deep Clean feature for best cleaning performance. This mode helps them remove dirt from difficult to reach areas, but it takes around 4-hours to dry completely. The Express Clean option is for the lighter clean and transformation of carpets, and this Express Clean Mode uses less solution, and it takes just about an hour to dry.

BISSELL is all about quality, and the company always provides advanced features in its products, and all parts are well made and fixed nicely. The 2X Revolution carpet cleaner is a full-size carpet washer since it is a bit heavy to move around. The machine weighs 8kgs, and the advanced technology keeps the dirty water separate from clean water, and the larger tank for clean water allows you to clean the entire carpet with minimum refills.

The clean water tank holds 3.7ltrs of the water and cleaning solution mix, and you can remove the tank easily to refill, and it is also easy to mix the solution using the black jug. For Deep Clean Mode, you need 74ml of solution per tank, and for Express Clean Mode you need 37ml of solution per tank.

The dirty water tank is placed under the clean water tank, and this 4.5ltrs tank can be removed easily to throw the dirty water. You can find a mark, on the side of the dirty water tank, and if the water touches the mark that means it’s time to empty the container.   The carpet washer comes with a 7-meter power cable, which allows you to clean the larger rooms effortlessly and you can wrap the cord backside the washer for storage.


Finding the best carpet cleaning machine is a bit challenging, especially when you a lot of good choices available in the market. BISSELL ProHeat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner is one of the best choices that you can find in the market as this dual tank achiness offers the best cleaning experience and makes your carpet look fresh and new and dries it is just about an hour.

Also, it offers two modes to choose, so that you can select either Deep Clean Mode or Express Clean Mode.  The 2X Revolution cleaner cleans well and lifts the dirt from deep inside the carpet and dries very quickly.

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