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Best Small Tumble Dryers for Flats: 6 Mini, Compact and Tabletop Compared

Best Small Tumble Dryer

If you’re living in a small flat or space and are looking for the best small tumble dryer to suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be comparing six of the best mini, compact and tabletop tumble dryers out there. So whether you need a machine that can […]

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Best Integrated Dishwasher UK 2022: Slimline or Full Size?

Best Integrated Dishwashers

I just love appliances that make my life easier, especially ones that perform repetitive tasks that I just loath to do, like washing the dishes. There is something oddly satisfying about popping dirty knives, plates, and glasses into an integrated dishwasher to have them magically reappear brilliantly clean an hour later with no effort whatsoever. […]

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Best Dehumidifiers For Drying Clothes: Top Laundry Models Compared

Best Laundry Dehumidifier

Almost all of us have the habit of drying clothes inside the house. Do you realise that it contributes to 30% of the moisture inside the house? Excess moisture can lead to many problems like dust mites, damp, mould growth, etc. But you can take care of this problem by using a dehumidifier for drying […]

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Valet Stands: The Best On The Market

Best Valet Stand

Having a valet stand can help you maintain your formal clothes easily. Not only that but you can also save a lot of time in the morning as your clothes will be ready to use. This is why you should get the best valet stand available in the market when it comes to choosing a replacement or […]

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Best Quiet Garbage Disposal Unit: 2022 Top Models

Best Quiet Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units are the best solution to get rid of waste food from your kitchen. With this technology, you no longer have to scrape food from your dishes or toss them in the bin. But whether you are buying your first unit or replacing the old one, you need to find the best quiet garbage […]

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Best Attic/Loft Ladders: Top 5 Best Sellers Reviewed

Using a loft ladder

The attic is without a doubt one of the most dreaded places in the home. This is especially true during the summertime. It gets extremely hot and humid and affects the rest of the house. However, the attic does make for one of the best storage places. You can place a variety of items completely […]

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Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews: Buying Guide


Many consumers these days are opting to purchase a carpet sweeper as a quick alternative to clean the carpet, instead of dragging out their bulky vacuum cleaners. For in between cleans or quick tidy ups, these gadgets are not only lightweight, but they are also easy to use and versatile. Gone are the days of […]

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Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews: Buying Guide

Ladders are one of the most overlooked carpentry tools, but they can really be an amazing resource that should not be mistaken. They can provide you with access to areas that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach and they can make working overhead more manageable. Instead, of working overhead, you can pull out your […]

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Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews: Buying Guide

Owning a cat is great. In fact, it is true that cats can be one of the best companions ever. As long as you’re good to your cat, he or she is going to be loyal to you for their entire life. Just remember that you’ll need to add more duties to your life. You’ll […]

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Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner UK For Dog and Cat Hair

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Owning a dog or cat can be very rewarding. Of course, it is not all smiles and rainbows. As a pet owner, you are going to be required to assume more responsibilities. The good news is that you can offset the problem by investing in a good pet vacuum. Just remember that finding the right […]

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Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Buying Guide

There is absolutely no doubt that Shark makes some of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. The company offers a wealth of unique models and they’re all different in one way or another. This can make it very difficult for consumers to find the right one for their unique needs and preferences. Within this […]

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Best Oil Filled Radiator Reviews: Buying Guide (2022 Update)

With winter here in full season more and more homeowners are looking for convenient and energy efficient ways to heat their homes. Sure, you might have a fireplace or even central heating and air, but do certain areas of the home have drafts or cool spots? Maybe your central heating system doesn’t reach the second […]

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Best Wireless Room Thermostat Reviews

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

There is absolutely no doubt that your home’s heating system is one of its biggest expenses. With that being said, you should actively take steps to keep your central heating usage to a minimum. One way to do that is by investing in a good smart home thermostat. With a smart thermostat, the thermostat will […]

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Best Mop for Laminate and Wooden Floors: 2022 UK Buying Guide

Vorfreude Floor Spray Mop

This guide will detail the best mops for cleaning floors including laminate, ceramic and hard wooden floors. We have featured a wide range of products including a traditional mop, innovative steam mops and to make things interesting, we have an automated robotic mop in our list. Read on to check out all the products that […]

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Best Ironing Board Covers: The Top 5 Reviewed

Best ironing board covers

An ironing board is an essential household item unless you choose to dry clean everything. A great ironing board will last years, maybe even decades. However, an ironing board cover won’t last that long. Typically, a cover will need to be replaced every few years depending on how much you iron. Choosing the right ironing […]

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