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How to Clean Kitchen Worktops

A kitchen worktop is a most worthwhile investment to your home – indeed, it would be hard to get by without one. They make the entire kitchen look more refined and elegant, and they fulfil the very important function of creating a workspace on which you can prepare meals. Plus, they will be used daily, so even if you pay top dollar for a kitchen countertop, you will get value out of it unless the material is incredibly shoddy.

In that case, it is worth a bit of expense forking out for a worktop made of granite, quartz or Corian, all of which are teak-tough materials which will maintain their quality for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to some damage and disrepair over time, particularly if they are not kept in prime condition. Marks could form on the countertop if you place boiling hot crockery directly onto it, for example.

This video below from worktop fabricators Pennywell offers a range of useful tips for cleaning kitchen worktops. It covers several different materials and explains the best ways of keeping them clean in a format that is easy to understand and looks rather cool. They’ve also posted a comprehensive cleaning guide on their website, which should answer practically any question you may have about keeping your worktops clean. We’ve seen it and, take it from us, it’s well worth checking out!