A Comprehensive Comparison: Dyson v6 vs v7 vs v8 Vacuum Cleaners

Wondering which is the best Dyson vacuum out of the v6, v7 and v8 models? We’ve got you covered in this comprehensive comparison.

Dyson v8

Our score:


  • Most powerful suction, with 40 minutes fade-free performance
  • Six-cell battery and Dyson digital motor for consistent cleaning power
  • Effective hair pick-up with 43 hair removal vanes
  • Transforms to handheld vacuum for spot cleaning
  • Fully sealed filtration system for cleaner expelled air
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Dyson v7

Our score:


  • Provides 30 minutes of powerful, fade-free cleaning
  • 75% more brush bar power, perfect for pet homes
  • Converts to handheld vacuum for spot cleaning
  • Hygienic bin emptying and convenient docking station
  • Efficient 2 Tier Radial™ cyclone technology and washable filter

Dyson v6

Dyson-V6-Total Clean

Our score:


  • Powerful cordless vacuum with 110,000 rpm motor
  • Direct-drive cleaner head for embedded dirt removal
  • Soft roller cleaner head for simultaneous debris pick-up
  • Max power mode for challenging cleaning tasks
  • Converts to handheld vacuum, balanced for all-area cleaning

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work. You’re welcomed by the sight of kitty litter scattered on your hardwood floors, pet hair on your upholstery, and a thick layer of dust everywhere. If you’re anything like me, this sight can turn a peaceful evening into a stressful clean-up mission.

Cue the Dyson cordless vacuums. Offering powerful suction, versatile cleaning heads, and an easy-to-empty dust bin, these Dyson models promise to turn your cleaning woes into a breeze. But with various options available, such as the Dyson v6, v7, and v8, how do you know which one to choose? In the following sections, we will embark on a journey to uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and unique features of these three vacuum cleaners, giving you the power to choose the perfect cleaning partner.

The last time I held a vacuum that made me say “wow” was when I first unboxed the Dyson v8. I was amazed at its power, its sleek design, and the feeling of control it gave me. But let me assure you, this is not just about a single model, it’s about a series of technological marvels. So let’s jump in, shall we?

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1. Dyson V8

Experience superior cleaning like never before with the Dyson V8, a cordless vacuum offering a hassle-free cleaning solution. With the most potent suction among the Dyson cord-free vacuum line, this device provides up to 40 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction. The vacuum’s core technology involves an energy-dense, six-cell battery, and a Dyson digital motor spinning at up to 110,000rpm, ensuring a consistent and efficient cleaning performance.

The Dyson V8 features a fully sealed filtration system that traps 99.99% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively expelling cleaner air than what you breathe. This cleaner head is also built with 43 hair removal vanes that efficiently lift tangled strands from the brush bar and directly send them into the bin. Additionally, the vacuum transforms into a handheld model for spot cleaning, reaching challenging areas and providing long-lasting cleaning for your entire vehicle.

The no-touch bin emptying is another noteworthy feature, which offers a hygienic ejection mechanism that drives out dirt and dust in a single action. The vacuum also comes with a wall-mounted dock, which serves as a storage for tools and also charges the vacuum. It’s easy to grab and go, providing users with an always ready-to-use device.

Want to learn more? Read our full Dyson v8 review here.

Reasons to buy

  • Strong, fade-free suction for efficient cleaning
  • Sealed filtration system for cleaner air
  • Easily transforms to handheld model for spot cleaning

Reasons to avoid

  • More expensive than previous models
  • Limited runtime on maximum power mode

2. Dyson V7

Discover hassle-free cleaning with the Dyson V7, a cordless vacuum cleaner designed for homes with pets. This model offers up to 30 minutes of powerful cleaning and has 75% more brush bar power than its predecessor, the Dyson V6. Being cordless, the Dyson V7 allows you to easily navigate all areas of your home, even the most challenging corners and crevices.

The Dyson V7 is equipped with a Dyson digital V7 motor, which gives the vacuum the ability to effectively clean without missing a single spot. The device features stiff nylon bristles that remove ground-in dirt, while carbon fibre filaments manage fine dust on hard floors. The cleaner head in the V7 is a direct drive type, ensuring thorough cleaning from edge to edge.

The V7 model conveniently converts into a handheld unit, perfect for quick clean-ups and hard-to-reach areas. It comes with a set of useful tools, including a combination tool with soft bristles, a rigid crevice tool, and a mini motorised tool for pet hair removal. After your cleaning task, the bin can be emptied with a single button press for a hygienic dirt removal process.

Reasons to buy

  • Efficient cleaning with increased brush bar power
  • Convenient transformation to a handheld vacuum
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  • Includes multiple cleaning tools for versatile use

Reasons to avoid

  • Slightly shorter runtime compared to newer models
  • Smaller bin capacity requires frequent emptying

3. Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 Total Clean cordless vacuum cleaner redefines ease and efficiency in vacuuming. It features a soft roller cleaner head that covers the full width for simultaneous fine dust and large debris pick-up. The unique design, employing soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fibre filaments, ensures a tight seal with the floor for maximum dirt removal.

Another major asset is the Direct-drive cleaner head, which provides 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 Animal vacuum. This innovation drives the brush bar deeper into the carpet, helping to remove ground-in dirt with remarkable efficiency. The motor spins at up to 110,000 rpm, creating powerful suction that sets this cordless vacuum apart from its competitors.

The Dyson V6 also showcases features such as 20 minutes of fade-free suction, max power mode for tough tasks, and balanced design for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. With its mini motorised tool, it ensures efficient removal of pet hair and ground-in dirt from furniture, car seats, and tight spaces. The vacuum is designed for ease of use, quickly converting to a handheld vacuum cleaner for quick clean-ups, spot cleaning, and cleaning difficult places.

Reasons to buy

  • Superior cleaning with Direct-drive cleaner head
  • Enhanced runtime with fade-free suction
  • Utpellentesque, magna vel volutpat condimentum
  • Converts easily to a handheld vacuum

Reasons to avoid

  • Lesser battery life compared to newer models
  • No HEPA filtration system

Comparative Analysis: Dyson v7 vs v8

Overall Design

Both the Dyson V7 and V8 are sleek and lightweight cordless vacuums, embodying Dyson’s ethos of smart design and easy manoeuvrability. They both utilise the stick vacuum configuration, which allows you to reach high places and tight corners with ease. The V8, however, has a slight edge in terms of ergonomics and convenience due to its improved handle design.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head

The direct drive cleaner head is a standout feature on both models. This cleaning head is designed to provide thorough cleaning by driving stiff nylon bristles deep into carpets to remove ground-in dirt. The Dyson V7 offers 75% more brush bar power compared to the Dyson V6, a significant leap in performance. Yet, the Dyson V8 goes even further by delivering even more powerful brush bar action, resulting in a more effective dirt pick-up, especially on carpets.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

The Dyson V7 and V8 both come with a soft roller cleaner head, ideal for hard floors. This soft roller head is made with soft woven nylon that envelops large debris and finer particles, effectively cleaning hard surfaces without scratching them. Both cordless vacuums perform excellently with this tool, but the Dyson V8 edges out due to its more efficient motor that results in better dust and debris pick-up.

Suction Power

Dyson cordless vacuums are known for their impressive suction power. Both the Dyson V7 and V8 continue this trend, but the V8 has the upper hand with a more potent digital motor. While the V7 can offer up to 100 AW of suction power, the V8 reaches up to 115 AW in Max mode. This higher suction power allows the V8 to provide a more thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces.

Battery Life

Battery life is another crucial factor when comparing these two models. The Dyson V7 provides up to 30 minutes of fade-free power, which is sufficient for most cleaning tasks. However, the Dyson V8 takes it a notch higher by offering up to 40 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction. This extended runtime makes the V8 a more suitable choice for larger homes or more demanding cleaning tasks.

Dust Bin and Hygienic Emptying

Both the Dyson V7 and V8 come with a convenient dust bin that features a hygienic dirt ejection system. A single button press releases trapped dirt and debris, ensuring you don’t have to get your hands dirty. However, the Dyson V8 boasts a larger bin volume (0.14 gallons compared to the V7’s 0.4 litres), reducing the frequency of emptying and thus enhancing the cleaning experience.

Reasons to Buy Dyson V7

  • Excellent suction power for most tasks
  • Direct drive cleaner head boosts brush bar power
  • Soft roller cleaner head ideal for hard floors

Reasons to Avoid Dyson V7

  • Shorter battery life than the V8
  • Smaller dust bin compared to the V8

Reasons to Buy Dyson V8

  • Greater suction power for deep cleaning
  • Extended battery life ideal for large homes
  • Larger dust bin for reduced emptying frequency

Reasons to Avoid Dyson V8

  • Higher price point than the V7
  • Longer charging time than the V7

In conclusion, both the Dyson V7 and V8 are excellent vacuum cleaners offering robust features and powerful cleaning capabilities. While the Dyson V7 is a solid performer that can handle most cleaning tasks efficiently, the Dyson V8 shines brighter due to its superior suction power, extended battery life, and larger dust bin. Therefore, the Dyson V8 emerges as a more worthwhile investment, particularly for larger homes or more challenging cleaning tasks.

Comparative Analysis: Dyson v6 vs v7

Overall Design

The Dyson V6 and V7 cordless vacuums showcase the best of Dyson’s design philosophy. They are both compact, lightweight, and designed for flexibility. However, the V7 introduces some design improvements over the V6, such as a more convenient dust bin emptying mechanism and a slight boost in ergonomics.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head

When it comes to the direct drive cleaner head, the Dyson V7 significantly outperforms the V6. The V7’s direct drive head provides 75% more brush bar power than the V6, translating to more effective cleaning on carpets and rugs, particularly for ground-in dirt and pet hair.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

Both the Dyson V6 and V7 come equipped with a soft roller cleaner head, which is perfect for cleaning hard floor surfaces without causing any damage. However, due to the upgraded motor and improved power management in the V7, it outperforms the V6 in terms of picking up both large debris and fine dust particles.

Suction Power

The Dyson V6 and V7 both offer impressive suction power, which is a staple of Dyson cordless vacuums. While the V6 delivers robust suction power, the V7 takes it up a notch. When used in Max power mode, the V7 provides up to 100 AW, resulting in more thorough cleaning and better performance across a variety of surfaces.

Battery Life

Battery life is another critical area where the Dyson V7 improves upon the V6. The V6 offers up to 20 minutes of fade-free suction, which is adequate for quick clean-ups. The V7, however, boosts this to 30 minutes, providing you with more time to complete your cleaning tasks without needing to recharge.

Dust Bin and Hygienic Emptying

The Dyson V6 introduced the company’s hygienic one-click bin emptying system. However, the V7 improves on this system with a more efficient design, reducing the chances of coming into contact with dust and debris during the emptying process. Additionally, the V7’s dust bin is slightly larger than the V6’s, meaning fewer trips to the trash can during a cleaning session.

Reasons to Buy Dyson V6

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Adequate suction power for most tasks

Reasons to Avoid Dyson V6

  • Shorter battery life compared to the V7
  • Bin emptying system less effective than in V7

Reasons to Buy Dyson V7

  • Improved brush bar power for effective cleaning
  • Extended battery life ideal for larger cleaning tasks
  • Better dust bin emptying system

Reasons to Avoid Dyson V7

  • Slightly heavier than the V6
  • Longer charging time than the V6

In conclusion, while both the Dyson V6 and V7 deliver impressive cleaning performance, the V7 offers a range of improvements, including better brush bar power, longer battery life, and an improved dust bin emptying system. These upgrades make the V7 a more appealing choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner.

Triad Comparison: Dyson V6 vs V7 vs V8

In the realm of cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dyson V6, V7, and V8 models stand out for their exceptional features and powerful cleaning abilities. Yet, when compared side by side, the Dyson V8 emerges as the superior model.

The Dyson V8 takes the strengths of the V6 and V7 and amplifies them. It delivers a longer runtime, providing up to 40 minutes of fade-free power, a significant improvement over the V6’s 20 minutes and V7’s 30 minutes. This extended battery life means more uninterrupted cleaning time, ideal for larger homes or more extensive cleaning tasks.

One of the main aspects that sets the V8 apart is its advanced filtration system. While all three models possess a formidable ability to pick up fine dust and larger debris, the V8 boasts a fully sealed filtration system that traps 99.99% of microscopic particles. This feature is not only a testament to its high cleaning performance but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Moreover, the V8 demonstrates superior acoustic control, which reduces the noisy turbulence often associated with vacuum cleaners. This factor enhances the user experience, making it less disruptive for households, particularly those with small children, pets, or noise-sensitive individuals.

Another significant advantage of the V8 is its diversity of tools and attachments, such as the crevice tool, combination tool, and hair screw tool. These additions increase the V8’s versatility, allowing it to tackle a wider range of cleaning tasks efficiently.

While the V6 and V7 have commendable features, they don’t quite match the comprehensive package that the V8 offers. Considering the balance of runtime, power, filtration, noise control, and versatility, the Dyson V8 comes out on top as the most sophisticated model among the three. For those seeking the best of what Dyson has to offer in cordless vacuum cleaners, the V8 is the clear winner.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the Dyson V8 is a high-performance, versatile, and efficient vacuum cleaner that elevates the standard of home cleaning. It embodies the ideal balance of power and convenience, supported by an extensive runtime and an array of versatile cleaning tools. Whether you’re dealing with hard-to-reach spaces, stubborn pet hair, or fine dust particles, the Dyson V8 is your ideal companion for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the powerful suction, extended battery life, and superior features of the Dyson V8. It’s a worthwhile investment that can significantly simplify your cleaning routine. Click here to check the latest price for the Dyson V8 and upgrade your cleaning game today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Dyson vacuum models come with a direct drive cleaning head?

The Dyson V6, V7, and V8 cordless vacuums are equipped with a direct drive cleaning head. This powerful cleaning attachment delivers increased brush bar power, allowing for more efficient removal of dirt and debris from various floor surfaces.

2. Do Dyson cordless vacuums feature a soft roller cleaning head?

Yes, Dyson cordless vacuums, including the V6, V7, and V8 models, are designed with a soft roller cleaning head. This specialized attachment is ideal for cleaning hard floors, providing gentle yet thorough cleaning performance.

3. Can I purchase a soft dusting brush for my Dyson cordless vacuum?

Yes, Dyson offers a soft dusting brush as an optional accessory for their cordless vacuums. This brush is designed to effectively remove dust from delicate surfaces, making it an excellent addition for cleaning tasks that require extra care.

4. Are the Dyson V6, V7, and V8 considered stick vacuums?

Yes, the Dyson V6, V7, and V8 models fall under the category of stick vacuums. These cordless vacuum cleaners are designed with a slender and lightweight body, providing easy maneuverability and convenient cleaning on both floors and above-floor surfaces.

5. Can the Dyson cordless vacuums be used as handheld vacuum cleaners?

Absolutely! One of the key advantages of Dyson cordless vacuums, including the V6, V7, and V8, is their ability to transform into handheld vacuum cleaners. This versatility allows you to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, from floors to furniture and even car interiors.

6. Do Dyson vacuums come with a mini motorized tool?

Yes, Dyson cordless vacuums, such as the V6, V7, and V8 models, come with a mini motorized tool. This attachment is specifically designed to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas.

7. Do Dyson cordless vacuums feature a HEPA filter?

Yes, Dyson cordless vacuums, including the V6, V7, and V8 models, are equipped with advanced HEPA filters. These filters effectively capture allergens and microscopic particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier air quality in your home.

8. Can I purchase a stubborn dirt brush for my Dyson vacuum?

Yes, Dyson offers a stubborn dirt brush as an optional accessory for their vacuum cleaners, including the V6, V7, and V8 models. This brush is specifically designed to agitate and remove stubborn dirt and debris from surfaces, making it an excellent tool for challenging cleaning tasks.

9. Are there different models available in the Dyson vacuum range?

Yes, Dyson offers a variety of vacuum models, each with its own set of features and capabilities. The V6, V7, and V8 are just a few examples of the innovative and high-performing vacuum models that Dyson has to offer.

10. Do Dyson cordless vacuums feature a torque drive cleaner head?

Yes, the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum is equipped with a torque drive cleaner head. This advanced cleaning attachment intelligently adapts to different floor types, providing optimum suction and brush bar power for deep cleaning performance.

We hope these frequently asked questions have provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the Dyson V6, V7, and V8 cordless vacuums. If you have any further inquiries or require additional details, we recommend visiting the official Dyson website or contacting their customer support.