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Do You Really Need to Use a Mattress Protector?

A lot of time is spent sleeping on a mattress. While you might not think using a mattress protector is worth it, think again! A mattress protector has some major benefits. Mattresses can be expensive, so protecting it might be a good idea, and in the long run, it might even save you some money. Here we will explore the benefits of using one. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not using a mattress protector is right for you.

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What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is a thick piece of fabric that can be made out of different materials. It fits onto your mattress like a fitted sheet, and is easy to take off and throw into the washing machine. Mattress protectors are helpful to keep away allergens, protect your mattress from stains, and even to help you get a better sleep.

Protectors can come in different fabrics that can repel liquids such as urine, sweat, and other stains. They can also be made out of fabrics that are thicker to make your bed more comfortable. Mattress protectors can be found on Amazon from about £10.95  to £13.98, and since mattresses can cost a couple of hundred pounds, you can see that a mattress pad is much less expensive to replace compared to having to buy a whole new mattress. In essence, using a mattress protector can make your mattress last longer!

Health Benefits

Using a mattress protector can actually be better for your health. Since you can’t really pick up your mattress and throw it into the laundry, getting a protector can help you to protect yourself and your family from dust, allergens and dirt that are likely to build up on your mattress. These can cause illness, allergies, and may prevent you from getting a good sleep. Sure, you can flip your mattress over if you have an accident or after some use, but you can only do that once before the whole mattress becomes saturated in dust mites, sweat stains, and other bacteria that can cause serious health problems

Protecting Your Mattress

If you sweat, have small children or pets that sleep with you, or tend to have accidents, a mattress protector can make your life so much easier. Having one especially for young children in cribs and beds can also be beneficial. If you get the right protector, it will have some kind of material that can repel liquids and stains. If an accident occurs, you can strip the bed, sheets, blankets, and protector, and throw them all in the wash. Your mattress will be unscathed.

In addition, a mattress protector will keep it clean. While you might think sheets protect your mattress from dirt and grime, this is not always the case. Dirt and grime can get into your mattress without a protector. Just as you would wash your sheets and pillowcases once every week, you might also consider washing your mattress protector that often. If you want to also protect your pillows and make them last longer, you can also get pillow protectors. Washing these in hot water will be beat in getting all germs and allergens out, so they stay off your sheets and mattress.


Health benefits and cleanliness are not the only reason to consider a mattress protector. Some of them can actually help you to sleep more comfortably. They can add a layer of softness to your bed or even give a cooling effect, so you won’t sweat too much in your sleep.

In the end, the decision to get a mattress protector is up to you. If you are worried about having to replace your mattress because of staining, allergies, or if you need to find one that is more comfortable, a mattress protector is an option that can save you money. Many mattress protectors also come with a warranty, which guarantees them for the duration of the agreement. Often they will be replaced if they are not doing their job. Having a mattress protector on your bed can save you a lot of time cleaning and money! Most importantly, it can keep you healthy.

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