Dyson Humidifier Review (AM10): Expensive but Worth the Money?

Dyson is a name that is extremely well known when it comes to home cleaning supplies. Throughout the years, the Dyson name has come to represent quality, durability, and reliability. The only thing is that they have mostly been known for creating vacuum cleaners. Well, now that they have delved into the humidification market, it is safe to say that these same qualities have carried over with their new line of products.

Dry air can really do major damage to the home and the human body. If you are constantly experiencing cracked skin, dried out sinuses, and increased asthmas and allergy symptoms, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a lack of humidity in the air.

This is more common during the wintertime due to the constant running of heaters. The heating system just sucks the moisture out of the air. These are the exact situations where the Dyson Humidifier can come in handy. Not only will this product increase the quality of living in your home, but it will protect the home from any unwanted damage as well.

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

We like: Very quiet. Compact and stylish design. The magnetic remote is a nice touch. Works throughout the year and can be used in summer to cool rooms.

Not so good: Expensive! Water tank can sometimes only last 4 hours.

Our verdict: Certainly not the cheapest humidifier but works well and looks good at the same time.

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Take Advantage Of The Air Multiplier Technology

If you are familiar with most humidifiers, you probably already know that most of them have a weak airflow This only reduces the area that they can humidify and it promotes a weak projection. This will not be the case with Dyson Humidifier. The fan installed in this unique device comes equipped with an innovative technology known as air multiplier technology. This technology not only promotes a strong stream of air throughout the room where it is installed, but it does it evenly, quickly, and quietly.

Dyson Humidifier dual function

Patented Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology

Most humidifiers on the market are a breeding ground for bacteria, as they produce water that just sits there until it is utilized to moisturize the air of the home. This is something that can be avoided altogether thanks to the ultraviolet cleanse technology installed in this device. This technology enables the humidifier to kill 99.9 percent of the harmful bacterium in the water, while it humidifies the air at the same time. How does it do this? Well, every drop of water that it produces for the humidification process is exposed to an ultra-powerful UVC light, which cleanses and kills the bacterium before it is released into the airstream of the home.

Extremely Intelligent Time Control

With this Dyson Humidifier, you can literally install it in a room, hook it up to the power outlet, and let it do all the work for you. This is all in part thanks to the intelligent time control. The humidifier precisely monitors both the temperature and humidity in the home. However, once you set the device in the auto mode, it will monitor the level of humidity and adjust its settings automatically. This not only promotes a hygienic environment throughout the whole room, but it does it with efficiency. And, the best thing is that you can set the humidifier in the auto mode with just a simple press of a button.

Utilize The Device Year Around

The thing with most humidifiers is that they can only be utilized in the wintertime. So, here you are making a big purchase and only getting to use it half the year. This almost feels like a slap in the face. Fortunately, that will not be the case when you invest in the Dyson Humidifier. The humidifier will pump out plenty of moisture in the air stream during the wintertime, but during the summer it will actually project a cool mist that will keep you cool and comfortable. This will not only come in handy in extremely warm climates, but it possesses the ability to reduce your energy consumption in the process.

100% Safe Design

The Dyson Humidifier wasn’t just designed to keep you and your home safe and healthy, but it was designed with safety in mind as well. When you lay your eyes upon the device, you will probably immediately notice that there are no exposed blades or heating elements. So, you never have to worry about a child accidentally sticking his or her hands in the blades or getting burnt by the heating element. This is something that cannot be said about a lot of models on the market.

Overall Assessment

When it comes to quality, durability, and reliability, you really cannot beat the Dyson name. And, that should be pretty evident when it comes to the unique and innovative design of this humidifier. The device is filled with technology that can enhance the quality of living in your home.

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