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Dyson V6 Cordless Reviews: Total Clean, Animal, Absolute, or Fluffy?

The Dyson V6 range of cordless vacuum cleaners was introduced in the Spring of 2015 as an improvement of the previous “DC” series of cordless vacuums. All V6 models feature the same digital “V6” motor which spins up to a very powerful 110,000 rpm resulting in a very decent suction for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

You’ll get around 20 minutes usage from a single charge and if you want higher suctions levels, a “boost” mode can be run for up to 6 minutes. A neat touch on the Dyson V6 cordless vacuums is the motorised cleaning head, although using this will slightly reduce your running time. Other features include easy conversion to a handheld vacuum cleaner and a neat docking or wall mounted charging station that also holds the tools.

Cannot decide between the Dyson V6 Total Clean, Absolute or Animal models? The main difference between the models is the tools provided and how you attend to use, for example, cleaning of hard floors as well as carpets or for cleaning pet hairs. Our guide below highlights and compares the differences between the best selling Dyson V6 cordless vacuum models.

Dyson V6 Cordless Models Compared

Dyson V6 Total Clean Review

Dyson-V6-Total Clean

The Dyson V6 Total Clean is our favourite out of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners V6 range, and for a very good reason.

With similar base features such as only weighing 2.3kg and therefore being light and agile, a similar overall size, 0.4 litre capacity (definitely enough to clean a whole house) and a similar battery life and run time of around 20 – 27 minutes (depending on power mode), it ticks all the same boxes as the others in this range.

But, this particular Dyson V6 really comes into its own when you start looking at it’s additional extras like that of the direct drive cleaner head or stubborn dirt brush. This plus the 75% more brush bar power alone makes the Total Clean vacuum cleaner stand out as it enables the vacuum’s bristle to push significantly deeper into your carpet and therefore remove stubborn dirt a lot easier and quicker.

Along with the direct drive cleaner head, this vacuum also comes with soft roller cleaner head that is ideal if you’re needing to clean hard wooden surfaces as well as that of carpet or rugs. This makes it easy to suck up all the fine dust or dust particles that get left across hard surfaces that we might otherwise not be able to see.

One more additional to this vacuum cleaner that can’t go without being mentioned is the combination tool / mini motorised tool that is great at getting into corners and crevices and to clean out built up pet hair and dirt. This motorised mini tool can actually be surprisingly helpful and shouldn’t be overlooked.

And last but not least, the Total Clean cordless vacuum also going with a max power boost mode that enable you to ramp up the suction power for up to 6 minutes at a time. The benefit of the boost mode over the normal mode is the ability for the vacuum cleaner to loosen and then suck up really tough bits or dirt that might have been lodge into your carpet or rug. Think along the lines or pretty hard trodden in mud, it’s that good.

Out of the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners, the Dyson Total Clean isn’t the lowest price option, but is does exactly what you need it to, whether is be cleaning dust from hard floors or tough dirt with it’s powerful suction mode. Definitely worth considering.

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Dyson V6 Absolute Review

Dyson V6 Absolute

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use vacuum, the Dyson v6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner may be the perfect fit for you. Weighing in at 2.3 kg, this unit is small enough for users to carry from room to room with ease.

It is designed for use on both hardwood floors and carpets, so you are not limited with what areas of your home you can clean. The vacuum is powered by Dyson’s digital “V6” motor that can run for up to 20 minutes.

One added plus to purchasing this cordless vacuum cleaner is the max power mode increases the amount of suction for up to 6 minutes, so you can get some extra help for those areas where dirt is deeply embedded in the carpet. Overall, this vacuum is powerful, easy to use and could help you tackle those tough cleaning jobs in your home.

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Dyson V6 Animal Review

Dyson V6 Animal

If you are searching for a powerful, easy to use cordless vacuum the you may want to consider the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum. This lightweight vacuum weighs 4.2 kg and being cordless making it easy to manoeuvre during use. This model also comes with an head attachment specifically designed for pet hair.

With a powerful 100 watts of suction power and cyclone technology, this vacuum is able to quickly clear away dirt on both carpet and hardwood floors all over you home. It runs for about twenty minutes on a single charge so is ideal for a quick blast around the house or a more deep clean of 1 or 2 rooms.

When it comes to the surfaces that need extra cleaning due to the amount of dirt that is embedded, you can switch to max mode and increase the amount of suction for around 6 minutes.

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Dyson V6 Fluffy Review

Dyson V6 Fluffy

The Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight, powerful and very easy to use. The powerful Dyson Digital V6 Motor allows users to clean hardwood floors, ceilings and carpets for up to 20 minutes without having to fuss with cords or plugging and unplugging the vacuum as they move through the home.

The main difference with the V6 Fluffy compared to other V6 models is that it includes an additional “soft” head attachment for cleaning hard floor surfaces. Other V6 models have a more traditional “brush” type cleaning head.

As with other V6 models, there is also a max power mode that increases the amount of suction so you can use on those tough areas where dirt may seem impossible to lift.

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Dyson V6 FAQs:

How long does a V6 Dyson last?

The V6 lasts 27 min for normal, 6 min if boosted. Dyson says the motor heads last 24min.

How many years does a Dyson V6 battery last?

Its lithium batteries usually last about 4-5 years when used with Dyson vacuums. In general, these batteries tend to break apart after 1 year use and are restricted to a few cycle usage, so it’s important to use within the Dyson.

How long should a Dyson V6 last?

All Dyson vacuum cleaner models last between six and 10 years according to our estimations. But you know your covered for at least 5 due to the 5-year warranty provided by Dyson.

Is Dyson V6 still good?

We certainly believe so! The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners will all give you an easy cleaning experience even when cleaning small apartments or other properties that require little attention. They are slightly less powerful than the Dyson V8 though. Dyson is also working on adding several design quirks in later versions. But on the whole, for get you get for your money the prices are very good value.

How do you clean the dust out of a Dyson V6?

What is an effective process for emptying an empty trash bin? Emptying until dirt touches the maximum – avoid overplumbing. Check to remove your appliances from charging devices at this point. … Pressing a red button with a sweeping screw down into a garbage jar releases dust directly into an airtight container.

Can I clean the inside of my Dyson?

If your filter has not been cleaned and dry then you should avoid them altogether. Cool water should keep out all this dirt. It is easier to release water with a soft squeeze, so you can continue the process. … A Dyson manual suggests putting filters in their water filtration system once.

Conclusion: Is the Dyson V6 worth it?

In short, yes the Dyson V6 are worth it.

The Dyson V6 range were certainly some of the top handheld, cordless vacuums you could buy when they were first launched and have held their standing pretty well. Despite newer versions like the Dyson V8 and V7, the Dyson V6 range are still fantastic vacuums that can work across all kind of different floor types. They are also very fairly priced when it comes down to what you get for your money. No matter what you’re after, a V6 should definitely be considered.