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How To Clean Your House Like A Professional From Top To Bottom

Cleaning working tops

Have you ever wonder how cleaning services or hotel maid services get the job done so perfectly? Have you ever wanted to step up your home cleaning skills without hiring a cleaner? The reason why the professionals are so good at what they do is because they were trained and learned cleaning skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you follow the tips in this article you will be cleaning like a professional in no time!

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Getting Motivated And Staying Motivated

The most important step is to be motivated to clean. This is easy for maids and house cleaners because they get paid to clean. For your home, your end goal and biggest motivation should be to have a clean and healthy environment to live in. Believe me when I say this: if your house is clean and clear from clutter your stress levels at home will go down. So it is really important to get yourself in the right frame of mind to clean.

The best way to do this is to set a day and time aside that will be the day you are going to clean. Get it in your mind that you will do nothing else that day. Then when that day rolls around, set the mood with some fun music, stay positive and get to work. Keep reminding yourself how rewarding it will be when you finish the job.

For more inspiration on getting and staying motivated to clean, take a look at this post.

What Schedule Should You Follow?

When figuring out a cleaning schedule for yourself you should work around your personal schedule. Plan a time and date where you will have little distractions and can get the job done. Be sure to schedule yourself 4 to 8 hours to clean depending on how much you have to clean and the size of your house. Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind:

  • Set a date and time. If it’s not planned, it won’t get done.
  • Turn off your phone and turn up the tunes. This will help keep out the distractions.
  • If you live with others, let them know what day and time is cleaning day. If you get everyone on board, the job because easier.
  • Make sure your cleaning supplies are all stocked up. Having to go to the shop will really take time away from your scheduled cleaning day.
  • Set your phone calendar to remind you of your cleaning day!

Cleaning Routine

Once you decide on a cleaning day, you need to come up with a cleaning ritual. Most professional cleaners start in the bathrooms and the spray everything down and let it sit for a bit and go on to the next room. This is because most cleaning products say to let sit before wiping down. You have to clean methodically and smartly if you want to clean like a professional does. This is because professional cleaners have a reason why the start in bathrooms and with vacuuming. Make a routine that makes sense for your home. Keep in mind most homes can be completely cleaned within 4 hours a week. You don’t want to be all over the place cleaning from room to room without a plan.

Here are a few ideas to help your cleaning routine:

  • It doesn’t matter what room you start in. But stick to that room.
  • Start in one area of the room and work all the way around it, top to bottom.
  • Vacuum or sweep the room last before moving on to the next room.
  • If you are working in the kitchen or bathroom where you have to let chemicals soak in, work on the next area of that room until you can get back to it.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

When you are cleaning, start from the top and work toward the bottom. Also, work from left to right or right to left. The reason behind this is that dirt and dust fall from the ceiling to the floor and working from left to right will ensure that you do not miss a single spot. If you don’t make a good system you will end up cleaning a spot twice or miss something altogether.

Get a good system down as well. Hotel maids have an exact science to how they clean and they repeat this process in every hotel room they clean. Why is that? Well, this is because if you know exactly what you are going to clean, how you will clean it and in what order, it will save you time and help you to avoid cleaning the same area twice.

Also, be working from left to right, you are not zig-zagging all over the place. They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This can ring true in cleaning too if you are trying to clean efficiently without wasting time.

What Tools and Products do Professionals Use?

Some people have really fancy cleaning tools and products, but the truth is you just need the basics to clean like a professional. It’s a good idea to have a caddy for your products so that you can just move it from room to room as you clean. you dive into cleaning, you need to have your cleaning equipment on hand and make them portable.

The basic cleaning supplies you will need are:

  • soap and water,
  • sponges,
  • cleaning products,
  • gloves,
  • mop,
  • a broom or vacuum cleaner and
  • towels and cloths.

Also, you don’t necessarily need harsh cleaning chemicals to get your home clean. Look into natural cleaning solutions or even DIY cleaners. A greener approach may be more beneficial to you and your family’s health. Some natural solutions can be:

  • Vinegar and water
  • Vegetable based soaps
  • Essential oils
  • Cleaning Enzymes

Only use the harsh chemicals when you really need them such in cases where you want to kill mould or wipe out flu germs. Most of the time a natural product will really do the trick.

Do It Quickly

You have to keep a good pace when you clean. Turn on some music and roll up those sleeves. A good house cleaning can double as exercise! Don’t be scared to get that heart going a little. I am not saying work so fast that you are missing spots or are sloppy, but keep a good steady pace. Once you get your routine going you will be able to get through things a whole lot faster.

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a 12 hour job. If you work at a relatively good pace the whole house can be cleaned in 3 to 4 hours. Manage your time wisely. Once you are done you can enjoy the rest of your day. Also, be sure to avoid distractions like your phone, internet or television that can possibly slow you down or stop you from reaching your cleaning goals.

 A few quick cleaning tips to get you started on the right track:

  • Declutter your house first. This will make your house easier to clean. There is a big difference between decluttering and actual cleaning.
  • Dust everything. You will be surprised where you will find dust!
  • Have all your cleaning tools in one spot and ready to go. It so much easier if you don’t have to go looking for a cleaning product.
  • Use your cloths in an “s” motion when cleaning worktops, tables or appliances. This actually takes less energy and covers more space. Always work easier not harder.
  • After cleaning worktops or your table look at it from eye-level to see if you really got it clean.

If you make a plan, work methodically, and stick to your goals you will have your house looking like a professional cleaned it. If you find it difficult to do the harder tasks, start with those first, the rest will seem much easier to you. 

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