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The Best Bosch Steam Generator Irons

Ironing can be overwhelming given that you have to iron different types of fabrics on a regular basis. There are many iron models in the market which posses challenges to buyers. However, there a few brands like Bosch which stand out. Bosch steam generator irons are different in style compared to ordinary iron boxes. They are square, chunkier and come in retro designs.

This brand provides access to a powerful steam pressure ranging from 4.5 to 6 bars. It adopts advanced technologies like i-Temp which controls steam and adjusts temperatures accordingly. You can iron a wide range of fabrics faster, safer and easier.


Top Selling Bosch Models

Below are some of the best Bosch steam generator irons.

1. Bosch TDS4571GB

TDS4571GB comes with an overwhelming power rating of 3100W. It utilizes the i-Temp technology which maintains ideal temperatures to iron both delicate and tough fabrics. The smart auto-shut off offers safety and saves energy. TDS45751GB also comes with energy-saving steam settings. This model produces a highly intensive 400g of pulse steam which removes creases with ease. The provided water tank comes with a lid and a permanent re-fill feature which keeps the steam station ready for use. The smart Calc n Clean timer reminds you when to remove limescale from your unit using a special collector. Under the iron is an anti-shine ceramic soleplate which protects dark materials from shiny patches while enabling smooth glides.

Pros: great power, safe, saves energy, excellent steam application, reliable water tank, smart cleaning sytem, easy to glide
Cons: inconsistent steam, leakages


2. Bosch TDS3561GB

A rating of 2800W provides a sufficient appliance power to deliver great ironing results. This allows you to remove stubborn creases within a short period of time. TDS3561GB is designed with an advanced steam system which provides powerful and optimal steam output rate. It has a variable steam output and produces a pulse steam shot of 210g. The 120g per minute target-steam penetrates deeper into the fabrics which makes the ironing process faster and easier. The 1.4 L water tank is designed with a permanent re-fill that allows you to continue using the iron even if you have to make a refill. Cleaning the iron is made easier by the automatic Calc n Clean function. Removal of limescale increases the life of your appliance. The underside features a hard enamel coated surface which glides easily for better ironing results. The Palladium Glisse ceramic soleplate is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Pros: powerful, advanced steam system, great handle, large water tank, quality soleplate, easy to clean
Cons: noisy, short cord, does not handle hard water well{https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LVUQWQY}


3. Bosch TDS3521GB

This iron is rated 2400W which is enough for rapid heating of steam irons. It generates enough heat to remove stubborn creases. This heat is transmitted through a special soleplate made of Palladium Glisse. This material guarantees maximum gliding and optimal steam and heat distribution. The underside is designed with triple-zoning technology for moisturizing, drying and smoothing process. The advanced steam system ensures effective application of steam on your fabric by penetrating steam deeper. TDS3521GB delivers 160g of steam per minute at 5.2 bar to handle stubborn creases. This model also utilizes a self cleaning system which rids your iron of limescale deposits. The large capacity water tank comes with a permanent refill feature which is very convenient.

Pros: great steam delivery, heats quickly, glides easily, automated cleaning, reliable water tank, lightweight
Cons: no base fixation, a tendency to leak


In terms of steam generator irons, Bosch has a significant market share. These irons are designed with advanced technology that ensure correct temperatures and sufficient steam delivery. High power especially with TDS4571GB, allows you to iron tough fabrics like denims. The permanent refill feature offers great convenience. A smart cleaning system will always tell you when to clean your unit. The protective and smooth soleplate allows you to iron your clothes with confidence and ease. Just like any quality product, these models have some shortcomings like poor fixation, leakages and noise. Otherwise, the overall performance of these models makes them a great choice.