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Morphy Richards Steam Generator Irons: Top 3 Reviewed

Morphy Richards Steam Generator IronsMorphy Richards are one of the leading brands in manufacturing steam generator irons. Their irons are provided in two lines namely; Jet Steam and Power Steam Elite. The latter uses a pressurised system to deliver steam. Both have great features but Elite sits on top in terms of performance and price.

Morphy Richards as a company have been around for a long while dealing in a range of products including irons, toasters, kitchen ware, steam mops coffee machines, electric blankets and more. Their experience guarantees quality steam generator irons which make your most demanding chore easier. Below are some of the best steam generator irons in their range.

Best Selling Morphy Richards Steam Irons

1. Morphy Richards 333005 Power Steam with IntelliTemp

This iron comes with an efficient and compact steam generator. The incorporated generator is capable of producing 120g of steam per minute thus reducing ironing time. The IntelliTemp technology allows you to make temperature adjustments for a safer, quicker and seamless ironing. It utilises a 4.5 bar pump to deliver steam with great power allowing the steam to penetrate the fabric and remove stubborn creases.

This 2600W iron comes with a ceramic soleplate that glides easily on your fabrics to reduce ironing time. It comes with one button and a digital display which makes it easy to use. A removable, 1 litre tank provides more ironing time by cutting down re-fills. The Morphy Richards 333005 also locks at the base making it safe and easy to carry around.

Pros: compact design, smart, safe and easier to use, high performance, saves time, portable
Cons: congested buttons, beeping steam setting


2. Morphy Richards 42244 Jet Steam

Morphy Richards 42244 is a 2200W jet steam generator iron that provides an effective way of keeping your fabrics in a good condition. It is capable of producing 100 g of steam per minute with a vertical setting. The steam trigger also automates the process of removing creases.

This iron provides long hours of use with the provision of a 1 liter, detachable water tank. The 42244 is designed with a diamond steel soleplate which is very durable. The anti-scale filter or cartridge also provides a clean ironing process for all your fabrics.

Pros: generates more steam and quicker, lightweight, long service hours, durable, eliminates scale
Cons: hot lid, reports of faulty water valves

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3. Morphy Richards 42221 Power Steam Elite

The 42221 Elite is designed with a pressurised steam generator capable of delivering 160g of steam per minute. This is delivered at a pressure of 4.5 bar which allows you to remove tough creases in all your fabrics. Its soleplate is made of a well finished and durable ceramic material.

The 42221 comes with a 1.7 liter, removable water tank that allows you to iron your clothes without interruptions. There is also a descale light that signals when to empty or clean your iron.

Pros: Sleek and colourful, reliable water tank, high steam pressure, instant-response trigger system, smart cleaning process, light and manoeuvrable,
Cons: some reports of occasional buzzing and grinding noises



These two lines of Morphy Richards provide quality irons. The above mentioned irons offer safety and great performance. They utilise smart technologies that regulate the ironing process. You can remove creases from various fabrics in a short period of time. They are also very convenient with the provision of high-capacity water tanks. Durable and well-finished soleplates allow you to iron with ease and more effectively.

These units are highly portable and easy to maintain. There are few issues like noises, overheating, faulty parts and poor buttons. But the overall performance of these units has earned Morphy Richards a good reputation in the iron market.