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Top 3 Philips Steam Generator Irons Reviewed

Ironing is one of the tasks that requires to be seamless since its done on a regular basis. Philips steam generator irons allow you to perform this chore more quicker and easier. These irons produce more steam than standard irons. They also come with high capacity water tanks that eliminate the need to make regular re-fills. The best steam generator irons come with a limescale filter, a detachable tank, comfortable handle and an auto-shutoff. They should also have a thin coating at the base that tapers at the nose. A longer power cord allows you to iron larger fabrics without a hassle.


Top Selling Philips Steam Generator Irons

Below are the some of the best Philips models.


1. Philips GC8616/30 Perfect Care Aqua

This 2400 W steam generator iron is capable of 240g steam boost. This amount of power and steam helps in tackling the toughest creases in your linens and cottons. Steam can also be applied vertically to remove creases and refresh your fabrics. It utilizes Philips Perfectcare smart technology to provide an optimal temperature range. This provides an ideal temperature for all your fabrics ranging from silk to jeans. You can also iron your fabrics without sorting them. GC8616/30 features a durable and scratch free soleplate that glides easily on your fabrics. The Easy De-Calc system allows you to remove scale in order to extend its life. This iron also incorporates a 2.5L water tank which allows you to iron large loadsmwithout making frequent re-fills. This iron is easy to use and starts faster. It safe to use given that its shuts automatically when not in use.

Pros: generates a lot of steam, safe to use, adjustable temperatures, durable and scratch free soleplate, allows you to remove scale, high capacity water tank, starts faster
Cons: noisy, faulty descaling lights


2. Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua Silence

It is also a 2400W steam generator iron but capable of a whooping 330g steam boost. This high energy, silent and vertically applied steam loosens fabrics and smooths out creases. The incorporated Philips Optimal technology provides a safe and fast ironing experience. Heat flow cyclonic technology delivers even steam and balanced temperatures. All temperature settings ranging from silk to denim are provided in one unit. Therefore, you don’t need to sort your fabrics. You only need to adjust the iron and wait for it to warm up or cool down. It also incorporates a cleaning reminder and an easy descaling process. The T-Ionic soleplate is scratch resistant and delivers a seamless glide. This iron heats up fast and comes with a safe carry lock which ensures safe transportation.

Pros: silent steam production, high steam power, smart technology provides safety, adjustable temperatures, easy to clean, seamless glide, safe and reliable
Cons: few leakage cases, faulty De-calc button


3. Philips GCP9630/20 Perfect Care Elite

This iron provides optimal temperatures and an overwhelming 420g steam boost. The latter allows steam to penetrate your fabrics layers to remove creases. Perfect Elite is one of the best and efficient Philips steam generator irons. The Optimal temperature technology allows you to iron all your fabrics in your home without sorting. 2400 W power and a vertical steaming process allows you to iron your fabrics more faster. This iron also utilizes the ultra-smooth and scratch resistant soleplate. Its automation ensures safety. The 1.8 L water tank is detachable and can produce up to 2 hours of steam.

Pros: high steam boost, efficient steaming, adjustable temperatures, smooth glide, safe, provides long hours of service
Cons: a bit noisy, poses difficulty to left handed individuals



Steam generator irons provide a seamless ironing experience especially the models mentioned above. They feature smart technologies that deliver the right amount of temperatures according to a particular fabric. Steaming process is also very effective in removing creases. The automation provides safety especially when you leave your iron on the fabric unattended. These irons are easy to use with the provision of smooth glide soleplates. Water tanks and cleaning reminders are very reliable. There a few flaws that are distributed among these units like noise generation, faulty buttons and lights and a few leakage cases. Generally, these are great units and ironing has never been easier.

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