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Swan Steam Generator Irons: Top 3 Best Sellers Reviewed

The Swan brand is very reputable having offered many products over the years. These range from cookware to kitchen accessories to home appliances. One of the best lines is steam generator irons. They have great accuracy when it comes to temperature control. This allows you to choose the best temperature for each fabric. You can steam through your ironing pile with ease to remove creases effectively. The high capacity water tanks allow you to iron for longer periods without re-fills.

Swan Iron’s lower plates are coated with quality material that allows you to glide over different types of fabrics for a smooth result. These steam generators come with steam handles which makes them portable. The cords are also sufficiently long thus allowing you to manoeuvre when ironing larger items.

Top Selling Swan Steam Generator Irons

Below are some of the best swan steam generator irons.


1. Swan SI11010N

The 2200W powered iron is capable of removing stubborn creases with ease. This is also facilitated by the high capacity steam output of 100g/min. The adjustable temperature control allows you to choose the right temperature for a particular fabric. Below the SI11010N is a ceramic coated soleplate that allows you to glide over your fabrics easily. It is also designed with a continual steam setting that allows you to tackle all garments, curtains and other fabrics. The 3m cable makes the ironing process and convenient by keeping everything at reach. It comes with a removable, 1500ml water tank that eliminates the need of making frequent re-fills.

Pros: high power and steam output, continual steam setting, high capacity water tank, adjustable temperature control
Cons: produces brown water with time, hard to find filter replicas

2. Swan SI9021N

SI9021N is a 2400W iron designed with a 90g/min vertical steam surge that allows you to remove creases especially in cotton. This is obtained from a 1700ml detachable water tank that allows you to make seamless refills. It also features an anti-lime scale filter that eliminates brownish water. You a provided with a 2m cord which is long enough to allow maneuverability. This light weight iron comes with a handle that allows you carry it anywhere in your home. It is easy to use but you can change the cartage to stop it from furring up.

Pros: Glides easily, great steam production, provides anti-limescale filter, highly portable, can be maneuvered with ease
Cons: flimsy plastic, no on and off button, comes with a rounded nose instead of a sharp pointed one


3. Swan Automatic Steam Generator 2400W Iron

This is also a 2400W iron capable of producing a 90g/min steam surge. It provides a vertical steam option for effective application. Therefore, you can remove the daunting creases with ease in all your fabrics. It also features a detachable, 1700ml water tank which provides enough water when ironing a large pile. The anti-lime scale filter prevents brown water from staining your fabrics. It features an ergonomic handle and a sufficiently long cord. This powerful and affordable iron can handle your jeans with ease.

Pros: automated with great ironing power, a high capacity water tank, anti-lime scale filter, provide good recess around edges,
Cons: tendency to buzz, unreliable manual, no on and off button


Swan steam generator irons are designed with high power and performance features. The above mentioned models are some of the best Swan irons. They excel in steam production and application thus allowing you to remove creases more easily. You wont miss out on a portable and manoeuvrable iron. Most of them are equipped with anti-lime scale filters to eliminate brown water. Detachable and high capacity water tanks provide a seamless ironing experience. These models have a few downsides like absence of on and off button and parts that are hard to replace. But the overall features make Swan a high performance and affordable brand.

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