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Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer Review

Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer

The Vax Rapid Power Plus carpet washer cleans the carpets deeply and makes the carpet look fresh and dry the carpet in less than one hour. The patented SpinScrub brushes of Vax rotate in various directions to lift and remove deep dirt effectively from the carpet. The edge to edge brush removes the dirt from […]

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Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner

Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner comes with advanced features like powerful wash and rinses action, different scrubbing brushes, and accessories for deep and instant cleaning. The dual pet carpet cleaner refreshes carpets and removes lasting pet odours, and makes your carpet look fresh and smell fresh. The carpet cleaner comes with a […]

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Best Mini Fridge Reviews: 2021 UK Top Models

Best mini fridge buying guide

Mini fridges come into use in a variety of everyday situations, whether you need extra refrigeration space in your kitchen, want to have a separate fridge for drinks or just want to keep your drinks chilled in the bedroom or dorm. There are a wide range and size of mini fridges available, ranging from smaller […]

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Best Brita Filter Kettle Reviews: 2021 Buying Guide

Best Brita filter kettle buying guide

You’ll have probably heard of a Brita water filter jug, but did you know that you can also get kettles that have an in-built water filter? Having an integrated filter offers a host of benefits including a reduction in metals and chlorine to improve the taste of your favourite brew and overall prolonged kettle life […]

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Best Mini Ovens Reviews: 2021 UK Top Models

Best mini oven buying guide

Your decision to buy a mini oven could be for many reasons. Maybe you don’t’ have space in your kitchen for a full-size oven or you are looking for to cook away from home in your caravan, holiday home or student dorm. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of models to choose from, all at […]

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Best Quiet Kettle Reviews: 2021 UK Top Models

Best Quiet Kettle Reviews

Do you want to have your favourite brew but also a bit of peace and quiet at the same time? If this is you, then a quiet kettle could just be the answer. Kettles can be quite noisy (ranging from 79 to 95 decibels) (source) and can easily go head to head with lawn mowers […]

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Bosch Athlet Review: cordless vacuum cleaners (White, Black and Red/Animal models)

Bosch Athlet cordless upright vacuum cleaner FI

Bosch is well known for their home appliances and these range from kettles to vacuums to ovens and dishwashers. Bosch is best known for their high quality dishwashers sold globally, however their vacuums are just as competitive. They are a company that started in 1886 by an engineer named Robert Bosch with the purpose of creating home […]

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Best Attic/Loft Ladders: Top 5 Best Sellers Reviewed

Using a loft ladder

The attic is without a doubt one of the most dreaded places in the home. This is especially true during the summertime. It gets extremely hot and humid and affects the rest of the house. However, the attic does make for one of the best storage places. You can place a variety of items completely […]

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Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews: Buying Guide


Many consumers these days are opting to purchase a carpet sweeper as a quick alternative to clean the carpet, instead of dragging out their bulky vacuum cleaners. For in between cleans or quick tidy ups, these gadgets are not only lightweight, but they are also easy to use and versatile. Gone are the days of […]

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Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews: Buying Guide

Ladders are one of the most overlooked carpentry tools, but they can really be an amazing resource that should not be mistaken. They can provide you with access to areas that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach and they can make working overhead more manageable. Instead, of working overhead, you can pull out your […]

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Best Carpet Cleaner UK Reviews: Buying Guide

Best Carpet Cleaner. Complete buying guide.

In this buying guide, we take a look at the various carpet cleaner types and models available. This guide has been put together following our own extensive research into choosing the best carpet cleaner for our house. The main things you notice straight away when researching carpet cleaners is the type of carpet cleaner or […]

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Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews: Buying Guide

Owning a cat is great. In fact, it is true that cats can be one of the best companions ever. As long as you’re good to your cat, he or she is going to be loyal to you for their entire life. Just remember that you’ll need to add more duties to your life. You’ll […]

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Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Buying Guide

Owning a dog or cat can be very rewarding. Of course, it is not all smiles and rainbows. As a pet owner, you are going to be required to assume more responsibilities. The good news is that you can offset the problem by investing in a good pet vacuum. Just remember that finding the right […]

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Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Buying Guide

There is absolutely no doubt that Shark makes some of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. The company offers a wealth of unique models and they’re all different in one way or another. This can make it very difficult for consumers to find the right one for their unique needs and preferences. Within this […]

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Best Window Vacuum Cleaner: 2021 Top Models Reviewed

You have to face the fact that cleaning your home’s windows is a job that you would probably rather forget about. It’s extremely annoying and time-consuming. It probably seems like no matter what cleaner or material you use you just can’t get that streak-free clean that you are looking for. Well, you have to remember […]

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