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How to Clean An Iron: The Ultimate Guide

How to clean an iron

An iron is a household essential you can’t live without. After all, it’s the single most important appliance that can make your clothes look neat and fresh. However, it’s important for the iron to be clean too! A dirty iron, on the other hand, can cause more harm than good. An unkempt iron can ruin […]

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How To Thread a Sewing Machine: An Easy Beginner’s Guide

How to thread a sewing machine

Learning how to thread a sewing machine might seem like a daunting task, differentiating the spool from the bobbin, and manoeuvring the twists and turns a thread takes. If you’re a beginner and you’re trying to learn how to operate a sewing machine, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll learn how […]

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What Decluttering Methods Should I Try?

KonMari Decluttering

A lot of people talk about decluttering methods, but what are they, and how do they work? We’ve looked into how these different methods work and how you can pick which is going to be the best one for you. 1. KonMari This method, associated with Marie Kondo, has become an incredibly popular way to […]

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Best Integrated Dishwasher UK 2022: Slimline or Full Size?

Best Integrated Dishwashers

I just love appliances that make my life easier, especially ones that perform repetitive tasks that I just loath to do, like washing the dishes. There is something oddly satisfying about popping dirty knives, plates, and glasses into an integrated dishwasher to have them magically reappear brilliantly clean an hour later with no effort whatsoever. […]

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Best Dehumidifiers For Drying Clothes: Top Laundry Models Compared

Best Laundry Dehumidifier

Almost all of us have the habit of drying clothes inside the house. Do you realise that it contributes to 30% of the moisture inside the house? Excess moisture can lead to many problems like dust mites, damp, mould growth, etc. But you can take care of this problem by using a dehumidifier for drying […]

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Valet Stands: The Best On The Market

Best Valet Stand

Having a valet stand can help you maintain your formal clothes easily. Not only that but you can also save a lot of time in the morning as your clothes will be ready to use. This is why you should get the best valet stand available in the market when it comes to choosing a replacement or […]

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Best Quiet Garbage Disposal Unit: 2022 Top Models

Best Quiet Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units are the best solution to get rid of waste food from your kitchen. With this technology, you no longer have to scrape food from your dishes or toss them in the bin. But whether you are buying your first unit or replacing the old one, you need to find the best quiet garbage […]

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Vax Compact Power Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax Compact Power Carpet Cleaner

While a vacuum is essential to keeping your home clean on a day to day basis, you might also need to invest in a carpet cleaner. They are great for treating stains as well as keeping your carpets fresh and clean. If you have a pet, you need to consider the matter of dealing with […]

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Vax Rapid Power Revive Carpet Washer Review

Vax Rapid Power Revive Carpet Washer

The Vax Rapid Power Revive Carpet Cleaner cleans the carpet thoroughly and dries the carpet in less than an hour.  The SpinScrub technology is a patented technology by Vax, and this SpinScrub rotates the brushes is all direction to remove the deep-down dirt quickly and effortlessly. The edge-to-edge brush cleans all edges of the carpet […]

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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner Review

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

The BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner comes with a HeatWave technology, and it is a powerful 4.5 liter, that offers outstanding results.  The low profile foot and lightweight cleaner include a 12 DirtlifterPower Brushes, which cleans the deep-down dirt within the carpet fibers. Also, this 2X revolution carpet cleaner allows you to clean under […]

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Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer Review

Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer

The Vax Rapid Power Plus carpet washer cleans the carpets deeply and makes the carpet look fresh and dry the carpet in less than one hour. The patented SpinScrub brushes of Vax rotate in various directions to lift and remove deep dirt effectively from the carpet. The edge to edge brush removes the dirt from […]

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Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner

Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner comes with advanced features like powerful wash and rinses action, different scrubbing brushes, and accessories for deep and instant cleaning. The dual pet carpet cleaner refreshes carpets and removes lasting pet odours, and makes your carpet look fresh and smell fresh. The carpet cleaner comes with a […]

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Best Mini Fridge Reviews: 2022 UK Top Models

Best mini fridge buying guide

Mini fridges come into use in a variety of everyday situations, whether you need extra refrigeration space in your kitchen, want to have a separate fridge for drinks or just want to keep your drinks chilled in the bedroom or dorm. There are a wide range and size of mini fridges available, ranging from smaller […]

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Best Brita Filter Kettle Reviews: 2022 Buying Guide

Best Brita filter kettle buying guide

You’ll have probably heard of a Brita water filter jug, but did you know that you can also get kettles that have an in-built water filter? Having an integrated filter offers a host of benefits including a reduction in metals and chlorine to improve the taste of your favourite brew and overall prolonged kettle life […]

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Best Mini Ovens Reviews: 2022 UK Top Models

Best mini oven buying guide

Your decision to buy a mini oven could be for many reasons. Maybe you don’t’ have space in your kitchen for a full-size oven or you are looking for to cook away from home in your caravan, holiday home or student dorm. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of models to choose from, all at […]

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