Placing Rugs in Outdoor Areas: Dos and Don’ts

Who said that the only place you can have your rugs is indoors? Well, a lot of people like to make their outer space comfy and homely, and this is why they place rugs there. When placed on the outdoor patio, your rug surely makes the entire space magical!

However, at the same time, there is no denying the fact that taking care of the outdoor rug is indeed tough! You need to make sure that it’s weather resistant and super easy to clean. The upkeep of an outdoor rug is quite a task.

Rugs make the outdoor areas functional, and you can enjoy your free time sitting there, admiring nature. They also invite attention to an otherwise boring and bland space.

If you are planning to place rugs in your outdoor area but have no idea how to go about it, here are some Dos and Don’t you need to follow:

1. Get An All Weather Rug

An all-weather rug would be a great investment, as you won’t have to rush outdoors whenever it starts pouring! There would be no need to curl the rug up and bring it inside. Rather, it won’t get affected even if it rains on it.

An all-weather rug is crafted especially to endure all kinds of weather conditions. No matter if it’s the extreme heat or heavy rainfall, it can get through all! Its material is super durable and doesn’t get worn out when the weather goes bad.

Rugs made of polypropylene are extremely stain resistant. It’s obvious that people would step on the outdoor rug even when their shoes are super messy and filled with dirt. Rugs made of polypropylene are easy to clean and don’t get dirty easily.

You need to place aloha rugs in a high-traffic place prone to get lots of people stepping on them. They are practical, durable, and have the ability to spice up your outdoor areas almost immediately!

All weather - Aloha rug

2. Complement The Rug With Decor Items

You can’t simply place a rug somewhere in the outdoor space and get done with it! Rather, you need to make the entire area appear unifying and let other elements complement the rug properly.

As a matter of fact, you should come up with a theme while decorating the outdoor space and play around with it. Choose a rug and add a few other decorative items while keeping the overall theme in mind.

This way, the rug won’t appear weird, placed right in the middle of your patio. Rather, the whole outdoor space would actually make sense, and the visitors would fall in love with it!

Just like the rug, even the other decorative items that you are buying should be resistant to extreme weather conditions. You may waste your money if you get your hands on super-delicate items just to make the outdoor area look stylish.

By acting smart, you can surely adorn the outdoor space in a way that would have a lasting impression on the visitors.

3. Don’t Go Bland With Colours

If you are decorating the outdoor space for the first time, chances are that you will be a little frightened while doing so. This fear of going wrong would make you downplay things. Resultantly, you would go for a pretty basic rug!

Don’t do that! This fear will make you set things up in a boring manner. Instead, it’s time for you to play with the colors. You can definitely have a bright and lively rug placed on the patio and have subtle pieces of furniture complementing it.

Colourful rug collection

4. Don’t Go For The Wrong Size

Buying an outdoor rug could be overwhelming, especially if you have never done that before. One thing to remember here is that you really need to buy the rug with the appropriate dimensions.

Don’t go for something that’s too small, nor opt for a super-massive rug that would appear disproportionate according to your outdoor space.

While choosing a rug, you need to consider the overall appearance of the outdoor space you are aiming for. In case you have other furniture items complementing the rug, you need to leave some space between the rug and the furniture items. Do this in such a way that the pieces of furniture don’t step on the rug.

A very massive rug that covers the whole space makes this appear insipid. Rather, let the floor breathe a little by leaving some spaces bare!

Make The Outer Space Enticing Through The Right Rug

If you want to splurge a lot and opt for the most luxurious rug out there, you need to avoid that thought! While buying an outdoor rug, you need to be practical rather than follow your heart. Choose feasibility over luxury; you will never go wrong while adorning your outdoor space.