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How to Clean a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

If you are like me, at the end of a long day, the first thing you want to do is take a nice long shower or relax in the bathtub. Well, it is not so relaxing if it is not kept clean. So, here are a few tips on keeping your sanctuary clean and ready for you to relax.

Cleaning mixer taps

In order to do any job properly, first you need the proper tools. Here is what you need:

  • Tub and Tile Cleaner (All purpose, mildew, etc.)
  • Sponges
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Tint-Free Cloths
  • Squeegee (for glass doors)
  • Vinegar
  • Magic Eraser (if wanted)
  • Baggie and a Rubber Band (for showerheads)

How to Clean a Shower Step-by-step

  1. Remove everything from your shower or tub unit. This includes all bottles, loofas, mats, floor stickers and everything else. This is a great time to take inventory on what you really use and what is just taking up space. Discard anything that is not being used or is empty.
  2. Cleaning shower tilesRinse the walls, floors and all other surfaces in the unit with hot water. Make sure that you remove any dirt, hair or any other debris that can easily go down the drain.
  3. It is time to treat the shower unit for mildew. You can either use a commercial brand of mildew cleaner or you can make a homemade solution. Regardless of the chemical, you probably want to wear your gloves.  Spray the walls of the shower and let it sit for a while. Wipe and/or scrub, then rinse with hot water. Use a lint-free cloth to dry to walls to prevent new mildew from forming.
  4. If you have hard water spots, mix an equal amount of hot water to vinegar in a pail. Scrub the hard water spots with the solution. Rinse well and dry.
  5. If your normal or electric shower has tiles, you need to pay special attention to them to ensure that they get clean. Using hot water will help loosen any dirt that is clinging to the tiles. Using a commercial tile cleaner or a homemade solution, apply it directly to the grout between the tiles. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Repeat until clean. Rinse with hot water and dry with a cloth.
  6. If you have touch water build up, you may have to use an acid-base cleaner to dissolve it. Once again, allow the solution to sit, scrub, rinse, then dry.

How to Clean a Showerhead

Showerheads may become clogged or spray weird. This is often due to hard water or rust deposit.  Because of this, it is important to clean your shower head often. To effectively clean your showerhead, remove it from the pipe.  Follow the instructions for your particle showerhead.

Cleaning shower headsIn a pot, place the showerhead with enough vinegar to cover it and allow the showerhead to float without touching the bottom of the pot. Heat the vinegar slightly on the stovetop. Take off the heat and allow the showerhead to soak in the vinegar until you see the deposits falling off the showerhead.

Rinse the showerhead under water, using an old toothbrush to remove any spots that are left behind. In about an hour or so, your showerhead is ready to be reinstalled.

Once you have done the heavy cleaning of the showerhead, it is easy to maintain your showerhead. Place vinegar in a baggie and place it over the showerhead while it is still in place. Tie the baggie over the showerhead with a rubber band. Leave in place for about an hour. With regular cleaning, your showerhead will work like new.

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

There are many tried and true ways to keep your shower doors clean without harsh chemicals that require a gas mask.

  • Wet a fabric dryer sheet and wipe it over the glass door. This will loosen the hard water stains and you can remove them with a paper towel.
  • Combine rubbing alcohol and water and spray the doors. Wipe with newspaper for a streak-free look.
  • Vinegar can also be used to clean hard water from your glass doors.
  • Baking Soda will remove soap scum from your shower doors without harsh chemicals.
  • Just like its name, a Magic Eraser will work magic on your shower doors by removing stubborn hard water stains with no odours.
  • To help water run off the glass doors for months to come, apply Rain-X to the glass shower doors after they are clean.

How to Clean Shower Curtains

While shower curtains come in a variety of colours and styles, they can be very expensive if you have to replace them too often. Here are a few ways to prolong the life of your shower curtains.

  • To remove spots or stains, soak the curtains in salt water or rub with lemon juice before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Most commercial plastic shower curtains can be cleaned up with sprays specifically made for plastics.
  • For most fabric curtains, wash in a washing machine with several towels with clothes detergent in hot water on a gentle cycle. Depending on the material, you may want to remove before the spin cycle and gently shake out and hang to dry.
  • Assuming the curtain is not vinyl or plastic, you may put the curtain in a dryer on the low setting for approximately 15 minutes to remove any wrinkles from your shower curtain.
  • If the curtain is vinyl, hang it in the shower and run a hot shower toward to the curtain to help remove any wrinkles.

Faucets and Fixtures

After you have taken the time to clean the shower from top to bottom, be sure not to forget the middle – the faucets and handles. Use a mild solution and a dry cloth to make them shine like new.

After all is said and done, it will be nice to hop in the shower and enjoy your hard work!