These 4 Things Will Benefit Your Health – Add Them To Your Home

When it comes to improving your health, it can sometimes feel like your home is against you. It doesn’t have to be this way. The following will explore four simple changes you can make at home to improve your health. The goal is to emphasise things that don’t require a ton of effort or energy once they’re in place.

Health beneficial things for home

Air Filters

Did you know that indoor air is up to five times as polluted as outdoor air? Did you know that it’s estimated that one in five deaths on earth is premature and caused by poor air quality? Those are some intense statistics. Luckily, there are a few simple tweaks you can make at home to help improve the quality of your air.

Air filters can be bought from most department stores or ordered online (be sure to look at the size of the space they filter so that you know you’re getting the right size for your home). Filters come at several different price points, so you should be able to find something that works for you and your household.

You can also put more plants in your home. Plants help remove toxins from the air and oxygenate the air, which has the added benefit of boosting your mood, increasing creativity, softening allergy symptoms, and reducing anxiety.

If neither of those approaches is possible for you, you can seek out charcoal air filters which are often inexpensive, and simply sit in your home collecting contaminants. This works because charcoal is highly absorbent.

Air filtration and keeping them clean, is an especially important course of action to take if anyone in your household wakes up congested or regularly has trouble breathing through their nose. Nose breathing produces 30% more oxygen in the blood, which has intense effects on mood, concentration, memory, creativity, and stress. Congestion is a sign that something in the air is bothering someone in your home; it should not be ignored.

Water Filters

Water quality is a serious problem that many people don’t think about enough. We’re told to drink lots of water for our health, but if that water is filled with chlorine, microplastics, and contaminants related to prescription medications, it might be contributing to imbalanced hormones, weight gain, headaches, and risks for several chronic illnesses, including types of cancer.

Get your water tested and find a suitable water filtration option for you. There are smaller, less expensive countertop filters for drinking and cooking water as well as larger systems that can help filter all the water in your home; visit this website to learn more. Water is an essential part of your daily life. There’s no need for it to be harming you.

Fragrance-Free Cleaning Products

Fragrance-Free Cleaning Products

Next time you run out of any home product, be it floor cleaner, detergent, dish soap, or anything else, seek out the fragrance-free option when you go to replace it. Fragrance causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation is linked to every single chronic illness that we know about today. Be wary of products labelled “scent-free,” as this doesn’t necessarily mean fragrance-free; it often means that extra fragrance has been added to cover up the scent of the product.

Not only will avoiding fragranced products help keep your inflammation levels down, but they can also allow you to better perceive problems in your home. If something smells bad, this is your body sending a message to you that the air you’re breathing isn’t good for you. If you simply cover up the smell with a fragranced product, you might be breathing in something toxic or dangerous.

As a bonus, avoiding fragranced products and, therefore, unnecessary inflammation can help reduce pain. People who are recovering from an injury or suffer from a chronic condition that involves pain can experience a lessening of discomfort or pain when fragranced products are removed from the home.

Stop Cooking With Aluminium

Yes, cooking with aluminium foil reduces the clean-up time of many dishes. Beyond this, if you’ve cooked with aluminium for a while, you’ve probably perfected your meal prep and don’t want to spend the time figuring out how to get those perfectly baked potatoes without foil. But think about this: when aluminium is heated, flakes of the metal separate. These flakes settle in your food while things cook and are ingested by you. Aluminium is neurotoxic and has repeatedly been found to accumulate in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult illness to handle, both for the person who has it and their family members. If you can’t resist the convenience of cooking with aluminium, stop buying it. Your mind is too precious to risk.

Final thoughts

The above tips should help you make a few simple tweaks that can radically improve your health at home. Once you see how easy it is to make simple health-focused changes, you might find yourself searching for more.