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Vax cordless vacuum reviews: How good are these Air models?

Cleaning the home can often be chore; getting the vacuum out each time and moving it around the house. Traditional vacuum cleaners are very effective, however they can also be heavy, cumbersome and require you to keep unplugging as you move around the house.

Vax Air cordless review

A cordless vacuum provides a great alternative to an upright or cylinder vacuum if quick and easy use is high on your buying agenda. In this article we take a look at the popular Vax Air range of cordless vacuums to see how each model compares.

Vax Air cordless vacuum cleaner compared

ModelVax 2-in-1 Air Cordless SwitchVax Air Cordless UprightVax Air Cordless Lift
Removable cleaning wandNoYesYes
Built in handheld vacuumYesNoNo
Boost modeNoNoYes
Typical run time15 mins.50 mins.50 mins.
Number of batteries included122
Weight3.4kgLess than 5kgLess than 5kg
Latest price

Vax U86-AL-B Air Cordless Duo Review

Vax Air Cordless Vacuum CleanerThe Vax U86-AL-B Air Cordless Duo Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, lightweight vacuum that can be used to clean both carpet and hardwood floors in your home. This 4.6 kg vacuum is easy to use and transport, making it simple for you to go from room to room while you clean.

It is designed with WindTunnel 3 Technology that is powerful enough to suction dirt and other debris that may be embedded deep down in your carpet. It features a powerful Lithium Life Battery that gives you 50 minutes of run time, so you can get every room of your house cleaned in a timely manner without having to repeatedly plug and unplug the vacuum.

Along with being able to clean your floors, the vacuum can also be used to clean your stairs and furniture thanks to the removable wand. This vacuum allows you to tackle multiple jobs while only using one tool, which can make cleaning a lot more easier.

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Vax Air Lift Upright Cordless Vacuum Review

VAX Air Lift Upright Cordless VacuumIf you want to get your home cleaned from bottom to top in the quickest amount of time, then choosing one of the best cordless vacuums on the market may the answer. The Vax Air Lift Upright Cordless Vacuum is definitely one that should be on your research list. This particular vacuum weighs in at 9 kg and is easy to transport and move during use.

Like most cordless vacuums, this model gives you the freedom to go from room to room without having to be inconvenienced by a cord or unplugging and plugging in the unit when you are ready to use it. Two things that stand out about this vacuum are the Boost Mode and Lift off Cylinder. The Boost Mode feature allows it to suction dirt that may be deeply embedded in your carpet, and with it being combined with the WindTunnel 3 Technology, users can expect their floors very clean.

The Lift off Cylinder gives this vacuum the ability to clean your home and stairs, as well as cars. This is a great feature but does makes the Air Lift slightly more bulky than other cordless vacuum models.

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Vax Cordless Vacuum 2-in-1 Air Switch Review

VAX Cordless Vacuum 2-in-1 Air SwitchA lightweight, powerful vacuum isn’t always easy to find, however the Vax Cordless Vacuum 2-in-1 Air Switch may be the perfect one for you.

This vacuum weighs 5 kg and is cordless, making it easy to use and transport, but also lessens the amount of work the user has to do because they do not have keep plugging and unplugging the vacuum when they are ready to use it. It is designed with a LithiumLife Battery that can run for up to 20 minutes, which may not be a long time, but should be enough for a quick clean of an average sized home.

The vacuum also has Stick- Vac Versatility allowing you to use the vacuum as a stick or a handheld unit, so you can clean a variety of areas in your home. Depending on what you are looking to clean and how powerful you need your vacuum to be, this may be the one for you.

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