Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer Review

The Vax Rapid Power Plus carpet washer cleans the carpets deeply and makes the carpet look fresh and dry the carpet in less than one hour. The patented SpinScrub brushes of Vax rotate in various directions to lift and remove deep dirt effectively from the carpet. The edge to edge brush removes the dirt from all edges of the carpet and makes it look fresh and clean and gives you a new carpet feel.

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  • The quick clean model makes your carpet clean, dry, and fresh in less than an hour
  • Vax Rapid Power Carpet Washer comes with Spinscrub technology TM; it is a patented technology for thorough cleaning
  • Ideal for upholstery, stairs, and car seats
  • Edge to Edge Cleaning and cleans even the edges of your carpets
  • Contains large tank for a longer cleaning without refilling it frequently
  • The Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer includes upholstery wash tool, Spinscrub tool, platinum solution, crevice tool, and pre/post-treatment solution.
  • Auto mix system makes your job simple by mixing the required solution
  • Five SpinScrub brushes refreshes and clean carpets, removing deep inside embedded dirt and provides you with the fresh, clean carpets
  • Crevice tool and Wash tool remove every stubborn spot clearly
  • Automatic SpinScrub tool rotates and go deep into the fibres of the carpet and takes out the embedded dirt from stairs, automobile seats, and upholstery.
  • Extra solutions included
  • Extra-large 4.7 capacity dirty and clean water tanks, which allows you to clean for a longer period


  • Cable often gets the cleaner way
  • The Vax Rapid Power Plus carpet washer gets heavy when filled with water
  • Not easy to clean out fluff after using the machine


Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer Performance

Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer not just powerful, it also cleans the carpet quickly as it comes with an extra-large tank that allows you to clean the carpet for a longer time by avoiding refilling the tank frequently.  The Automix cleaning system makes it easy when you want to clean the carpet as it measures the required solutions and mixes it with water and provides the best cleaning experience and results.  The large tank capacity of clean water allows you to clean up to 10.5m, so you can effectively clean deep inside the carpet, stairs, upholstery, and automobile interiors.

The Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet allows you to clean the carpet more hygienic way with embedded treatment to clean your carpet. The machine includes a Vax Platinum solution that offers the best cleaning solution. The machine tested on the quick clean mode on Wool-Nylon and PP; however, the cleaning results may differ when compared to untreated carpet cleaners and washers.

The Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer lifts embedded dirt from your carpet, and deep cleans your carpet makes your carpets dry in less than an hour.  The patented SpinScrub brush of Vax rotates the brush in different directions so that it lifts the deep dirt from the carpet and also removes the dirt from edges of the carpet with edge-to-edge brush tools. So after cleaning the carpet with the Rapid Power, you can feel the fresh, clean carpet and it smells fresh and looks news.  With different tools and solutions, the Vax Rapid Power Plus Washer makes the carpet cleaning task simple and effortless.

Clean Every Inch of Your Home
The machine can remove all tough and stubborn stains and can remove dirt from every edge in the house and makes it look fresh, clean, and new. The machine includes a set of advanced accessories and tools, and it makes your carpet cleaning job simple by removing stubborn stains effortlessly.

Patented SpinScrub Technology
SpinScrub Technology is patented by Vax. With this technology, the SpinScrub brush pulls the deep-down dirt from your carpets.

Quick Dry
The Vax Rapid Power Plus makes your carpet dry in less than an hour with its HBT (Heat Blast Technology) It also kills the bacteria with this technology.

Motorised SpinScrub Tool
The automatic SpinScrub tool goes deep down into the fibres of the carpet and lifts the dirt out from the carpet pile quickly.

Above Floor Cleaning
The machine includes wash tools and stretch-hose so that you can effortlessly clean carpets, hard floors, stairs, car interiors, and upholstery.

Quick Dry
This feature of Vax makes the carpet clean and dry in less than an hour and gives the best, fresh, dry, and fresh smelling carpet in just a matter of time.

Note: Tested in QCM (Quick Clean Mode) on synthetic carpets. Results may differ.

Tackle hardened dirt and stains
The pre & post solutions that come with the machine can tackle stubborn stains, and with SpinScurb hand tool, the job is done efficiently. The tool goes deep into the fibres of the carpet and removes the deep-down dirt effortlessly.

Twin Tanks
The Vax Rapid Power Twin Tanks keeps clean & dirty water separate, which means your washer will never mix dirty water with clean water.



Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer is the best option as it removes deep-down dirt and stubborn stains using the SpinScrub brushes and technology.  Also, it makes the carpet look news by restoring the lost volume of your carpet in high traffic areas.  The machine has an option of deep clean mode or quick mode that allows you to choose quick, one hour drying time in quick mode. You can choose deep clean mode if you want to remove the tough and stubborn stains.

The washer features two different XL capacity water tanks for clean and dirty water and includes hose, upholstery tools. These tools can help you clean stairs, car interiors, and sofa, etc. The machine gets heavy when it is full, but with this large capacity tanks, you don’t need to refill the tank frequently. It is one of the best and affordable models of Vax that comes with helpful features and tools to make your carpet cleaning task simple and effortless.

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