Essential Guide on Who to Inform When Moving Home

Moving house is not just about packing boxes and hiring movers; it’s about ensuring your life transitions as smoothly as your belongings. Are you worried about missing important mail or facing unnecessary complications after you’ve settled into your new home? Fear not! In this guide, we’ll take you through a comprehensive checklist of who to inform when moving, from utility providers to your local council, ensuring nothing is overlooked. By staying informed, you can not only avoid potential hassles but also might uncover some benefits and savings along the way. So, let’s ensure you’re fully prepared for a hassle-free move!

Key Contacts to Update Immediately

When you’re moving house, managing the change of address process smoothly can save you from future hassles and disruptions. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the essential contacts that should be at the top of your moving house checklist.

Employment and National Insurance

Notify your employer about your new address to ensure that your pay slips and tax documents reflect the correct details. Similarly, updating your national insurance records is vital to maintaining your entitlements and contributions without interruption.

Local Authorities and Electoral Roll

Informing your local authority is crucial for updating the electoral roll and ensuring you receive your final council tax statement. This will also help prevent identity theft and legal issues associated with electoral duties and benefits.

Utility Providers

Contact utility providers such as your electricity, water, and gas companies. Provide them with the moving date, your final meter readings, and your new address to ensure that you are billed correctly and services at your new property start without a hitch.

Financial Institutions

Banks, credit card providers, loan companies, and other financial services need your new contact details to update your accounts and ensure that all correspondence reaches you. This is also a good time to inquire about any better deals available for services like online bank accounts or loan terms.

Insurance Providers

Update your address with all insurance providers, including car insurance provider and home insurance providers. This ensures that your coverage continues seamlessly and reflects the risks associated with your new property. Additionally, it prevents potential lapses in coverage that could affect insurance payments.

Telecommunication Services

Don’t forget to inform your phone company and mobile phone provider about your address change. This will ensure that your bills, and any contract-related communications, are sent to the correct address. Also, verify if your new home needs any specific telecommunications setup.

Healthcare and Subscription Services

Make sure your healthcare providers, from general practitioners to specialists, are aware of your move so they can update your records and continue providing necessary medical care. Also, update your address for all subscription services, including magazines and postal subscriptions, to avoid losing out on deliveries.

Royal Mail Redirect

Setting up a Royal Mail redirect service can be a safety net for any correspondence sent to your old address. This service will forward all your mail to your new address, giving you peace of mind as you settle into your new home.

Managing Your Financial Affairs

When moving house, efficiently managing your financial affairs is crucial to avoid potential complications. Here’s a focused checklist to guide you through the necessary financial updates.

  • Banking and Credit Accounts: Update your address details with all banking institutions to ensure your bank statements and correspondences are accurate. This includes your online bank account, which often links to various other financial services.
  • Loans and Credit Cards: Contact all credit card providers and any institutions where you have outstanding loans. Having the correct address on file helps prevent issues with billing and credit reporting.
  • Insurance and Utilities: Notify your insurance providers, from car insurance to home insurance, about your move. This ensures your coverage is updated and reflects the right location, potentially affecting insurance premiums. Similarly, inform your energy provider to arrange for final readings and to set up utilities at your new property.
  • Government Services: Ensure your driving licence, national insurance number, and any tax credits are updated with your new address. These changes are important for maintaining your legal and financial responsibilities.
  • Subscriptions and Licenses: Remember to update subscriptions, including TV licence and postal redirections. This prevents service interruptions and ensures you don’t miss important notifications.
  • Educational and Childcare Payments: If you have children in private or educational schools, updating your address is vital to keep schooling arrangements and related financial matters in order.
  • Looking for Better Deals: Moving is also an opportune moment to search for better deals on financial products and utilities. Comparing offers can lead to substantial savings and more beneficial service agreements.

Health and Lifestyle Adjustments

Moving house involves more than just updating your address; it’s about ensuring your well-being is not disrupted. Here’s how to manage your health and lifestyle transitions smoothly.

who to inform moving home

Healthcare Providers

It’s critical to update your address with all your healthcare providers. This includes general practitioners, dentists, specialists, and any medical facilities you frequent. Ensuring they have your correct contact details helps avoid any lapses in important medical communications or treatments.

Gym Memberships and Recreational Services

Update your address with gyms, clubs, and other recreational service providers. If moving out of the area, consider transferring your membership to a location closer to your new home or cancelling services if necessary.

Insurance Adjustments

Notify your health insurance provider about your change of address. This is crucial not only for billing purposes but also to understand any changes in your coverage or insurance costs, especially if your new location affects your premiums or benefits.

Schools and Childcare

If you have children, inform their schools or childcare facilities about your moving house. This includes updating contact information and arranging for records transfer if they’re changing schools. Also, ensure that any tuition fees are addressed to avoid miscommunication.

Utility Services

While managing your household, remember to update your details with utility companies for essential services like water, gas, and electricity. This helps ensure you have everything running smoothly as soon as you move in.

Addressing Potential Errors

Always double-check that your new information is correctly recorded to prevent issues like mail going to the wrong address. A thorough check of your change of address checklist can save you significant trouble later.

Finally, if you used end of tenancy cleaners, make sure they have your new address in case there are any follow-up needs or issues that need to be addressed post-move. Making these adjustments not only ensures a smooth transition into your new home but also maintains the continuity of your lifestyle and well-being.

Special Considerations for Moving

Moving house is a complex process, and some aspects require special attention to ensure nothing critical is overlooked. Here are key considerations that may require extra care:

Government and Financial Updates

  • State Pension and Child Benefits: Make sure to notify the relevant government bodies about your move to continue receiving your state pension and child benefits without interruption.
  • Income Tax and Vehicle Tax: Inform the tax office about your change of address to keep your income tax details up to date and ensure your vehicle tax is correctly administered.

Financial Products

  • Insurance Premiums and Premium Bonds: Update your address with insurance providers to maintain correct coverage and premiums. Also, notify the issuers of premium bonds of your new details to ensure you receive any due payments.
  • Bank and Store Cards: Ensure all your financial instruments, including store cards, are updated with your new address to avoid fraudulent charges or missed statements.

Utilities and Services

  • Internet Providers: Contact your internet provider to transfer your service or terminate it at your old house and set up at the new one, ensuring you have connectivity when you move in.
  • Estate Agents: Keep in touch with your estate agents for any last-minute details regarding both your old house and new property, and confirm all arrangements are set for the exact date of your move.

Medical and Legal

  • Medical Professionals: Inform your doctor, dentist, and any other medical professionals of your move to ensure your medical records are transferred and prescriptions are updated as needed.

Ensuring Continuous Communication

Maintaining effective communication is crucial when moving house to ensure that all your important contacts and services continue without interruption. Here’s how to manage this process effectively:

Update Your Address Early

Begin updating your address with essential services and contacts well before your actual moving day. This includes friends, family, employers, and any professional contacts you regularly interact with.

Mail Redirection

Set up a mail redirection service with Royal Mail. This ensures that any post sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for a specified period, providing a safety net as you update your details elsewhere.

Digital Communication

Update your address on all online platforms, including social media, email accounts, and online shopping sites. This helps ensure that all digital communication and deliveries are directed to your new location.

Notify Service Providers

Make sure to inform all service providers, such as newspaper and magazine subscriptions, of your change of address to continue receiving your subscriptions without interruption.

Emergency Contacts

Update your new address with emergency services and keep a list of emergency contact details handy at your new home. This is crucial for ensuring your safety and accessibility in case of an emergency.


As you embark on the journey to your new home, taking the time to thoroughly manage the various aspects of your move can make a significant difference. From ensuring that your financial and healthcare records are up-to-date, to maintaining communication with service providers and personal contacts, each step is vital.

By following this comprehensive guide to notifying the right parties and updating essential information, you are setting yourself up for a seamless transition. Remember, a well-planned move is more than just shifting belongings—it’s about transitioning your whole life without skipping a beat. Take these steps seriously, and welcome to your new home with peace of mind and everything in its right place.